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Name: Hannelorre

Last Name: Fiittzsimmons

Race: Deity/Goddess

Deity Classification: Hannelorre is the Goddess of Health, Medicine, Cleanliness, and Music, due to the fact that her parents were extremely powerful Deities who were classified as Deities of Health, Medicine, Cleanliness, and Music. Hannelorre's mother Miggdalviia was the Goddess of Health and Medicine, and her father Paullbllo was the God of Cleanliness and music.

Gender: Female

Age: 1200025/Eons

Age Appearance: 35

Birthday: September 1

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Relationship Status: Single

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5.8

Weight: 132ibs

Blood Type: AAA+

Eye Color: Dark Purple

Skin Color: Pale/Milky White.

Hair Color: Dark Purple

Hair Style: Long, Shoulder-length hair which has bangs covering the right side.

Physical Appearance: Hannelorre is an attractive, pale-skinned woman who appears to be in her mid-30s, and who has a slender but feminine build. She also has Dark Purple-colored fingernails and toenails. As a Deity, Hannelorre is immortal, and is capable of living forever and not aging. She is also incapable of dying of any life-threatening diseases such as AIDS and cancer.

Affiliation: El Última de Unión Máscara.

Occupation: Head of the Jafe Diez Estrellas (Ten Star Chefs) of El Ultima de Union Mascara.

Relatives: Miggdalviia Fiittzsimmons (Mother: Goddess of Health and Medicine), Paullbllo Fiittzsimmons (Father: God of Cleanliness and music).

Main EUDUM Uniform: For her first and main EUDUM uniform, Hannelorre wears a long-sleeved, Teal-colored, Arrancar jacket, which has a white outlining, along with the El Ultima de Union Mascara emblem featured on the back of the jacket. The jacket is also open and unbuttoned, revealing a short-sleeved, light blue collared shirt underneath that is completely buttoned up, minus the collar, which is completely unbuttoned. And she wears a white, short-sleeved, t-shirt underneath her collared shirt. She also wears a pair of steel blue-colored dress pants. Along with a pair of ordinary Arrancar shoes.

Second EUDUM Uniform: For her second EUDUM uniform, Hannelorre wears a sleeveless white-colored, dress, which has multiple multiple ocean blue-colored floral designs all over and around the dress. along with the El Ultima de Union Mascara emblem on the front of the dress. And her Arrancar shoes resemble slip-on dress shoes.

EUDUM/Jafe Diez Estrellas Uniform: For her EUDUM uniform, Hannelorre wears a white, double-breasted, short-sleeved chef top. Along with a pair of cooking gloves. The top of the outfit features the El Ultima de Union Mascara emblem on the front, along with the Jafe Diez Estrellas badge on the front of the top. She also wears a pair of matching white-colored trousers/pants. Along with the ordinary Arrancar shoes. And she wears a white-colored chef hat.

Element: Health, Medicine, Cleanliness and music.

Strengths: Being a Goddess, Hannelorre is also immortal, meaning that she cannot die from natural or unnatural causes. She is also incapable of dying of any sicknesses and illnesses of any kind, regardless of whether they are fatal or non-fatal.

Weaknesses: Although Hannelorre is immortal due to her status as a Deity, this does not mean that she cannot be harmed. She can still experience pain, and receive psychical damage. She can also be wounded to the point of death.

Standard Deity Abilities:

Teleportation and Flight: Hannelorre can teleport herself and others at will. She has demonstrated the capability of quickly teleporting in order to escape from dangerous, or life-threatening situations. Hannelorre disappears by either quickly disintegrating into the wind when teleporting, or she can just simply vanish when teleporting. Hannelorre can also teleport over short distances, she uses this to attack and surprise her opponents and other people. She can also teleport over longer distances as well. And she is also capable of flying.

Dimensional Portals: Like all Deities, Hannelorre has the ability to create portals that can take her from dimension to dimension, universe to universe with ease, and without any drawback or any other problems whatsoever.

Lifespan vision: Like all Deities, Hannelorre can see the lifespans of Humans and spiritual beings, such as Shinigami, Hollows, and Arrancars.

Immortality: Being a Goddess, Hannelorre is immortal. This means that she has an infinite lifespan and is not subject to old age. And she cannot die from natural or unnatural causes, nor can she die from old age.

Super Strength: Hannelorre, like all other Deities, has immense physical strength, and is much stronger than an average mortal person, or even an well-armored and trained Human. She can easily life a person effortlessly, and defeat an ordinary Human (well-trained or not) with ease.

Shape shifting: Like all Deities, Hannelorre is able to shape shift herself into any inanimate object form that she wishes. Her most prominent form is transforming into a floating disembodied head with a ghostly tail at the bottom. She can also shape-shift other people into inanimate objects as well.

Personal Dimension: Like all other Gods and Goddesses, Hannelorre has a personal Dimension that she rules over and governs. The dimension. The inhabitants of her dimension are souls and sprits who are either in Humanoid form or in an eldritch abomination form, or an oddly mix of both.

Equipment: Hannelorre also carries a Burgundy-colored, bottomless backpack, which is capable of carrying an infinite amount of stuff that she wishes. She can either carry this backpack either for casual use or formal use, or an interesting combination of both.

Weapon: Hannelorre's weapon is in the shape of a white and silver-colored bow and arrow.


Deathly Melody:

Personality: Hannelorre is a woman who has a perky, energetic, positive, and chivalrous personality. If an ally were to tell her that there is a problem, she will be more than happy to jump in to help before the person could even beg for her assistance. And she is always friendly and respectful to the other members of El Ultima de Union Mascara, regardless of what rank and status they status they are. She is usually very friendly to her El Ultima de Union Mascara allies by greeting them should any of them walk pass her or encounter her. As the head chef of the Jafe Diez Estrellas (Ten Star Chefs) in El Ultima de Union Mascara, Hannelorre takes her job with Pride. As she has always had a talent of cooking, which she had interrupted from her mother Miggdalviia, who had taught her millions of ways on how to prepare interesting and unique-shaped foods, a talent that she is VERY proud of, and a talent that she performs with Pride, and teaches and encourages the other Jafe Diez Estrellas members to do the same.

Hannelorre is proud to be a part of El Ultima de Union Mascara, and is also glad to be serving under the organization and its leader Salvatore, and aiding them in their goals. Which was why she left her home dimension/universe in order to travel to Hueco Mundo in join El Ultima de Union Mascara, because she wanted to help them achieve their goals. Because she supports their dreams of wanting to bring salvation for the Hollow/Arrancar races and wants to help them to achieve that goal of theirs, because she respects a noble goal like that. She even told them that she had no ill intentions against them, Hueco Mundo, and the Arrancar race in general. And that she wanted to help them with their goals instead, that is why she wanted to join them, and because she also wanted to serve under a leader like Salvatore someone who cares about his comrades, and sees all of them as a family. After she went through the 6-hour initiation test, she was then accepted into El Ultima de Union Mascara, because both Salvatore and Delphine immediately realize an understood that if they could accept Humans into El Ultima de Union Mascara, then surely they could also accept a Deity like Hannelorre into the organization as well, much to the Goddesses' absolute delight. Hannelorre then thanked both Salvatore and Delphine, and told the two Arrancars that they won't regret accepting her into their organization and promises the two leaders of El Ultima de Union Mascara that she will do anything to aid them and El Ultima de Union Mascara in their goals and will do everything she can to stay on both Salvatore and Delphine's good sides and stay in their good books, telling the two that she will NEVER fail them. Which both Salvatore and Delphine assured the Goddess that she would never disappoint them or make them regret accepting her into the El Ultima de Union Mascara organization. Hannelorre is WELL-AWARE of the morally-questionable acts that the members of El Ultima de Union Mascara commit, but is perfectly okay with it, seeing as how she is used to being among those who commit morally-questionable acts for the greater good.

