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Name: Bbarrnaabass

Last Name: Ccattaclyysmuuss (Pronounced Cata-clys-mus)

Race: Deity/God

Deity Classification: Bbarrnaabass is the Latin God of Greed and Evil.

Gender: Male

Age: 825000000000000000000000056000000000000000000000051610

Age Appearance: 76

Birthday: Unknown

Zodiac Sign: Unknown

Relationship Status: Single

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6.8

Weight: 132ibs

Blood Type: Unknown

Eye Color: Dark Blood Red

Skin Color: Pale.

Hair Color: White

Hair Style: Short hair

Physical Appearance: Bbarrnaabass is an elderly man with white hair, pale skin, and who is tall and gaunt. And he wears an upside down pentagram necklace which has the Baphomet on the front. And he has two markings on the top of his hands; on his left hand is the marking of the full moon, and on his right hand is the marking of the sun. He also has a third narrow eye on the center of her forehead which is the same color as his other two eyes.

Affiliation: Latin Pantheon/The Ccattaclyysmuuss family.

Occupation: The tempter of the greedy and the wicked, and the corrupter of the innocent and pure.

Dimension of Origin: The First Realm.

Relatives: Grravveellttinna Ccattaclyysmuuss (Cousin), Lilith Ccattaclyysmuuss (Cousin), Rraavviieell Ccattaclyysmuuss (Cousin), Zzirraa Vivianus Ccattaclyysmuuss (Cousin), Deaannmmon Ccattaclyysmuuss (Cousin), Tyrannus Vivianus (Cousin once removed), Ddarrthh Ccattaclyysmuuss (Parental Uncle), Envilla Ccattaclyysmuuss (Parental Aunt), Sidious Ccattaclyysmuuss (Father), Gravratina Ccattaclyysmuuss (Mother), Daemon Ccattaclyysmuuss (Parental Grandfather), Calastiel Ccattaclyysmuuss (Parental Grandmother).

Main Attire: For his main attire, Bbarrnaabass wears a black-colored suit with a black and dark red tie. He also wears a long, black, trench coat that is completely open and unbuttoned. And he wears black-colored dress shoes.

Element: Evil and Greed.

Standard Deity Abilities and Attacks: As a God, Bbarrnaabass possesses the standard Divine abilities and attacks of his race.

Teleportation: Like all other Deities, Bbarrnaabass possesses the ability to teleport both himself and others.

Flight: As a God, Bbarrnaabass has the ability to fly.

Dimensional Portals:

Lifespan vision:


Spiritual Awareness:

Super Strength:

Immense Endurance:

Immense Durability:

Shape shifting:

Unique Powers: Greed and Evil Manipulation: As the wicked God of Greed and Evil, Bbarrnaabass is able to tempt the wealthy and the greedy, as well as to corrupt the innocent and pure into wicked and greedy beings.

Personal Dimension:

Equipment: Coming Soon

Weapon: For his weapon, Bbarrnaabass carries a long, silver staff with a black crystal at its head.

Reiatsu Color: Black with a Silver outlining.

Reiryoku Level: Immense Spiritual Energy: As a Deity, Bbarrnaabass possesses Godly-Reiryoku, which cannot be sensed by Humans, Soul Reapers, Hollows, and Arrancars. Plus his Divine Reiryoku can only sensed by other Gods and Demigods, as well as the Discipuli, who are the only Mortals/Humans capable of sensing Godly-Reiryoku.

Attacks: N/A.

Personality: Bbarrnaabass is a very evil God who has for countless millennia caused absolute chaos with his powers to Mortals, Soul Reapers, Hollows, Arrancars, and even fellow Gods. He is a sadistic and cruel Deity who gleefully enjoys tempting and manipulating others into a life of greed and evil. He is utterly and completely BEYOND the concept of Morality, and spits upon the concept of benevolence. He is also a very greedy God, for he is willing to sell out his allies and followers and leave them to die just for the finest treasures that he could get his hands on. He is obsessed with all of the treasure in creation itself, and out of complete avarice, he will BETRAY and KILL you just for a piece of treasure.

Like the rest of his family, and the Tenebrarum Deos, as well the Primordial God of Evil itself Sin Aeternam, Bbarrnaabass is despised, hated and reviled by the other Gods throughout the Latin Pantheon and in general. He is also one of the most feared Deities within the Pantheon alongside his cousins Rraavviieell and Grravveellttinna, as he has caused absolute destruction alongside them throughout the Earth, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo. The lives of Mortals mean absolutely nothing to him, and he is willing to absorb their souls and kill them in order to increase his strength and power and use them as his expendable tools to use and dispose of as he sees fit. He also looks down on Soul Reapers, Hollows, and Arrancars and he has been known to use them as his pawns to use until he is done with them.

Bbarrnaabass is also very intelligent and level-headed, as he has thought out on how to stay one step

Seiyu (Japanese Voice Actor): N/A.

English Voice Actor: Billy Drago
Bbarrnaabass Ccattaclyysmuuss
Bbarrnaabass Ccattaclyysmuuss is the Latin God of Greed and Evil. He is the cousin of Rraavviieell Ccattaclyysmuuss and the once removed cousin of Tyrannus Vivianus. He is one of the most feared Deities across the country of Latina and Altare Yggdrasil.

Bbarrnaabass Ccattaclyysmuuss belongs to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen:
The Primordial Gods are the strongest and oldest beings in all of creation and existence. They are the Deities who created and gave shape to not only reality, but The Original Realm as well. These super ancient Gods are the ones who rule all of creation, every alternate dimension, every alternate universe in the entire multiverse is under their rule and control and their words are treated as LAW. Their powers and presence affect and span across the entire multiverse, which includes alternate dimensions and other universes. ALL of the Primordial Gods ALL VASTLY predate reality and the universe itself, and while most Primordial Gods are as old/almost as old/younger than The First Realm, there are some who are even older than TOR. All of the Primordial Gods have ages within the 900 centillion year age mark, whereas God Almighty Father’s age is within the Infinite year age mark, so he has existed forever due to the fact that he is existence itself.