Unlike most other Gods and Goddesses, Hannelorre prefers NOT to be worshiped. Whenever she is around mortals or other non-deity/non-mortal supernatural beings, she only wants to have regular casual conversations with them, not prayers to her and worships to her. She also hates it when people send offerings to her, as she is against and disgusted by the idea of people offering sacrifices such as animals or other people to her, and will become VERY upset should this happen. Hannelorre knows that she is a Deity/Goddess, and is PERFECTLY and HAPPILY okay with it, but she wants the people that she meets to be her friends and allies, not her subjects or her servants.

Seiyu (Japanese Voice Actor): Coming Soon

English Voice Actor: Michelle Williams
Hannelorre Fiittzsimmons
Hannelorre Fiittzsimmons is the Goddess of Health, Medicine, Cleanliness and music. She is a member of El Ultima de Union Mascara, and is one of the cooks for the organization.

Hannelorre Fiittzsimmons belongs to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen:
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
"That's what you get for being a lecherous pervert Goro." Cassandra said as she smirked at the sight of Goro screaming in pain. "You mess with the bull or even look at her the wrong way, then her horns come back to bite you in the ass, PAINFULLY."

"You damn bitch!!" Goro snarled as he clutched both his chest, and the area on where his genitalia were, coughing up blood while attempting to staunch the bleeding from both his chest and his crotch. "I'll fucking KILL YOU FOR THIS BULLSHIT!!"

"See Goro, this is why you don't have a proper girlfriend, only a bat-shit crazy donkey-witch who only wants to eat you like she had done to all of her other boyfriends before she had you as her new "boyfriend" even though you are actually her next meal that she wants to save for last." Cassandra quipped as she still maintained her victory grin. "And now..." (Points her sword at Goro's face as she stood in a defensive battle pose, ready to take on both Goro and Hisako alongside Zizzlorrn). "Mama is going to teach you a lesson on how have proper respect for women, you filthy lecherous bug." Cassandra said as she finished her sentence, ready to take down both Goro and Hisako once and for all.

"GORO!!" Hisako called out to him in absolute concern, which the green-haired male Arrancar turned around to face his girlfriend.

"Hisako." Was all that Goro said while coughing up giant globs of blood, before he looked closely at Zizzlorrn, only to quickly realize that the male Arrancar was about to attack Hisako with some kind of Cero attack coming from Zizzlorrn's four eyes, which were all now uncovered, and wanted to quickly warm Hisako that Zizzlorrn was about to attack her. "HISAKO WATCH OUT!!! GET AWAY FROM ZIZZLORRN BEFORE HE-"

But it was far too late as Zizzlorrn's Viga de Mala Cero attack quickly ran themselves through Hisako's body. Hisako turned around to face the Espada Inversa member attacking her, and realized all too late that he had attacked her, and mortally wounded her while her back was turned to face Goro being attacked and mortally wounded by Cassandra. Zizzlorrn had a victorious grin on her face as he managed to mortally wound Hisako, and get her to back off from him.

"H-How!!" Hisako growled in pure anger and hatred. "How the fuck could this happen to me??!!"

"Because I'm better than you, and I'm stronger than you, that's why Cockfang. And you're NOTHING." Zizzlorrn simply said as he retained his triumphant grin on his face as he mocked the purple-haired Fraccion, who only snarled at him with all of the hatred that she could muster against him.


Hisako was cut off mid-sentence as Zizzlorrn once again attacked Hisako with his Viga de Mala Cero attack, sending her flying high into the air, coughing up blood. Zizzlorrn then looked up in the air as Hisako was in the air, screaming and yelling all sorts of inappropriate words and curses at Zizzlorrn, all the while while calling him an arrogant cocksucking douchebag.

"And above all Cockfang, you're only a second rate skank." Zizzlorrn added as he still maintained his grin before he used Sonido to warp him into the sky next to Cassandra as the former smiled at him.

"Hello Ziz, how are you?" Cassandra asked as she turned to face her best friend, who smiled right back at her in response. "I hope that Cockfang didn't give you too much trouble."

"Oh don't worry she didn't." Zizzlorrn assured as he turned to face Cassandra. "Did Glen Quagmire Tu Odelschwanck touch you inappropriately?"

"No, but he commented on how my body isn't really that compatible to other female bodies, seeing as how he said that I look and sound like a boy, and before that, the sick bastard then commented on my boobs, and kept starting at them with lust in his eyes." Cassandra remarked in disgust, now glaring at the green-haired Arrancar with daggers in her eyes. "Which then I responded by shooting the bastard in both the chest, and his balls with my Cero eye beams, which was quite odd, considering on how spiders don't actually have genitalia."

"Wait wait wait, you ACTUALLY shot Goro in the balls?" Zizzlorrn asked, barely containing his laughter.

"Yep." Cassandra, answered, grinning a Cheshire-like grin at Zizzlorrn, who only started to laugh his ass off uncontrollably.

"AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to hand it to you Cass, you did something that no other woman had the guts to do, and shoot bug boy in the balls." Zizzlorrn complemented as he still continued to laugh at Cassandra shooting Goro in the groin area on where his balls were supposed to be. "And I'm surprised he didn't say "GIGGITY GIGGITY GIGGITY GIGGITY GODDAMN IT MY BALLS!!!!"

"Well what can I say Ziz, the asshole had it coming." Cassandra smirked as she still turned her head to face the snarling, green-haired Arrancar, who wanted to tear the Espada Inversa duo limb from limb. "He should've known better than to insult me, and ogle at my breasts like the sick lecherous pervert that he is."

"That's exactly what people like him deserve, a well-placed Cero to the balls." Zizzlorrn quipped as he continued to mock Goro with a smug grin on his face as he pointed at the area of Goro's crotch that Cassandra has shot him at. In response to this, the son of Rajik clenched his teeth so hard that they had all begun to crack constantly. And to add insult to major injury, both Espada Inversa broke into a laugh, pissing off the latter even further.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ASSHOLES LAUGHING ABOUT NOW??!!" Goro shouted at the top of his lungs as Reiatsu started to leak out from his body. "I will KILL you BOTH!!!" (Cassandra and Zizzlorrn: Huh?) "I WILL KILL YOU BY SKINNING YOU BOTH THE FUCK ALIVE!!!!!

Goro screamed as immense Reiatsu begin to explode off of his body. Both Cassandra and Zizzlorrn noticed Goro's massive increase in Reiatsu and quickly braced themselves for Goro's neck attack.

"Zizzlorrn, we need to end this quickly." Cassandra advised, looking at Zizzlorrn while Goro was still screaming to the top of his lungs. "When villains are backed up into a corner, they can get VERY desperate and are more than capable of trying ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING."

"I know Cass, I know." Zizzlorrn replied as he too looked back at Cassandra as she nodded at him while both Espada Inversa Arrancars glanced at Goro as the son of Rajik and Nelliel gave both Arrancars the most hate-filled look that anyone could get from them. He was going to MURDER both Zizzlorrn and Cassandra in cold blood for beating and humiliating both him and Hisako.