The Primordial Gods are ALL INSANELY O-VER-POW-ERED and are all beyond the extremely powerful tier. Their power level is within the Omnipotence and the Nigh-Omnipotence tiers. Their powers and presence affect and span across the universe and other dimensions and the entire multiverse in general. And ALL of the Primordials have the ability of omnipresence; which means that they can exist and be EVERYWHERE/simultaneously in all places at once. This includes all physical and spiritual realms as well. For example the Universal/Primordial Legendary Pokémon, while they reside in and rule over the universe (which is the Pokémon verse) that Arceus Sr. Arceus Jr. and the Creation Trio had created and formed 13.8 billion years ago when at the same time they also participated in the creation of the main universe alongside the other Primordial Deities, but they (The Primordial/Universal Legendary Pokémon) still reside in the main universe alongside the other Primordial Gods in managing and caring for not only the main universe and the Pokémon universe that they created and rule over and manage alongside the non-universal Legendary Pokémon (examples of non-universal Legendaries are Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Lugia, and Ho-Oh), but the ENTIRE multiverse as well, due to the fact that they have the ability to exist simultaneously in all places at once. This includes all physical and spiritual realms and other alternate universes.

All of the Primordial Gods are all COMPLETELY and utterly BEYOND destruction. For they are all ABSOLUELTY immortal and ABSOLUELTY indestructible. They are eternal and everlasting for all of eternity and reality, and they will ALWAYS exist. They CANNOT be killed, nor can they be destroyed, no matter how powerful an attempt to destroy/kill them is.

Origin of the Primordials, Tier 0 Elder Primordial tier.
God Almighty Father, Arceus Sr., The Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and Arceus Jr.

In the beginning, there was nothing, nothing but eternal darkness and pure nothingness. However there was one being amongst this pure darkness. This being wasn’t born or created, nor did he have a beginning. The truth is, he IS the beginning. This being is known as The Original One, God Almighty Father, the Alpha and the Omega, the first Divine being and the first being in ALL of creation and existence. He predates EVERYTHING, the universe, the original dimension, the other Primordial Gods, EVERYTHING, the ultimate God of Creation and EVERYTHING. He had spent forever in eternal slumber within the vortex of chaos planning the creation of several universes and alternate dimensions for countless millennia (which is ironic since time hasn’t been created yet, but you get the idea).

Just then in the heart darkness and chaos, an egg was born, a very strange white and gray egg quite a dull color, which ironically seemed to simmer with all of the colors of the rainbow. A strange golden egg which had a ring that held on to the egg sticking out at strange angles, which hatched out a strange creature. This new being is a white equine resembling a qilin or centaur with a gray, vertically-striated underside. The striated pattern has similar recurrences on the underside of its mane, tail, and face. Its four pointed feet are tipped with gold hooves. Its long mane juts away from its head, and its face is gray, with green eyes and red pupils, and a green circular pattern below its eyes. It also has a streak of gold coloration on its head, and ears that point upward. Its neck is fairly long, with two pairs of extrusions to the sides, and a flap-like feature on the neck's underside that is colored white like much of the body. It also has a golden cross-like wheel attached to its body by its round abdomen, which changes color along with its eyes and hooves. The wheel also has four jewels attached to it. The pattern of striated gray of the creature's underbelly resumes past the creature's waist. Its limbs have gray undersides and extrusions at the tops of the legs. Its tail is fairly like its mane in shape and coloration. This new divine creature that came to be through the egg formed from the vortex of chaos was known as the Supreme Primordial Creator Pokémon God, The Supreme God of all creation within the Pokémon universe and the main universe, Arceus, the younger brother of God Almighty.

Arceus instantly knew that his name was Arceus, his elder brother God Almighty did not tell him, show him, or teach him, it just was and he just knew it. He knew that just like his older brother, that he too was a Supreme Primordial Creator God, the Primordial God of Creation, The Ultimate Legendary Pokémon Arceus. Arceus’s creation and hating from his egg of birth had awoken God Almighty. God Almighty after awakening and witnessing the creation of his younger brother, went over to greet him by bowing to him and welcoming him into existence (existence never existed at this time, which also didn’t exist, but you get the idea). Arceus had returned the gesture and greeted his older brother the same way.

As 500 years have passed the two Divine brothers discussed their plans for the creation of reality. They also agreed to have other Primordial Deities assist them in keeping The Universe and Alternate dimensions stable, along with the fact that that they did not want to deal with loneliness. And as a result, God Almighty had sired a new God, The Primordial God of Holiness, Divinity, and Creation, The Holy Spirit, who was also let in on God Almighty and Arceus’s plans for the formation of a new Universe and his purpose to serve for the Universe. Not too long after the creation of The Holy Spirit, Arceus formed a new Primordial God who looked like him, sounded like him, and had the same powers as he did. This new God was named and christened as Arceus Jr. who looked, sounded, and had the same powers as his father Arceus Sr. and was also the supreme Primordial God of Creation just like his father, and uncle, and cousin, the supreme Legendary Pokémon Arceus Jr. Arceus Jr. was then given a purpose by his father Arceus Sr. after he was greeted by him, his Uncle God Almighty, and his cousin The Holy Spirit.

Tier 1 Primordial Gods, Oommiccrronn, Giratina, Chronos, Father Time, Dialga, Chaos, Lepidoptera, Palkia, Ananke, Cosmo/Carnovaltore Fullbusterr, Almighty Grandmother Reality, Lord Dimesniones, Almighty Grandmother Fate:

Another 500 years have passed and both God Almighty and Arceus Sr. have decided to create two Primordial Gods of Death. God Almighty Father created the Primordial God of Death Oommiccrronn, whereas at the exact same time Arceus Sr. had created and sired the Primordial Goddess of Antimatter, dimensions, and Death, the Legendary Pokémon Giratina, in her Origin Forme (though immediately after she also gains the ability to transform into her Altered Forme, granted by her father Arceus Sr.). The two death Deities were given their roles and assignments to contribute to The Universe and Alternate dimensions, and Giratina had created a personal realm for herself that is beyond comprehension, the Distortion World, a realm where she will govern the flow of antimatter, dimensions, and death.

A century later God Almighty and Arceus Sr. once again created six new Primordial Gods, all of whom govern, created, and completely control Time and Space. God Almighty created the three Primordial Gods of Time, the Greek Primordial God of Time Chronos, the Holiday Primordial God of Time Father Time, whereas at the exact same time Arceus Sr. created the Primordial Goddess of Time, the Legendary Pokémon Dialga. Whereas at the exact same time three Primordial Gods of Space were also brought into existence, the Greek Primordial Goddess of Space Chaos, the Latin Primordial Goddess of Space Lepidoptera, and last but not least, the Primordial God of Space, The Legendary Pokémon Palkia.