"You both think that you are so DAMN funny, but you're NOT!!!" Goro snarled as the four whips have become more sharp, and pointed with several spikes protruding out of them. He then responded by spitting out multiple Hollow spiders out from his mouth and from His Hollow Hole, which all have unquenchable bloodlust, wanting to kill the Espada Inversa duo for harming and humiliating their master. And although this shocked and surprised the Espada Inversa duo for a brief time, but it didn't unnerve them, NOT ONE BIT. They then quickly got back into their battle poses, and braced themselves for Goro's next move as thousands and thousands of spiders now surrounded the two Arrancars.

"See what I mean Ziz?" Cassandra replied as she braced herself for Goro's attack.

"Right" Zizzlorrn replied as he too was more than ready for Goro's next attack against them.

"I am DONE playing games with you bastards!! And now I am going to make sure that ALL of you Espada Inversa FEEL MY WRA-" Goro yelled before he was cut off mid-sentence by Zizzlorrn quickly drawing out a gun from his right sleeve and shooting Goro in the crotch area where his genitalia were with said gun, which shocked Goro even further.

"So Goro, is your wrath in the form of making women feel uncomfortable by being a lecherous, sex-crazed pervert? Or is it in the form of you yelling "GIGGITY GIGGITY GIGGITY GIGGITY GODDAMN IT MY BALLS!!!! MY PRECIOUS MOTHERFUCKING BBBBBBBAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSS!!!!" When women actually gain the courage to actually shoot you in the balls should you attempt to cop a feel on them or otherwise, which is something that you completely deserve by the way." Zizzlorrn said, mocking and insulting the green-haired spider-like Arrancar even further, which is something that Cassandra couldn't help but giggle at.

Goro looked as if someone dumped boiling hot water down his back, before his face quickly took on a look of pure anger and hatred for Zizzlorrn, a look that would give the look that Hisako would usually wear whenever she is pissed off a run for its money.

"STARTING WITH YOU YOU ARROGANT COCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!!" Goro yelled as he used his whip to attempt to attack Zizzlorrn and rip him in two with the whip.

However, Zizzlorrn was quick to move out of the way as he Sonidoed quickly out of the way before the whip could even touch him. The whip may not have hit the ground, but its effects of it striking its target were DEVASTATING, as the ground that felt the wrath of the whip was spit in two, which stretched for over two miles. And as a another result, a powerful massive electric surge of explosion rose from the ground that it was split open from.

Zizzlorrn's Sonido warped him to where Cassandra was, both Arrancars were now equally shocked and surprised at Goro's immense anger, and the results of his powerful attack.

"Wow! I must've REALLY pissed him off." Zizzlorrn said as he himself as surprised by Goro's immense anger. But he quickly got over his surprise and braced himself for Goro's next attack against him. Shawntell then appeared out of nowhere and glanced at Zizzlorrn before she spoke to him.

"Uh? Ya think?" Shawntell sarcastically retorted, giving Zizzlorrn a "Smooth move genius" look on her face. Zizzlorrn looked at the purple-haired female Arrancar for a brief moment before he lot out the most dismissive of snorts as he turned back to face Goro, who was snarling at him and the other two Espada Inversa members in an animalistic manner.

"Shawntell, do all of us a favor and spare me the snarky tirade." Zizzlorrn added, not in the mood for Shawntell's smart and snarky attitude towards him. "Besides."

Goro instantly Sonidoed in front of Zizzlorrn and attempted to attack the Espada Inversa member with his four razor-sharp whips. In which Zizzlorrn was able to parry them all with his Zanpakuto. The end result was that multiple shockwaves are then sent to the ground, in which multiple electric discharge explosions rose up from the ground.

"I have an annoying perverted bug to squash." Zizzlorrn finished as he kept his eyes on the enraged spider Arrancar, who was PRONE for absolute vengeance against both Zizzlorrn and Cassandra for wounding and humiliating both him and Hisako.

"Will you just SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY YOU FUCKING BASTARD??!!" Goro yelled, with the intent to slice Zizzlorrn in two with his whip. However Zizzlorrn easily caught the whip with his bare hand, which shocked the son of Rajik. Even though the whip did make several long cuts across Zizzlorrn's severely burnt arm, but it didn't even faze the Espada Inversa at all as the latter continued to grin at Goro, telling him that his attack didn't do jack shit to him.

"Make me." Was all that Zizzlorrn said before he delivered a devastating slash across Goro's chest with his Zanpakuto. Causing the green-haired Fraccion to cough up large amounts of blood, Zizzlorrn then disarmed Goro from the whip that he was holding, and quickly grasped it by its hilt. Before he kicked Goro in the chest, sending immense pain across Goro's chest and causing him to couch up even more blood.

"What the??!!" Goro was shocked that Zizzlorrn stole one of his Cero whips from him as he was now clutching his bleeding chest.

"Well bug boy, it looks like you're now short one whip." Zizzlorrn quipped as he was now grasping both his own weapon, and Goro's weapon with his hands. Goro however wasn't fazed by this, and instead laughed at Zizzlorrn's thought of thinking that he had semi-disarmed Goro by merely just asking one whip from the latter.

"AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!" Goro laughed, grinning at Zizzlorrn arrogantly. "Take as many as you want Zirrettrrax, I can create as many whips as I please."

"And Goro did just that. He simply forged a new Cero whip from nothingness that has the same appearance as the other three whips that he still has.

"Good for you bug boy, you managed to create another weapon for yourself, won't do you any good in the long ru-" Zizzlorrn mocked before he was cut off mid-sentence by the Cero whip exploding on him in a deadly explosion.

"Ziz!!" Cassandra called out to her ally, whereas Shawntell just kept a placid look on her face, as she knew ALL too well that Zizzlorrn was far too powerful to dealt in by a low-leveled explosion like that.

"He'll be fine Cassandra, just keep watching." Shawntell assured her fellow Espada Inversa member as Cassandra turned around in order to face Shawntell. Cassandra, after taking in the purple-haired female Arrancar's words, then realized that she was right and decided to relax, because she too also knew that Zizzlorrn could withstand an explosion such as the one that Goro inflected onto him. But Goro however does not know that a mere explosion like that will not be enough to kill Zizzlorrn.

Goro laughed arrogantly at Zizzlorrn as he now looked at the smoke that was enveloping him. "What now Zirrettrrax?! What happened to that cocky arrogant attitude that you once had?! You stupid, four-eyed asshole?! I may be a pervert, but at least I can kick your a-"

Goro never finished his sentence as Zizzlorrn suddenly and quickly charged at Goro, and slashed through the Spider-like Arrancar with his Zanpakuto, causing the Fraccion to explode with blood, cutting him off in mid-sentence. Both Cassandra and Shawntell watched Goro scream in immense pain as the two female Arrancars had grins on their faces, with Shawntell turning to face Cassandra, giving the Cuatro Espada Inversa member a "See, I told you so." look.

Shawntell: See what I mean Cassandra?

Cassandra: I see. I know that I am a bit overprotective of Ziz, but I also knew that he could turn things around against Goro without our help.

"What-What the hell is this?!" Goro snarled, as he continued to explode in giant amounts of blood as he turned his head all the way around in a 180-dgree angle to look at Zizzlorrn with all of the hatred he could muster. Who in turn, turned back to face Goro.