The six Deities of Time and Space, like the rest of their Primordial brethren, were given their roles and assignments to contribute to the creation of reality and alternate dimensions by God Almighty and Arceus Sr. God Almighty then used the next past centuries creating and siring new Primordial Gods, the next Primordial Deity to be created after Chronos, Father Time, Chaos, Lepidoptera, Dialga, and Palkia were born was the Primordial Greek Goddess of inevitability, Ananke, followed by the Primordial God of the Cosmos, Cosmo, followed by the Latin Primordial Goddess of Reality itself, Almighty Grandmother Reality, followed by The Latin Primordial God of Dimensions itself, Lord Dimesniones. On the orders of her Uncle, God Almighty, Giratina was assigned to teach Lord Dimensiones everything she knew about the power to manipulate, create, and destroy dimensions. That being said Giratina had also decided to relinquish her title as the creator of dimensions to Lord Dimensiones, whom she was assigned to protect and watch over for a century.

That being said God Almighty had sired the last and youngest of the first tier of Primordial Gods, the Latin Primordial Goddess of fate itself, Almighty Grandmother Fate, who at first was heavily weakened from her transformation from a mere phantom into a true Deity, and thus spent an entire century recovering from her transformation into a Goddess. Almighty Grandmother Fate is the Primordial Goddess who COMPLETELY and UTTERLY controls the fate of Mortals and other Gods.

Tier 2 Primordial Gods, Issiissccelliiaa Almighty Mother, Mew, Azelf, Uxie, Mespirit, Shinigami, Hueco, Discipulis, Sin Aeternam, Vvaarrcciioonn, Niiccoorrlla, Kkarrmaa, Planetarium, Ggarroddonn, Mother Nature, Vishvakarman, Brahma, Viracocha, Starship Jettison, Gaia, Nyx, Erebus, Eros, Tartarus, Aether, The Twelve, Los Doce Celestiales, The Huntress, Abogado de Nirvana, Evolucionista, Revendeur, Aaluxxorriss, Soul King, Mimihagi , Izanami-no-Mikoto, Izanagi-no-Mikoto, Nu, Mehet-Weret, etc.

Following the creation of Almighty Grandmother Fate, God Almighty and his brother Arceus Sr. have spent the next millennium teaching their Protogenoi (Trivia: Protogenoi is also another word for Primordial) children on how to control and master their powers. Arceus Sr. then assigned his children Dialga, The Legendary Goddess of Time, Palkia, The Legendary God of Space, and Giratina, the Legendary Goddess of Antimatter/Dimensions/Death to become the Creation Trio, and his eldest son Arceus Jr. The God of Creation to be the leader and trio master of the Creation, and Giratina being the second in command of the Creation Trio behind Arceus Jr. which is fitting due to Giratina not only being the eldest of the Creation Trio (being a century older than Dialga and Palkia, both of whom are the same age, born and created at the same time, and are perfectly equal in strength), but is also the strongest member of the Creation Trio, and is above Dialga and Palkia in the Primordial Hierarchy in power and age.

The 17 Primordial Deities all knew that they had MUCH to accomplish in the next Eons, and God Almighty Father and Arceus Sr. have also decided to create more Primordial Deities in order to also govern more aspects of nature that have not yet been created. With this they had decided to create a new universe, which is known as The First Realm, which is original home universe for the Gods of the Latin Pantheon, Sinnoh Pantheon, and Kanto Pantheon, they had all taken their time to shape this new universe. At the exact same time both God Almighty and Arceus Sr. had created two new Primordial Deities, who are the Primordial Goddesses of life, Issiissccelliiaa Almighty Mother, the Christian Goddess of life, and the Primordial Goddess of Life, the Legendary Pokémon, Mew, who is of the Kanto Pantheon.

Around the same time The First Realm was formed, both Arceus Sr. and his eldest son Arceus Jr. created a personal dimension for all Legendary Pokémon to reside, The Hall of Origin.

A century later, Arceus Sr. had now sired three new Primordial Gods of the Sinnoh Pantheon, The Legendary Pokémon Uxie, the Primordial God of knowledge, The Legendary Pokémon Azelf, the Primordial God of Willpower, and The Legendary Pokémon Mespirit, the Primordial Goddess of Emotion, and had assigned them to become the Lake Trio, with Arceus Jr. as their leader, just he is also the leader of the Creation Trio. And another century later, God Almighty created two new Gods who are equal counterparts to each other, and are also equal in strength. Their names are Shinigami, the Primordial Goddess of Soul Reapers, and Hueco, the Primordial God of Hollows and Arrancars.

Over the next centuries God Almighty began creating more and more Primordial Gods. The recent Primordial Deity to be sired next was the Primordial Goddess of the Discipuli race, Discipulis, followed by the Primordial God Sin Aeternam, who would later christen himself as the embodiment of sin itself, the Primordial God of Evil.
Bleach Los Espadas, Primordial God hierarchy/tiers
This is about the Primordial Gods and Goddesses who not only created and shaped The First Realm, but reality and the universe as well. These Omnipotent/Nigh Omnipotent Deities will be making appearances within the Los Espadas storyline. The Universal/Primordial Legendary Pokemon are also going to be included withing the Primordial God Union, and will also be making appearances within the Los Espadas universe, so this will be a Bleach/Pokemon crossover.

God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit and the Greek, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese Primordial Gods, etc all belong to mythology.

OCs (including Arceus Jr.) belong to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen:

The Universal/Primordial Legendary Pokemon (Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Mew, Azelf, Uxie, Mespirit) belong to Pokemon/Nintendo/Ken Sugimori.

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Name: Zizzlorrn (Pronounced Ziz-Lorn)

Middle Name: Jaccob

Last Name: Zzirrettrraxx (Pronounced Zire-Trax).

Nicknames: Ziz, Zizzliy, Mr. Romeo, Mr. Dummy Head, Dummy Head, Norrlizzz El Ladrón de Alma Hueca A.K.A. Norrlizzz the Hollow Soul Stealer.

Race: Arrancar

Type: Adjuchas

Gender: Male

Age: 517

Age Appearance: 33

Birthday: June 7

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Relationship status: Single/Platonic Best Buddies relationship with Eileen Cheila Talamantez, but still single nonetheless.

Sexuality: Straight.

Ethnicity: Black/African American

Height: 5.8

Weight: 140ibs

Blood Type: O-

Eye Color: Dark Red (His eyes are covered by his mask)

Skin Color: Black/Dark Skinned.