"No Goro, the least you can do is to creep women out before they shoot you in the nuts, and end up getting butt-fucked by a batshit crazy cannibal, who takes pleasure in shoving his large cock up your butthole, which in turn causes you to scream like a little girl, that's all you're capable of, and nothing more." Zizzlorrn quipped as he mocked the snarling green-haired Arrancar, who REALLY wanted to see Zizzlorrn's blood and guts stain his hands.

"Oh, and another thing..." Zizzlorrn sarcastically said as if he missed saying something. At which he then showed Goro a black-colored Cero whip now outlined in dark red, which was the very same whip that he took from Goro, now in his possession. Which now gives him two weapons instead of one.

"You thought that you could kill me by attempting to blow this whip of yours up in my face, and have the explosion atomize and disintegrate me into dust. But guess what Faggot Boy, you were wrong. While the explosion was able to do SOME form of damage to me, but unfortunately for you Glen Quagmire Tu Odelschwanck, it wasn't enough to kill me. But it probably would've worked if I were a Fraccion or a Numeros-leveled Arrancar, but unfortunately for you I'm not. And it ALSO would have worked if you weren't so WEAK." Zizzlorrn sneered as he laughed cruelly and in a mockingly way.

There it was again, Zizzlorrn's brazenness had pushed Goro TOO FAR, and now he was going to make sure that Zizzlorrn would pay for mocking him and humiliating him the way he did.

"THAT'S IT!!!!" Goro yelled as his Spiritual Energy exploded from his body. "I WILL TEACH YOU ON WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FUCK WITH ME ZIZZLORRN!!!

"Bring it on then Faggot boy, bring it on." Zizzlorrn challenged as he threw his Zanpakuto up into the air, while motioning Goro with his now free left hand to bring it on. Before he caught his landing Zanpakuto with his left hand and once again, got back into a battle pose.

"IT'S ALREADY BRUNG DOUCHEBAG!!!" Goro screamed at the top of his lungs as he charged at the Espada Inversa member, rapidly attacking him with all of his whips as Zizzlorrn was easily parrying them with both his whip, and his own Zanpakuto.

"You see Goro, I told you that you were weak, and I meant it." Zizzlorrn quipped, as he was easily parrying Goro's attacks with his own defensive attacks. "You can't even put up a decent fight against me to save yourself. But maybe if you'd spent less time stalking women and making them feel uncomfortable, and having constant sex with the purple-haired donkey witch who constantly makes you scream like a little girl by shoving his dick far inside of your pussy, and more time training, then you wouldn't even be IN this fix against me. But you're incapable of even doing that right. Why? Because you choose to constantly think with your cock about getting laid rather than to think with your brain about getting stronger, that's why, and THAT is why you are so DAMN weak."

Goro snarled in absolute rage. His Hollow instinct, the very same instinct that resides deep within EVERY Arrancar in existence was telling him to skin Zizzlorrn alive SLOWLY and PAINFULLY, and he was READY to obey it without question or complete hesitation.


"My turn."

Zizzlorrn then slashed Goro twice across his chest with the whip twice with the Zanpakuto that he stole from Goro, along with his own Zanpakuto, before he kicked Goro in the chest, HARD, breaking several of the Spider Arrancar's ribs and sending him skidding for a couple of miles, coughing up giant amounts of blood.

"Damn you!!" Goro snarled at he looked at Zizzlorrn with all of the hatred that he could muster as he watched the latter charge towards him.

"It's over bugboy." Zizzlorrn said as he used Sonido to warp himself behind Goro, much to the latter's shock. And with that, he raised his Zanpakuto up high with the intent to slice Goro in two. But before he could deliver the final death blow to the son of Nelliel, but he heard loud angry screaming as he looked up, until he saw Hisako Qufang, mortally wounded but pissed off as all Hell, roaring, and screaming at the top of her lungs, charging at Zizzlorrn, ready to rip the Espada Inversa member into pieces.

"Wait is that Cockfang up there?" Zizzlorrn asked himself as he watched the enraged purple-haired female Arrancar scream at the top of her lungs.

"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HOTSTUFF YOU STUPID COCKSUCKING SHITHEAD!!!!" Hisako shouted at the top of lungs in a distorted demonic voice. Roaring at the top of her lungs, wanting to rip Zizzlorrn into pieces.

"Yeah good luck with tha-" Zizzlorrn said before Hisako tackled him and propelled both herself and Zizzlorrn into the electrified ground once again like she tried to do last time, hoping to electrocute Zizzlorrn into nothingness. Zizzlorrn, just like last time, once again appears to be struggling against Hisako as the latter. Now twisted to face to one of pure glee as she was finally going to kill Zizzlorrn once and for all.

"I'm going to teach you and your little lesbian pals a lesson on never to FUCK with Hisako Qu-" Hisako was cut off mid-sentence as the grinning Zizzlorrn who was right in front of her started to flicker before he vanished completely into thin air. Hisako was now shocked, and angered by this greatly.

"What the?!" Hisako asked herself, snarling in pure rage. "Where the hell did that shithead g-"

Hisako got her answer as she was now in immense pain, coughing up gigantic amounts of blood as she now saw the real Zizzlorrn in front of her, who had now disappeared into Sonido once again just after using his Fantasma Slasher attack on Hisako.

"Y-you stupid asshole!!" Hisako growled as she was coughing up blood. "Stop MOCKING M-"

Hisako was cut off mid-sentence as a large, dark purple sphere struck her with full force as it exploded on the purple-haired female Arrancar.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Hisako screamed, as her entire body was covered from head to toe in extremely painful bruises from the explosion that was currently enveloping her.

"Hisako!!" Goro yelled, as he rushed to his girlfriend's aid. But then a black and dark red whip wrapped itself around Goro's waist as Zizzlorrn, who was obviously controlling the whip, then swing Goro left to right.

"You son of a bitch!! Let me go!!" Goro yelled in mid-air, but also winced in pain as the extreme heat of the whip as starting to eat away at his Hierro and burn at his skin.

"As you wish Faggot boy." Zizzlorrn retorted as he released Goro from the whip, sending him rocketing towards Hisako's direction. Hisako who has just recovered from the unexpected attack, suddenly felt Goro crash into her head first, which sent the two teenage Arrancars flying.

"Damn it Goro!!! What the fuck is wrong with you??!!" Hisako shouted as both she and Goro were sent flying.

"Damn it Qufang, you know full well that it wasn't me!!" Goro yelled defensively trying to calm down his psychopath of a girlfriend, who was still beyond pissed at being cheapshotted like that.

"Yeah well I am starting to get VERY TIRED of dealing with these Espada Inversa shit-"

Hisako couldn't finish her sentence as Roxanne suddenly and quickly appeared out of nowhere and bifurcated the purple-haired female Arrancar from the waist without Hisako seeing it coming.

"Goddamn it ALL!!" Hisako yelled as both parts of her began to fall from the sky and descend to the ground.

"HISAKO!!" Goro yelled out as he watched Roxanne slice Hisako in two. But before Goro could do anything, Roxanne Sonidoed in front of him quickly and within a flash without Goro even realizing it on time. The female Espada Inversa member then struck Goro repeatedly with her swords, wounding the male Arrancar.

"So Goro, how does it feel to be outmatched and outnumbered?" Roxanne asked with a mocking grin, pointing her right sword at him.

"Don't mock me you damn bit-" Goro was cut off mid-sentence by Zizzlorrn appeared behind the green-haired Arrancar and slashing him from behind twice, PAINFULLY.

"Hey Green-hair, missed me?" Zizzlorrn mockingly asked, grinning with the grin of someone who is victorious in battle.

DON'T YOU MOCK ME YOU BASTARD!!!" Goro yelled, quickly turning around to face Zizzlorrn before spitting out a large Hollow spider, as the creature launched itself at the Espada Inversa member. Zizzlorrn got into a defensive position as the Hollow spider detonated on him in a massive explosion.

"HAH! Take that you son of a bit-" Goro was cut off mid sentence by Cassandra coming out of the smoke of the explosion and slashing through Goro, causing the male Arrancar to explode in a shower of blood.

"First rule of battle Goro, never get cocky unless your opponent is truly dead." Cassandra said, turning to face the son of Rajik and Nelliel as she pointed the blade of her sword at him. "Or it'll cost you your life."

Goro snarled as he was lectured by Cassandra, who only smirked mockingly at him.

"Don't bother trying to explain it to him Cass, all he cares about is find different  ways to creep women out." Zizzlorrn said, appearing behind Goro as both of his hands were put together, clenching each other before he swung with all of his might at Goro's head with a powerful hammer-strike , striking it, and fracturing Goro's skull, causing the latter's eyes to literally pop out of his skull in absolute pain. Goro coughed up a lot of blood as he began to fade out of consciousness.

"Just what the hell is this guy made out of??!!" Goro thought as he began to speed towards the ground. Indeed, Zizzlorrn's hammer-strike against him really DID hurt, it felt like to Goro that four large sledgehammers had slammed into Goro's skull with tremendous force, so much that it felt like Goro's head was going to explode. But before Goro could touch the ground, Ziidrron, Zizzlorrn's older brother appeared out of nowhere underneath Goro, and punched the green-haired Fraccion in the face so hard that several of Goro's teeth flew out of his mouth, which sent the latter flying into the air. Ziidrron then Sonidoed into the air behind Goro and attempted to cut the Arrancar in two with his Shuriken-like Zanpakuto.

However Goro snapped himself back to reality and quickly turned around just to see Ziidrron about to cut him half with his Zanpakuto. Goro was quick to parry Ziidrron's attack before the latter could kill him by blocking his sword strike.

"Nice try shitstick, but you or your bastard of a brother won't kill me THAT easily!" Goro yelled, as he was able to successfully parry Ziidrron's blow. However the older sibling of Zizzlorrn easily scoffed at Goro's overconfidence before he spoke up again.

"If you think that just because you've managed to successfully parry my attack that it will be enough save you? Then you are a fucking idiot." Ziidrron asked as he continued to grimace at Goro, who only took on a defensive look towards the Espada Inversa member before he asked him a question.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Zid-"


Goro never got to finish his sentence as a giant black and dark blue Cero struck him from behind and badly burn his back, causing him to scream out loud in pain.

"Goddamn it!!" The spider-like Arrancar shouted in extreme pain, couching up huge amounts of blood. "I swear to God you Espada Inversa are a royal pain in my-"

Goro was cut off mid-sentence as Ziidrron slashed him twice across his chest before he punched him in the chest Bala-implanted fist, which burned Goro's chest even further. Goro screamed out in pain as the Bala severely burned his chest, which he clutched tightly with his left hand as he hacked up even more blood.

Just then Zizzlorrn came out of nowhere, and had attempted to use his Fantasma Slasher attack against Goro. But Goro, thanks to his enhanced spider senses as able to turn around, and prepare himself in order to block and parry Zizzlorrn oncoming Fantasma Slasher attack by raising his four hands up.

"If you think that I am going to let you kill with that goddamned attack of yours Zizzlorrn, then you are..." Goro said, before he was cut off mid-sentence by two powerful Balas striking the Fraccion of the Cero Espada in the back, causing him to scream in absolute pain.


Goro never got to finish his sentence as Zizzlorrn was then in front of him, much the former's absolute shock. Goro never saw it coming as Zizzlorrn then jammed his fist into his stomach, grinning as he then discharged a large Bala inside of it. Goro coughed up massive amounts of blood as he looked up at the man that put his fist into his stomach in pure anger.

Hello bugboy, missed me?" Zizzlorrn taunted as he retracted his fist from Goro's stomach, shaking off all of the blood that was on his right hand. Goro snarled in anger and hatred as he clenched his now bloodied stomach, which stung from the burns that he received from the Balas that Ziidrron damaged him with.

"You fucking bastard!!" Goro snarled, coughing up massive amounts of blood as he continued to look up at Zizzlorrn with all of the anger and hatred that he could muster. "That was a cheap shot trick by both you and your goddamned brother!!"

"Oh, you mean like this cheap shot trick?" Zizzlorrn casually asked before he took the black and dark red whip that he stole from Goro earlier from behind his back, and he used it to whip Goro across the chest HARD. The whip hit Goro's chest SO hard that the most loudest and sickening sound of flesh being cut filled the air completely, and HUGE amounts of blood exploded from the new wound that Zizzlorrn gave Goro.


"Consider that ultimate payback for my clone that had whipped earlier when you called him a worthless loser bug boy!" Zizzlorrn snarled, his face now taking a dark angry expression.

"Oh (coughs up blood) so that's it!!" Goro snarled, clutch his bleeding wound as it tried to regenerate itself as he looked up at Zizzlorrn, who then placed both of his weapons behind his back once again, which did not shock Goro at all. "You're sore about the fact that we kicked the shit out of your clone, and in the process you're acting like a sore loser just because you hate losing in any wa-"

Goro was cut off in mid-sentence once again by Zizzlorrn appearing right in front of him instantaneously, and grabbing the spider-like Arrancar in the throat HARD with his right hand, strangling him, to the point of nearly breaking his neck. Goro couldn't scream because of the immense pressure that Zizzlorrn was placing on his neck.

"No, I just hate being cheapshotted and mocked by a lecherous douchebag like you." Zizzlorrn simply said before being his brutal onslaught against Goro.

Zizzlorrn then punched Goro in the chest multiple times as he kept hearing the breaking sound of Goro's ribcage and in the face multiple multiple times until Goro's face was completely turned to mush, along with his blood flying in the air, some of it which splashed onto Zizzlorrn's face. However the Espada Inversa member simply wiped the blood off of his face before he continued his brutal onslaught against Goro, which lasted for another 5 minutes.

After a while, Zizzlorrn was panting to himself as he wiped Goro's blood on the front of his blood-stained jacket while he held Goro by the neck with his other hand. Goro's face was disfigured beyond great recognition, while his chest was bloody and punctured full of holes, courtesy of Zizzlorrn punching his fist through Goro's chest multiple multiple times. The Spider-like Arrancar was barely breathing and barely conscious as he was coughing up a lot of blood onto Zizzlorrn's jacket, which did not phase the Espada Inversa member at all.

"You-You're a cruel bastard, you know that!!" Goro snarled as he coughed up massive amounts of blood onto Zizzlorrn's face, who only wiped the blood off of his face, which was starting to annoy him greatly. "Yo-You'll pay for this Zizzlorrn, I swear to GOD that you and your whore friends will pa-"

Goro was cut off by Zizzlorrn simply letting the former go before quickly getting the Cero whip that he had stolen from Goro from behind his back, and he used it to whip green-haired Fraccion across the chest HARD for a second time. The whip hit Goro's chest SO hard that the most loudest and sickening sound of flesh being cut filled the air completely, and another HUGE amounts of blood exploded from the second new wound that Zizzlorrn gave Goro.