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Mid-neck-lengthed, curly medium men style.

Location and Description of Hollow Hole: Zizzlorrn's small Hollow Hole is located on the center of his left hand.

Hollow Mask remnants: Zizzlorrn's mask fragment is a bandit eye mask that covers all four of his eyes. In accordance to this, the mask fragment also has four, dark gray-colored, oval-shaped, eye-like marks on it. Zizzlorrn can easily disperse his mask fragment in the same manner as a Visored dispersing his/her Hollow Mask.

Estigma: Zizzlorrn's Estigma is in the shape of a black, lightning bolt going down the right side of his face.

Physical Appearance: Zizzlorrn is a dark-skinned, African-American Arrancar who has a rounded face, and who appears to be in his early to mid 30s. And he also has a large, blue, shuriken-shaped, marking located in the middle of his chest. He also has round-shaped, shark-like teeth. He also wears a dark blue ring on his left pinky. And he has a black-colored goatee. He also has dark markings under his four eyes, along with pronounced lines under his four eyes. Zizzlorrn also wears a crescent moon-shaped necklace.

Underneath his mask fragment, Zizzlorrn has four eyes, his two lower eyes lack eyebrows, but his two upper ones on the other hand, do have eyebrows, and like his hair, they are colored black. The sclera of Zizzlorrn's eyes are pitch black, whereas the irises are dark red, and his pupils are pitch black.

Zizzlorrn suffers from Asperger's syndrome, which is a lifelong condition. There are various symptoms that he suffers from, examples being Lack of managing appropriate social conduct, controlling feelings such as depression, fear, and anxiety, lack of empathy, Inability to listen to others, and Inflexible thinking, along with a formal style of speaking that has been known to be advanced for younger children. For example, Zizzlorrn uses the word "beckon" instead of "call" or the word "return" instead of "come back" or the word "summon" instead of "come here." And he tends to avoid eye contact when somebody is talking to him, often looking away from said person, and either stare on the floor, or at other things that interest him, but this doesn't mean that he's ignoring that person.

Zizzlorrn also suffers from the terrifying La Plaga Del Diablo disease, which is an illusionary, life long, blood disease that puts the opponent through different kinds of EXTREMELY painful illusionary methods. His version of the La Plaga Del Diablo disease makes him experience the EXTREMELY painful illusionary sensation of him being impaled through various weapons, multiple fists and poles through chests, impaled through the head, and being stabbed multiple, multiple, multiple times. And it makes him experience the sensation of him being slowly and painfully blown up.

Affiliation: El Última de Unión Máscara.

Occupation: Espada Inversa.

Espada Inversa group: Cuatro Espada Inversa.

Rank in Cuatro Espada Inversa: Noveno Teniente.

Comandante Capitan: Lauren Trinity Coleman

Former Affiliation: Sosuke Aizen's army.

Former Occupation: Skullak Tuma's Privaron Espada corps/Godirdrith's mentor.

Former Rank: Privaron Espada 109#.

Relatives: Ziidrron Drakken Zzirrettrraxx (Older/Eldest Brother), Zizzmerrvaa Doonnaa Zzirrettrraxx (Older/Eldest Sister), Zzentrroggionn Zzirrettrraxx (Older Brother), Zizzlleviiaann Zzirrettrraxx (Older Sister), Zzarrkkiionn Zzirrettrraxx (Older Brother), Zzarrthurraa Zzirrettrraxx (Older Sister), Zzelldonn Zzirrettrraxx (Older Brother), Zziizzrrennee Zzirrettrraxx (Older Sister), Ziiddallia Jiimmaa Zzirrettrraxx (Younger/Youngest Sister), Zentrroggio Drrakke Zzirrettrraxx (Father, Deceased), Zzyybiill Coleman Zzirrettrraxx (Mother, Unknown), Lauren Trinity Coleman (Maternal Aunt/Surrogate Mother), Robert Coleman (Maternal Uncle, Deceased), Zedderrick Veregre Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Cousin), Zoddorroo Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Cousin) Zizzravvieen Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Cousin, deceased), Ziizdrakken Veregre Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Uncle), Zizzlleviiaa Vaalgrra Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Aunt), Zzenappettuss Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Uncle), Zziizzrrennee Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Aunt), Zzenpperriionn Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Uncle), Zzizzttiiaa Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Aunt), Zzizzlorrnn Joccorbro Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Uncle/Surrogate Father) (Zizzlorrn considers him to be his REAL father despite being his Uncle, due to the fact that Zzizzlorrnn rather than his so-called "actual father" Zentrroggio), Arraaxxrroyy Ccorriiliinee Cchaarriissccollee Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Aunt/Surrogate Mother) (Zizzlorrn considers Arraaxxrroyy to be a secondary Mother figure for him despite being his Aunt, next to his actual mother Ssyybiill), Zizzorrvoonn Zzirrettrraxx (Paternal Grandfather), Ziizzmarrvvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Grandmother), Zzedderrickk Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Uncle), Ziimmarrllvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Aunt), Zentrroggion Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Uncle), Zzorrvoottrronn Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Grandfather), Zziizzmiinerrvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Grandmother), Zorrossioss Zzirrettrraxx (Brother in law), Ziimmarrvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Niece), Zzorrddrronn Zzirrettrraxx (Nephew), Zizzmerrvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Niece). (The ten children of Zentrroggio and Ssyybiill from oldest to youngest. The oldest is Ziidrron, followed by Zizzmerrvaa, followed by Zzentrroggionn, followed by Zizzlleviiaann, followed by Zzarrkkiionn, followed by Zzarrthurraa, followed by Zzelldonn, followed by Zziizzrrennee, followed by Zizzlorrn, then followed by Ziiddallia, who is the youngest child/sibling of Zentrroggio and Ssyybiill).

House/Clan/Family: Zizzlorrn is a member of House Zzirrettrraxx, which is a low-class House in Hueco Mundo which had both Arrancars and Hollows in it. Before House Zzirrettrraxx was nearly wiped out because of his father Zentrroggio's treachery and cowardice to an unknown enemy. And now, there are only 50 members of House Zzirrettrraxx left in ALL of Hueco Mundo, including Zizzlorrn.