"And you're a twisted little cocksucker who stalks women and makes them uncomfortable, until they decide that they've had enough of you and shoot you in the balls." Zizzlorrn retorted back Goro, ready to attack the latter once more. Goro raised his four arms in defense, trying to block Zizzlorrn's upcoming attack. But Zizzlorrn quickly disappeared from Goro's sight, much to the Fraccion's utter confusion.

"Huh? Where the Hell did he g-"

Goro soon got his answer by two hands put together slamming down on the top of Goro's head HARD, nearly fracturing the Spider-like Arrancar's skull as Goro's eyes literally bulged out of his head.

Karma is a bitch Goro, and she is going to shoot you right in the fucking BALLS!!" Zizzlorrn yelled with a satisfied grin on his face as he watched Goro crash to the ground in a giant, ear-breaking THUD!!, as the spider Arrancar was screaming in sheer absolute pain from the electrocution that his body was being tormented with, much to Zizzlorrn's satisfaction.

"Oh, right, there was one thing I forgot to do." Zizzlorrn added as he clenched his left fist together. Just then, Goro's entire electrocuted body then exploded from the inside as his ear-piercing scream was drowned out by the sound of the mighty explosion that had just erupted from Goro's body.

"Exterminate the pest, PERMANENTLY." Zizzlorrn mused as he watched the explosion grew even wider in an electric outburst, which only drowned out Goro's screams even more. Cassandra came out of Sonido and stood side by side next to her best friend, as she bore a sly smirk at him.

"You're really enjoy yourself, aren't you Ziz?" The female Arrancar asked she held her smirk at him before he turned around to answer her.

"Of course, after all Glen Quagmire Tu Odelschwanck is being blown into a million pieces as we speak." Zizzlorrn answered as he turned his head to face the massive explosion that Goro was being attacked by as he crossed his arms together. Cassandra crossed her arms as well as both Espada Inversa were witnessing Goro being blown up from the inside of his body.

Shawntell then appeared out of Sonido and looked at both Cassandra and Zizzlorrn, wondering on why her Espada Inversa comrades were just standing there, and not making sure that Goro was dead.

"Uh, Zizzlorrn, Cassandra?" The purple-haired female Arrancar asked as both Cuatro Espada Inversa members, who both turned their to face Shawntell.

Cassandra and Zizzlorrn in unison: Huh?

"Don't you guys think that you should make sure that Goro is, oh, I don't know, DEAD?" Shawntell sarcastically asked, looking at the duo like they were idiotic children who needed to be reminded over and over and over and over and over and over again on how to do a proper task without screwing up.

"Well what about you?" Zizzlorrn asked as he scoffed at the purple-haired Espada Inversa member before he turned back to face the explosion, holding his hands out, and preparing to charge a powerful black and dark red Cero in his left and right hands in order to use it to obliterate the son of Nelliel into dust. "Rather than sitting on your stuck-up ass and whining and bitching about on how much Cass and I can't get a simple job done such as killing off a weakling like Goro while watching me kick the shit out of him, DO SOMETHING!!"

"I agree with him Shawntell, don't whine about on how we don't get shit done if you yourself are just going to sit on your ass, bossing us around the way you do." Cassandra said as she lectured Shawntell, who merely rolled her eyes at Cassandra's lecture.

"Well said Cass, well said." Zizzlorrn nodded his head in agreement as he was finished charging up his Cero, and was about to use it in order to obliterate the son of Nelliel into dust.

Cassandra now watched as Zizzlorrn was about to atomize Goro, who was being blown up and up and up and up and up. But then she smelled a foul stench in the air and covered her nose in disgust. The same with Shawntell who, upon sensing it, quickly erected a barrier around herself in order to avoid the fowl strength staining her nostrils.

Cassandra: Hey Ziz?

Zizzlorrn: (Turns his head to face Cassandra) Yes Cass?

"Don't you notice this fowl stench in the air?" The female Arrancar asked her fellow Espada Inversa comrade as she held both her nose and her breath together.

Zizzlorrn, upon realizing that there was a horrendous smell in the air, quickly dispelled his Ceros and covered his nose in order to block the foul smell from staining his nostrils even further.

"Jesus Christ what the hell is that rancid smell?!" Zizzlorrn asked as his face quickly took on a look of complete disgust as he held his nose tightly. "Seriously, did Yammy take a massive dump on himself?! Because knowing on how retarded and brainless he is, he WOULD be the type to easily lose control of his bo-"

Zizzlorrn never got to finish his sentence as Hisako, now livid, raised ALL four of her claw up in the before she brought them on Zizzlorrn, with the full-intent to cut him into pieces. However before the claws could touch him, the Zizzlorrn, having already sensed Hisako's attack beforehand, thanks to his enhanced Pesquisa, was able to evade Hisako almighty slash attack with the use of Sonido, just right before Hisako could slice him into pieces. Hisako, upon seeing Zizzlorrn dodge his attack, started to scream at the top of her lungs Zizzlorrn was playing games with her.

"I swear to God Zizzlorrn, you're PISSING me the FUCK OFF!!!" Hisako shouted, looking around her vicinity while rapidly slashing the air around her while searching around for the Espada Inversa member. "Show yourself you stupid, four-eyed, cocksucking assclown!!!"

"As you wish Qufang." Said Zizzlorrn as he used his Fantasma Slasher attack to attack the purple-haired female Fraccion of Rajik, who expressed extreme shock on how she could let Zizzlorrn cheapshot her so much with that goddamned Fantasma Slasher attack of his. But before Hisako could turn around face the Espada Inversa member and throw an angry rant/threat at him, Zizzlorrn appeared from behind Hisako and kicked her HARD in the butt, much to Hisako's absolute chagrin and shock as she screamed in absolute pain.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU STUPID SHITHEAD???!!!" Hisako yelled at the VERY top of her lungs, turning her head to face the male Arrancar, who laughed happily at her misery.

"Simple Hisako, you suck." Shawntell quipped as she grinned mockingly at the Fraccion with her arms crossed as Hisako turned her head to face the purple-haired Espada Inversa. "First you have allowed me to shove my foot up your ass, and now Zizzlorrn, I wonder who else is next to join in the "Let's all shove our foots up Cockfang's ass club?" Cassandra or a rock?"

Before Hisako could throw another angry retort at the purple-haired Espada Inversa's insult, she suddenly screamed in pain as another foot rammed into her butt. Hisako turned her head around to in order to get a glimpse to see the person that did that to her. But much to her surprise, the attacker was gone in a flash. Hisako, upon seeing that the person who attacked her was now gone, was now super livid to the point where she wanted to rip the first thing that she saw to shreds.

"Ohhh, now we have a third member of the Let's all shove our foots up Cockfang's ass club. Three times in a row Cockfang, that's gotta be a new record for you. Your ass becoming a home for other people's foots to invade."

Hisako, upon hearing Shawntell's insult towards her, started to scream to the Heavens at the top of her lungs.


As Hisako was shouting at the top of her lungs, she suddenly felt her stomach rippling up and down, up and down repeatedly, as several tiny explosions were occurring inside of Hisako's body, causing the female Arrancar to cough up blood.

"Damn it!!" Hisako cursed as she coughed up blood as several explosions kept on occurring inside of her body. "Wha-What the Hell is going on with me?"

"Oh right, there was something else that I forgot to divulge to you Cockfang." Shawntell sarcastically added as she snapped her fingers, acting as she left out something important. Hisako looked at the purple-haired Espada Inversa member with complete contempt as she snarled at the latter.

Hisako: What the fuck are you talking about you bitch?!

"Do you remember that Arrancar that you brutally murdered and ate? That one Arrancar that was limping in pain in an attempt to get away from you, your moron friends, and Rajerk Fisher? The ONE Arrancar that survived the massacre of the Fuerza Tercera Rebelión group and tried to escape to Las Dias in order to warn us about what Rajerk Fisher was going to do to us, but couldn't because you ripped her apart, then you ate her and her internal organs, and then you started to roll around in her blood, shouting, moaning, and licking your lips like some moronic lustful cannibal?" Shawntell asked as she put one hand under her chin while the other was on her left hip, like she was pondering a certain scenario that she remembered.

"What the fuck are you talking abou-" Hisako stopped herself in mid-sentence as she then suddenly remembered the Arrancar that she murdered and cannibalized with glee with Rajik and the rest of her comrades watching, because she wanted to show them an example of what she was going to do to Zizzlorrn, Cassandra, and Roxanne before she released her Zanpakuto and went into her basic Resurreccion form before she went into her Cambio de Modo form in order to confront the Espada Inversa trio. Even though she was actually fighting their clones at the time before their real selves showed up. Hisako then realized on what Shawntell was talking about, much to her absolute shock. "How the fuck did you even know about that?! you weren't even there!!! But even if you were there, where were you hi-"

"Well guess what Cockfang, that "Arrancar" that you ate and killed was another clone that I created." Shawntell revealing mockingly as she interrupted Hisako while the latter was in mid-sentence.

"WHAT?!" The purple-haired Fraccion yelled in absolute disbelief. "So what you're saying is that filthy bitch that I ate earlier was another fucking CLONE THAT YOU FUCKING MADE??!!"

"(Gasps) You just figured that out right now didn't you Cockfang?!" Shawntell gasped in fake disbelief, acting as if Hisako had just figured out the easiest thing in the world. "But anyway, the Arrancar that you butchered and ate, was nothing but a mere explosive clone that I created, created from the Reishi of the real Arrancar that Zizzlorrn, Cassandra, and Roxanne rescued from the rubble of the headquarters of the Fuerza Tercera Rebelión organization and took her back to El Ultima de Union Mascara. After the Zizzlorrn clone gave you and your moronic pals the humiliating, ass-kicking of the century. and when Rajerk came back to heal you and the rest of the loser squad, I sent that Arrancar clone out in an attempt to see if you would be dumb enough to eat something that could either  be lethal poison or a potential bomb in the form of a person. And guess what, I was right, you ARE stupid enough to eat something that could kill you from the inside out by having all of your internal organs disintegrated from the inside out. Seeing as how you butchered the clone, and ate its insides before stupidly shouting at the top of your lungs on how eating a Human-shaped bomb makes you feel alive, and rolling around in its blood like some retarded lustful cannibal. Oh God lord it was priceless. Even though the Arrancar woman herself was quite disturbed by it, seeing as how she was disgusted to see a bomb-infused clone version of herself get eaten by a brainless cannibal like you, but still, it was fucking hilarious."

Hisako was shocked by this, and opened her mouth in an attempt to make an angry retort to Shawntell before the Espada Inversa member cut her off and opened her mouth to continue speaking.

"But that's you Hisako, you WILL eat anything, and when I mean anything, I mean ANYTHING. Whether that person is a living bomb that will disintegrate you from the inside out, or a person made out of poisonous acid that will dissolve your internal organs or any other major body part that you have should you consume said person. Or a being literally made out of a large pile of shit, or if it's your mother. Or if it's that perverted shithead bugfriend of yours Goro, who will only comment on how much of a boyish-looking dyke that are, and ogle constantly at your fake-looking breasts, and on how much you actually gave yourself false boobs despite that fact that you actually have a man-looking chest, due to the fact that you are a guy, and ugly, feminine-looking guy as you are eating him. Even though Goro is someone who occasionally thinks with his cock rather than his brain, which was why Cassandra and Zizzlorrn shot him in the balls, even though Goro getting shot in the jewels is actually an everyday occurrence for him. But I am NOT surprised, because that just actually shows on how retarded and brainless you are Cockfang." Shawntell mocked as she had that sly, mocking, Cheshire-grin on her face as she slowly licked her lips before she retained that very same sly, mocking, Cheshire-grin right back on her face.

Hisako snarled in absolute anger and hatred, thus purple-haired hussy was starting to piss her off, and she couldn't wait to stain her claws and entire body with Shawntell's blood and guts, and eat those other cocksucker Espada Inversas that dared to cross her. Both her teeth, and her fists were clenched SO TIGHTLY, that the former had begun to crack, and the latter had begun to draw blood.

"You know Sluttell, ever hear of the story of what I did to Little Miss. Dickhorn when she had the balls to insult the boos straight to my face by saying that he was the weakest of the Espada?" Hisako asked, grinning the usual cocky Envy-esque grin that she usually grinned whenever she was pissed off, whereas Shawntell had a disinterested look on her face. As she was not in the mood to listen to a half-assed lecture from Hisako. "It started when-"

Hisako was cut off mid-sentence as  black and dark red whip suddenly wrapped itself around her waist, much to Hisako's surprise. Hisako turned around to see that Zizzlorrn was the one who attacked her with the whip as the latter was grinning at her mockingly.

"Hisako decided to throw a bitch fit by delivering disproportionate retribution towards someone just because they were simply telling her the truth about her asshole boss, who I might add, sucks balls, and is a complete douchebag." Zizzlorrn said mockingly as he "finished" Hisako's sentence for her.


Hisako was cut off mid-sentence by Zizzlorrn using the whip that he used to ensnare Hisako, and pull the female Arrancar to him. And once Hisako was close enough to him, he brutally slashed her across the chest and the stomach, thus causing several of her intestines to spill out from her stomach.

"Goddamn Zizzlorrn, you REALLY overdid it." Shawntell exclaimed in shock as she watched Hisako scream in absolute pain and shock over what Zizzlorrn had done to her. "But Cockfang had it coming, so I don't really care."

"GODDAMN YOU YOU FOUR-EYED SON OF A-" Hisako yelled as she was cut-off in mid-sentence by Zizzlorrn kicking Hisako in the throat HARD. "Ack!! My throat!!"

"You're going to experience a lot more pain than just a broken throat Qufang." Zizzlorrn added as he placed both his Zanpakuto and his whip behind his back, before he charged up two Balas within his fists. "A LOT more."

"Oh go screw yourself Cocksu-"

Hisako never got to finish that sentence as Zizzlorrn punched Hisako in the face rapidly over and over and over again while pummeling her in the face with multiple Balas, which only amplified the damage to the purple-haired Fraccion.

"This is for that family that you murdered and ate." Zizzlorrn added as he punched Hisako in the face with a Bala-infused fist, brushing the latter's face beyond repair. Hisako, with a now completely bruised face looked at the male Arrancar with a condescending sneer on her face.