Arrancar/EUDUM Uniform: Zizzlorrn's EUDUM uniform has an open, upturned collar with a small opening at his chest area. The coattail of his jacket is exactly like the coattail of Yylfordt Granz's jacket, except that the front of the coattail goes down to low-thigh-length. On the front of the jacket, there is a picture of a pitch black-colored, spherical Hollow with four black eyes, along with two large, black, conical horns on either side of the Hollow's head, and two more large, black, conical horns on either lower side of the Hollow's head. The Hollow also has triangular-shaped, shark-like teeth, and it has odd white markings on its face, its back, as well as the rest of its body. And the Espada Inversa badge is located and pinned on the top left, chest area of the jacket. The jacket also has long sleeves that cover 25% of his hands. The jacket is also outlined with black lines. And he wears a white, collared shirt underneath his jacket, the collared shirt is completely buttoned up all the way till the collar of the shirt, which is unbuttoned. He also wears the ordinary Arrancar hakama pants, which are also outlined with black lines. Along with the black-colored Arrancar socks, as well as the ordinary Arrancar shoes. And he wears white-colored gloves which have a black outlining, along with a blue and dark gray striped scarf around his neck.

Former Adjuchas Form: Zizzlorrn's former Adjuchas form had a pitch black spherical body streaked with dark red. And like his current Arrancar form, he also had four eyes, which is a common trait among ALL members of the near-extinct Zzirrettrraxx clan. The sclera of his eyes are pitch black, whereas the irises are dark red, and his pupils are pitch black. In this form, The inside of his mouth was pitch black, and he had three thick, black and dark red tentacles with frayed dark gray tips sprouting out of his body, two on his top, and one on his underside. Zizzlorrn was born as an Adjuchas-leveled Hollow, and when he looked to be around the age of 5, he evolved into an Arrancar when he and his family once traveled to the Cueva de Evolución (Cave of Evolution) cave, which is a cave located on the farthest continent in Hueco Mundo located on the El Eterno Crepúsculo side of Hueco Mundo when they were deemed worthy to evolve into Arrancars by  Evolucionista (Evolutionist) an ancient Arrancar Deity who has the power to transform a Hollow into an Arrancar in less than a couple of seconds (even though Gillian-class Arrancars will still have some deformed inhuman appearances, which is a side effect of evolving into an Arrancar at the Gillian-level.)  

Personality: Zizzlorrn is a man who is very dominant, confident, and assertive, and knows how to advocate and stand up for himself. He knows that being dominant is not being a loud-mouthed, obnoxious asshole. Rather, he knows that being dominant is about controlling the situation, and on getting a satisfactory result no matter how difficult the circumstances. He knows full-well on how to prevent others who try to dominate him from being able to, and how to keep his testosterone levels high and keep the winner effect on and fight rather than having his testosterone slashed and his will to win and confidence and assertiveness and risk taking broken by other people. He refuses to become a doormat, because to him, letting other people take advantage of him and becoming a doormat is like some form of damnation to him.

Zizzlorrn is also a very nice guy. He is very respectful, friendly, and loyal towards those who treat him with the same respect. He is very polite and considerate to his friends, and acquaintances that are very nice to him. He fully knows the difference between real friends and those who pretend to be his "friends" when they really aren't. When making friends, he always tries the direct approach. But should they not be interested in him in any way, shape, or form, then that's when he will just leave them alone and avoid them. However he is perfectly comfortable with only having a FEW or only ONE friend, and when he is not talking and hanging out with either his older brother Ziidrron, or his younger sister Ziiddallia or his best friends Cassandra and Eileen, then Zizzlorrn usually stays by himself and minds his own business until someone interacts with him either about work or otherwise.

He is very goal-oriented, and as such, he is completely dead serious on completing his goals and personally seeing to it that they are met, no matter how difficult they are to achieve. He never gives up on anything, even if the odds are against him, and he is NOT a coward, as he is willing to try and fail rather than not try at all. In accordance to this, Zizzlorrn is a very brave person, he is NOT afraid of anything, and is more than willing to face any and ALL fears that he has, and die a warrior's death and die with honor rather than to become a coward and die in disgrace like one. He finds cowardice to be the most stupidest emotion that anyone could ever invent, let alone experience and he absolutely detests it with an immense passion, as he is NOT above killing those who show cowardice in battle and in general, whether it ranges from allowing their allies to die while they themselves escape unharmed, to outright running away from battle should either the odds be stacked against them or just out of pure cowardice.

Zizzlorrn knows FULL WELL on how to treat women as people and meaningful pursuits rather than disposable toys, even though he currently isn't interested in being in a romantic intimate relationship with anybody. Because he ABSOLUETLY despises lust, and will do EVERYTHING in his power to expel the deadly sin away from him, which ranges from hours and hours and hours of constant meditation to constant hours of training, writing, and counseling. In accordance to this Zizzlorrn is NOT perverted AT ALL in any way, shape, or form, nor is he a crazy, lustful sexhound, because looking at porn, as well as ogling women by looking/gawking at either their breasts or their butt disgusts him, and is not something that he would EVER think about doing, because he knows full well that ogling women and looking up porn is very inappropriate, and flat-out retarded, in fact the very THOUGHT of doing such a thing DISGUSTS him. Acts like rape, serial rape, rape in any way, shape, or form, pedophilia, bestiality, and other inappropriate sexual acts, also DISGUST him GREATLY. And he is someone who prefers to think only with his brain over his manhood, and he knows FULL WELL on how to act appropriately around pretty, attractive women and women in general, and NOT give in to his manhood whenever he is around them, in battle, recon missions, training sessions, and in general, no matter HOW attractive AND pretty they are. He is someone who is NOT distracted by the sexy, nor does he let women who are his enemies try to seduce him and flirt with him, because he has developed some kind of an immunity to their seduction techniques and methods, which means that NONE of their seduction techniques will EVER work on him. He has also received constant aid in the past, (and still does) with this issue from his grandmother, Ziizzmarrvvaa whenever he visits her on the days that he has taken leave from his duties at El Ultima de Union Mascara.

Another interesting thing about Zizzlorrn is that he DOESN'T CARE AT ALL about looks from a women, ONLY the personalities of them. He does NOT care if the woman that he is in a relationship with is BUTT-UGLY, has the appearance of a slug, or is an non-humanoid Eldritch Abomination. All he cares about is the kind and angelic personality of the woman, regardless if the woman he is in a relationship with is either VERY cute or extremely ugly. He doesn't want to be in a relationship with a woman with VERY good looks (such as big boobs, a nice firm ass, and pretty face) but a rotten personality, and is either a total bitch, or a complete slut, or a total combination of both. He wants to be in a relationship with a woman who is a complete and total angel personality-wise, as the looks of the angelic woman are COMPLETELY inconsequential to him. For all that truly matters to him is the personality of the women, and nothing more.