"I always knew you that were a petty asshole Zirrettrrax." Hisako said was her sneer began to transform into a snarl. "All because I butchered a family of weaklings, who I might add were delicious and tasty by the way." Hisako mockingly mused, moaning passionately and lustfully licking her lips like a snake and with desire with Zizzlorrn looking at the bloodthirsty female Arrancar in disgust. "So what if we killed all of those Fuerza Tercera Rebelión shitheads?! Who actually gives a fu"

Hisako never got to finish that sentence as a Gemelos Sonido clone of Zizzlorrn suddenly appeared behind Hisako and delivered a devastating slash across the female Arrancar's back, causing massive amounts of blood to explode from Hisako's back, and causing the Cambio de Modo formed Fraccion to scream in immense pain while coughing up blood. Zizzlorrn then painfully grabbed a fistful of Hisako's purple hair so she was looking right at him. Before he pulled back his Bala-infused fist and punched Hisako in the face really hard, which bruised the latter's face even more. Zizzlorrn then followed up by beginning to punch Hisako rapidly in the face with multiple Bala-infused fists.

"And consider this payback for Kaylene. Payback for that time when you viciously attacked her and tried to kill her just because her only crime, was to interrogate you about Natalie's death. But then again Hisako, that's who you are, a vicious psychotic bully who likes to attack people who are weaker than her, and make them feel powerless. You like to pick on Kaylene because you know full-well that she is weaker than you, and is easy pickings for you because you know that you can easily beat her. But guess what Cockfang, either when she finally surpasses you and decides to hand you your ass on a silver platter for all of the crap that you've put her through, or when Godirdrith decides that he has finally had enough of you picking on his Fraccion and hurting her all of the time, and decides to kick of the crap out of you himself. The same goes for Gibby, who will also join in on the "Break The Purple-Haired Sociopath" club, fear of Rajerk Fisher be damned!" Zizzlorrn yelled as he continued to punch Hisako rapidly in the face over and over and over again while blasting her with multiple Balas, greatly wounding her beyond mortal comprehension.

"So how does it feel to know that you are on the end of having your ass handed to you by the someone stronger than you Cockfang?!" Zizzlorrn asked in a condescending and mockingly tone while laughing his ass off at the same time as he continued to punch/blast Hisako in the face with his fists/Balas.

After a while, and in the midst of the 241st punch to her face, Hisako managed to regain herself and back up away from Zizzlorrn a few meters. Her face now looks as though it had been completely reduced to mush as it was covered in a lot of blood and EXTREMELY painful bruises, courtesy of Zizzlorrn. Hisako had begun to yell loudly at the top of her lungs as Reiatsu begun to explode from her body as she disappeared in a flash that the rubble behind her was burnt to a crisp. The entire area was set ablaze by Hisako's extreme speed.

"So Cockfang disappeared through Sonido Grabar?" Zizzlorrn asked himself as he looked around the flaming area while keeping his Pesquisa active. "Like that'll save her."

Just then Zizzlorrn felt a razor sharp claw slash him across the chest, with tremendous force that was more than enough to cut an ordinary person in half. However due to Zizzlorrn's tough Hierro, all the attack had left behind has three bloodied cuts across Zizzlorrn's chest, which didn't even phase the Espada Inversa member at all.

Zizzlorrn: Does she really think that this will be enough to kill m-

Zizzlorrn was cut off in the middle of his sentence as Hisako slashed him across the back with three more bloodied cuts across his back. Hisako then appeared above him, raising all four of her claws up in the air, with the intent to rip him into pieces.

"You may be stronger than me cocksucker, but you are NOT FASTER THAN ME!!!!" Hisako yelled as she brought her claws down on the male Arrancar, intending to slice him into pieces.

Hisako then brought all four of her clawed hands down on Zizzlorrn, slicing the Espada Inversa member into tiny little chunks of pieces as the female Arrancar had a gleeful sadistic smile on her face, satisfied with having killed the one Espada Inversa member who has given her a lot of trouble.  

Cassandra: Zizzlorrn!!

Shawntell: Oh shit no!!

"Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee, AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KILLED YOU ZIZZLORRN!!! I FUCKING KILLED YOU!!!!!! Not so mighty now are you, you four-eyed, cocksucking shithead!!!!!!" Hisako yelled, gloating at the remains of Zizzlorrn's body, which had begun to fall out of the sky and onto the sandy ground. Hisako then licked moaned as she licked her claws clean of Zizzlorrn's blood, before she licked her lips like a snake. She then turned her attention to the other two Espada Inversa members, licking her lips like a serpent in front of them.

"Hello Sluttell and Cocksuckdra, I believe we have some unfinished business to attend to." Hisako said as she grinned arrogantly at the two female Arrancars, who both looked at her adamantly. "You both saw what I did to that shithead friend of yours Zizzlorrn, that is exactly what is going to happen to you two ska-"

Hisako never got to finish that sentence as a very much alive Zizzlorrn used his Fantasma Slasher attack on the purple-haired Fraccion, which shocked Hisako and caused her to erupt in an explosion of blood as all four of her arms fell out of the sky. Zizzlorrn didn't let up in his attack as he Sonidoed in front of the stunned Hisako and slashed and sliced her across both the stomach and the chest, before he kicked her in the chest hard, causing even more stinging pain to shoot up in Hisako's body.

"You don't get it Qufang, you think that just because you're faster than me that it will be more than enough to save you?" Zizzlorrn mockingly asked as he glared at the youngest sibling of Shawlong, who looked at the Espada Inversa member that she has thought that she had killed in utter disbelief. Zizzlorrn's face then took on a placid and composed look as he spoke up again as he nodded in disappointment. "Bull... Shit, bull and shit."

Hisako growled as she struggled to stand upright, panting heavily from the exhaustion that was tearing right through her body. "What the FUCK??! How the FUCK are you still ALIVE?! I killed you, I FUCKING KILLED YOU!!!! Hisako shouted angrily as she snarled at the Espada Inversa member.

Zizzlorrn chuckled as he turned his head to face the Fraccion of Rajik. "You never killed me Qufang, hell, you NEVER even injured me. I managed to 'survive' by throwing a Gemelos Sonido clone at you, which I used as a decoy in order to lure you into a trap. Which was me cramming a Fantasma Slasher attack up your asshole." Zizzlorrn said with a condescending tone in his voice.

"I swear to God, NOTHING IS FAIR WITH YOU ESPADA INVERSA SHITHEADS!!!!" Hisako shouted to Zizzlorrn at the top of her lungs.

"As if you're the one to lecture other people about being fair." Zizzlorrn simply retorted, rolling his eyes at Hisako's hypocrisy. "But enough talk Qufang, let's get this over with."

Hisako, her patience wearing thin, grinned evilly as she spoke to the Espada Inversa member. "You took the words right out of my mouth cocksucker."

And with that, Hisako then charged at Zizzlorrn at her top fastest speed
Bleach Los Espadas PE Calm Before The Storm Pt. 8.
The 8th part of the prologue of my story, Bleach: Los Espadas. Where Rajik, Hisako, Goro, Yammy, Yukiku, and Ulquiorra are confronted by several
Arrancars from a mysterious organization known as El Ultima de Union Mascara.

All of my characters belong to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen:

Rajik, Hisako, Goro, and Yukiku belong to :iconmikerules135:

Skullak Tuma belongs to :iconskullcrucher:

Whereas Ulquiorra, Rudobon, and Yammy belong to :icontitekuboplz:


Joseph (Joe for short).
United States
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