However, Zizzlorrn is COMPLETELY fine with non-intimate, non-sexual, non-lustful platonic relationships. Hugs and kisses to the cheek are things that he is PERFECTLY okay with. So are being comforted and held in the arms of the women that are close to him, examples are his long deceased mother Sybiill from when he was a child, his aunt/surrogate mother Lauren, his long time best friends and big sister figures Cassandra and Eileen.

His long time childhood friend/best friend and big sister figure is Cassandra Ann Lafreniere. He and Cassandra mostly hang around each other, and tend to joke and play around with each other, as the two are not just best friends, but they also have a big sister/little brother-like relationship.

He also has that same relationship with his longtime second best friend/childhood friend and second big sister figure, Eileen Cheila Talamantez, whom he also has a big sister/little brother relationship with. He and Eileen also tend to hang around each other either with Cassandra or without her, and tend to joke and play around with each other, as the two also have a platonic, intimate, but non-sexual/non-lustful relationship with each other. He also tends to stroke and run his hands/fingers down her hair, along with her mask remnant, not out of any loving affection for her or out of lust, but because he enjoys doing it, which is something that she is completely fine with. In accordance to this, Zizzlorrn is perfectly okay with Eileen playing with his hair, and he also doesn't mind if she runs her fingers through his hair, or twirls several locks of his hair around her index fingers or plays with his hair. Sure he has a tendency to ignore her whenever she tries to talk to him (due to the Asperger's that sometimes kicks in), but he does end up speaking back to her as well. He also doesn't mind if she gives him a bear hug. And he is okay with dancing with her either through a regular dance or a slow dance, or through any other crazy dance. And he prefers to call Eileen by her middle name Cheila rather than by her first name, Eileen. Because Zizzlorrn likes the name Cheila better than Eileen.

Zizzlorrn, whenever he and Eileen hug, he usually has a habit of hugging her for about either 5 to 10 minutes, which is something that she does NOT mind at all, despite others possibly having a problem with it (not that Zizzlorrn cares mind you). Zizzlorrn does this is because he enjoys holding Eileen in his arms and cradling her just to make her feel comfortable, which is something that Eileen COMPLETELY enjoys and is happy that Zizzlorrn does this as another way to show that he cares about her, regardless of whether she needs it or not. And he will offer to carry her should she be in pain, if she needs that is, if not then he will accept it. He also has a habit of placing either his left or right hands on the center of Eileen’s chest, NOT because he wants to touch her breasts or feel her cleavage, rather he does this is because he wants to feel Eileen’s heartbeat, and check to see if her heartbeat is completely okay and is still beating the same it is supposed to be beating, which is something that Eileen is COMPLETELY okay with.

Zizzlorrn also thinks that Eileen looks cute and adorable whenever she licks her lips and glides her tongue around her teeth and licks and moves her tongue around the inside of her mouth. This is why he usually asks her to do it in front of him, which is something that she is more than happy to do because she enjoys doing this habit of hers’ especially in front of Zizzlorrn, because she knows that he thinks that she looks cute and adorable whenever she does it, and thus is perfectly okay with doing it in front of him, should he either ask her to do it, or should she offer to do it in front of him, which is something that he greatly doesn’t mind. She also licks her lips and glides her tongue around her teeth and licks and moves her tongue around the inside of her mouth just to flirt with Zizzlorrn as well, which is something that Zizzlorrn doesn’t mind. Neither Zizzlorrn nor Eileen care if others have a problem with Zizzlorrn asking Eileen to lick her lips and glide her tongue around her teeth and lick and move her tongue around the inside of her mouth.

He cares about Eileen the same way she cares about him. He really treasures the moments that he spends with her, and he really enjoys being around her. Zizzlorrn is glad to have someone like Eileen in his life, and believes that Eileen gives him joy and that she understands him (which she does by the way). Eileen is the ONLY woman whom Zizzlorrn wishes to spend the rest of his life with.

Whenever Eileen has chest pain, Zizzlorrn always comforts her by gently caressing and rubbing her chest, which is something that she doesn’t mind, and is perfectly okay with. In fact she actually likes it whenever Zizzlorrn places her hand on her chest and rubs it, because she sees it as a sign of comfort and fully enjoys it. In accordance to this Zizzlorrn enjoys comforting and caring for Eileen, and he always takes care of her and he comforts her in any way that he can.

When in battle, should an opponent brutally attack Zizzlorrn out of the blue and in general, and beat him, humiliate him, or harm the very handful of people that he cares about. And if he were to recover from said attack and managed to track down the adversary that had harmed his allies, he will then retaliate against the opponent and viciously beat him/her with even greater measure or kill them. Because in his words "No one fucks with me and my friends, and gets away with it!" And he will make sure that those that brutally attack him and/or hurt/kill his friends will pay in equal measure with either their dignity or with their lives. And he does NOT show mercy to any opponent, especially if the opponent is a despicable, cowardly, depraved, immoral scumbag. To opponents like that, he will NOT hesitate to KILL and END them, and he will MURDER them in painful, ridiculous and embarrassing ways, and make sure that they die in disgrace and completely humiliate them and tarnish his/her name forever by granting them a very undignified, humiliating, and disgraceful death.

Zizzlorrn also suffers from Asperger syndrome, which has various symptoms that he suffers from, examples being Lack of managing appropriate social conduct, controlling feelings such as depression, fear, and anxiety, lack of empathy, Inability to listen to others, and Inflexible thinking. And he speaks with a formal style of speaking that has been known to be advanced for younger Human, Shinigami, Hollow, and Arrancar children. For example, Zizzlorrn uses the word "beckon" instead of "call" or the word "return" instead of "come back" or the word "summon" instead of "come here". And he also has a tendency to randomly scream out loud in public whenever he tends to imagine odd things. Other people who are very close to him, such as either Ziidrron, Cassandra, Eileen, Zzaccharrionn, etc will usually try to calm him down whenever he is around them.

Zizzlorrn FIRMLY and STRICTLY believes that the Arrancar race came first in the Human-like appearance, and that Humans resemble Arrancars in appearance and are Arrancarnoid/Arrancar-like/Arrancar-shaped in appearance, and have Arrancar/Arrancarnoid bodies. And that Humans copied off of Arrancars in the Human-shaped appearance by evolving from apes. If anyone tried to convince him otherwise, he would retort that Arrancar race has existed since the dawn of the dinosaurs, and before Humans were created. Zizzlorrn shares this philosophy of his with another fellow Espada Inversa member Stephani King of the Quinto Espada Inversa group.

In accordance to this, Zizzlorrn cares a great deal about his race and acknowledges that Arrancars are people and not Satanic unholy monsters that the Soul Reapers and Quincies peg them out to be. He despises those who judge all Hollows and Arrancars to be a race of demonic complete monsters. While he knows full well that the majority of his race can and have/had shown signs of unrepentant evil, but he knows that there can be honorable Hollows and Arrancars.

And while he does not despise Humans, but at the same token he is VERY envious of them. Zizzlorrn is jealous of Humanity because he feels that Humans have it a whole lot better than Arrancars and Hollows, because in his eyes, they get to live luxurious and prosperous lives, and they are not enslaved by a Shinigami tyrant, and get slaughtered and judged by Soul Reapers and Quincies like Arrancars and Hollows do. He also knows that Humans aren't the epitome of perfection that the Soul Reapers peg them out to be. He believes and knows that Humans, when it comes down to it, can be just as cruel and wicked, or not more than Arrancars and Hollows. He has also been known to talk about Humans in a negative manner should they do or commit something that pisses him off. And while he doesn't despise Humanity like I said before, but he is NOT a big fan of them either, because he feels that they get away with a LOT of bad things that they do, bad things that are MORE than enough to either warrant execution or an eternity in prison. And that non-Human entities get to suffer because Humans have a Karma Houdini status on them and let non-Human creatures/beings suffer in their place just because Humans are a cowardly, self-righteous race who refuse to own up to their mistakes. In fact, he finds them to be troublesome, and actually has a sour view on them. Another reason on why he is annoyed with Humanity and on why he hates Soul Reapers, is because the latter allow Humans to get away with things that normally, would grant them a death sentence, whereas at the same time, they constantly punish and murder Hollows and Arrancars for their crimes without a second thought, even if said Hollows and Arrancars were completely harmless and non-hostile, and NOT allied with Aizen. He believes that Arrancars have a right to exist and live just like Humans and Soul Reapers do. However he does NOT want Humans to die, because he DOES acknowledge the fact that there can be decent Humans, such as the ones who are a part of El Ultima de Union Mascara. He also has no problems with fellow Espada Inversa member Joseph Groenendyk, who is a Human and is the only Human member of the Espada Inversa and his father Richard.

This view of Humans has put Zizzlorrn on odds with fellow Espada Inversa member Laverne Franconia Vanderwood, who is usually bothered by the way that Zizzlorrn talks about Humanity so negatively whenever he is annoyed with them. In fact, she has been known to call him out on this whenever he talks about Humans in a negative manner. Laverne does this is because she doesn't want Zizzlorrn to make Joseph Groenendyk and his father Richard Groenendyk (the sole Human members in El Ultima de Union Mascara) uncomfortable about being in El Ultima de Union Mascara, much less Hueco Mundo. Even though Zizzlorrn NEVER talks to Laverne about his sour view on Humanity and the Human race in general, as he mainly talks to either Cassandra, Eileen, Stephani, Zzaccharrionn, his siblings, or any other friends that will normally understand on how Zizzlorrn feels about Humans, or just to himself. Whenever Laverne tries to lecture Zizzlorrn about this, he usually ignores her either by pretending that she isn't there, which usually works, or by simply walking away from her and Sonidoing away from her, which usually also works. Or sometimes Zizzlorrn will simply just tell Laverne (harshly or politely) to back off, and to leave him alone and to stop nagging him before he completely walks away from her and Sonidoes away from her, even if Laverne tries to get Zizzlorrn's attention, he will STILL try this method just to get her to stop bothering him, which normally works as Laverne decides to just give up on telling Zizzlorrn off and to just let it go and move on with the rest of her day.

Zizzlorrn also has an unknown personality disorder, which causes him to get EXTREMELY violent towards those around him. It has caused him to violently attack people by viciously beating them to either an inch of their life, or outright killing them by either by strangling them to death or beating them to death in either his base form, or his released form/Resurreccion form. Which leads his fellow Espada Inversa comrades, especially those who are far more powerful than him. This personality disorder attacks Zizzlorrn when he least's excepts it to, even though it attacks him VERY VERY rarely. Zizzlorrn is WELL AWARE if this personality disorder of his and outright despises it, because he has nearly killed his friends, and innocent people because of it. Because of this disorder of his, he has also accidentally killed a very close friend, and someone who saw him as a big brother figure, which is something that he regrets and is trying to atone for to the parents and family of that child that he had murdered, even though if said family had ALREADY long-forgiven him.

Also during his time in Aizen’s army as a former member of the Nocturna Espada many decades ago, Zizzlorrn had done a lot of terrible things across the Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and Earth. As an Espada and an assassin, Zizzlorrn had murdered hundreds and hundreds of people, innocent or otherwise in cold blood, and had destroyed the lives of multiple people without remorse. An example of this is when he crossed the Moral Event Horizon by leading an army of Arrancars into the Human World (said Arrancars were his Fracciones), and had destroyed multiple towns and heavily-populated cities in the process. While he himself had personally led the army of Arrancars who were responsible for such destruction. Zizzlorrn himself had murdered thousands and thousands and thousands of innocent Humans of those countless cities that both he and his Fraccion had destroyed in the Human World just because Aizen had ordered him to bring him a hundred-thousand Human souls to him because Aizen wished to create the Sprit Key from those Human Souls in an early attempt to enter into the Spirit King’s realm.

However both Zizzlorrn and his attempt to deliver Aizen the Human souls of the thousands of people that he had murdered that Aizen had wanted to use in order to create the Sprit Key earlier was completely and utterly thwarted by the Primordial God of Space itself, The Legendary Pokémon Palkia, along with his daughter Hoopa and his son Hoopa Unbound. The three Legendaries of Space could not stand by and watch both Zizzlorrn and his men murder thousands of innocent lives just to help an even far cruller master ascend to greater power, so they had decided to stop Zizzlorrn themselves. Both Hoopa and Hoopa unbound had attacked Zizzlorrn in order to set the deceased Human souls that the former Espada had absorbed, and took the Human souls back to the realm of Zeme where they will be forever out of Zizzlorrn’s reach. Whereas Palkia himself had decided to personally deal with both Zizzlorrn and his Fracciones. Zizzlorrn’s Fracciones had all attempted to give their lives in order to protect Zizzlorrn from Palkia by challenging the God of Space to a battle, but the Spatial Legendary had easily killed them all by throwing a mere, well-placed Spatial Rend at all of them. Palkia then challenged Zizzlorrn to a life or death battle, Zizzlorrn, in an attempt to avenge his Fracciones demises, accepted the Legendary Pokémon’s challenge despite knowing full well that he (Zizzlorrn) was completely and utterly outclassed against the Primordial Dragon God of Space. After a deadly, brutal, long, and tiring battle, Zizzlorrn fought hard and long against Palkia and had gave it his ALL against Palkia but in the end was brutally defeated by Legendary of Space, who knew that he could’ve easily have killed Zizzlorrn from the beginning, but only toyed with him because he wanted to make Zizzlorrn experience the exact same feeling of helplessness and powerlessness, which was the same feeling that Zizzlorrn and his Fracciones had once made innocent people had felt. But before the Space Dragon could deliver the death blow to Zizzlorrn, via wiping him (Zizzlorrn) into oblivion with a Spatial Rend, he (Palkia) was stopped from doing so by both his elder brother Arceus Jr. who was under orders from his and Palkia’s father Arceus Sr. to bring Palkia back to Zeme, along with the fact that Arceus Jr.’s attempts to convince Palkia that he saw the future in which Zizzlorrn will atone for his actions under Salvatore’s leadership and El Ultima de Union Mascara, and thus was also another reason on why Arceus Jr. wanted Zizzlorrn to be spared and live another day. Palkia did not buy it at all and questioned on why his brother Arceus Jr. wanted an unrepentant mass-murder like Zizzlorrn to live when he should instead pay for his crimes with his life. The two Primordial Legendaries got into a brief argument about Zizzlorrn and his crimes for a minute, before Palkia reluctantly agreed to stand down and spare Zizzlorrn rather than killing him like he (Palkia) had intended to make the Arrancar pay for his crimes. Before returning to Zeme, Palkia tells Zizzlorrn that the only reason he decided to spare Zizzlorrn’s life and that Zizzlorrn is alive is because he (Palkia) allowed it and decided that killing the Espada wasn’t worth his time anymore (even though the truth is that Palkia was stopped from killing Zizzlorrn by Arceus Jr. who convinced the Legendary of Space to spare Zizzlorrn’s life, because in the future Zizzlorrn will atone for his actions and become a better person in the process). He (Palkia) then tells/warns Zizzlorrn never to return to Earth, and that if he (Zizzlorrn) ever shows his face back to Earth; he (Palkia) will kill him (Zizzlorrn) before disappearing back to Zeme. Arceus Jr. Then completely heals Zizzlorrn of his injuries before advising him to seek redemption much more sooner before disappearing back to Zeme along with his Spatial brother.

After both Arceus Jr. and Natalie showed and convinced Zizzlorrn of Aizen’s true intentions and on how what will happen if Aizen wins. Zizzlorrn, through this new revelation, after realizing on how evil Aizen is, and that he and the other Espadas were only pawns, and as a result defected from him thanks to Natalie’s help (through the rebellion that she had done). Following Zizzlorrn’s defection from Aizen’s army and becoming a part of El Ultima de Union Mascara, Zizzlorrn resolves to become The Atoner and Atone for the terrible things he did as a part of Aizen’s army. While he knows full well that what he had done on Earth will forever stay as a black mark on his history and a mortal sin that cannot be forgiven. But he realizes it, feels completely horrible about it, and he has worked his ass off to atone for that crossing during his time as part of El Ultima de Union Mascara. And he is working to be a better person (even though he already is a better person). He knows that there will be people out there who will want to kill him in order to avenge the thousands of people that he had murdered in cold blood and is willing to accept his fate at their hands if the day ever comes. But still he is still working extremely hard to atone for his crimes that he had done during his time in Aizen’s army.

Zizzlorrn is extremely merciless and brutal against people who are complete assholes, rapists, murders, pedophiles, cowards, abusive husbands/wives, depraved criminals, heartless poachers and murders, and Complete Monsters in general. And he will NOT hesitate to kill and butcher them should they either harm the people he cares about or do other depraved shit that GREATLY disgusts him. In fact, he actually enjoys killing asshole victims. He also occasionally goes to the Human World, and absorbs the Souls of wicked Humans, criminals, rapists, drug dealers, and terrorists, and converts them into a Soul orb with his Esfera del Alma (Soul Sphere) ability. He never consumes the Soul Spheres himself, instead he prefers to give them to Eileen for her to consume.

Zizzlorrn enjoys fighting and is a very battle-eager man, which is why Salvatore or Lauren often send him on the missions that mainly involve hand-to-hand combat. He doesn't give a DAMN on how injured he is. You can stab him in the chest MULTIPLE times, cut his arm off, subject him to the worst body pain possible, etc; but he will still continue to fight as if he wasn't even wounded, nor bothered and pained by the injuries he has. He reason he enjoys fighting is because he enjoys beating the crap out of assholes and wicked people, and butchering unrepentant complete monsters. This battle-eager attitude of Zizzlorrn has also worried Eileen, because she fears that Zizzlorrn may over-exert himself on a mission and push himself too far. She has also worried about him going on a dangerous mission and never coming back, because losing him is one of the many things that she does NOT want to happen. Eileen has often warned Zizzlorrn to be extremely careful in battle many times, which is warning that Zizzlorrn takes to heart and often listens to, because he absolutely hates worrying her.

Zizzlorrn also has a reputation on Earth as the soul stealer of criminals in prisons, as one or twice ever week, he often travels to the Human world and goes from prison to prison in order to rip out the souls of criminals from their bodies with his Esfera del Alma (Soul Sphere) technique and convert said souls into a solid soul sphere. The only criminals that Zizzlorrn will leave alive are the souls of criminals who are truly and genially repentant, but for criminals who are truly evil, pure complete monster evil, he will mercilessly kill by ripping out their souls without hesitation and convert them into soul spheres. Zizzlorrn does NOT consume the soul spheres himself, instead he gives them to Eileen for her to consume as gifts, since she is the only one out of his friends who accepts these gifts from him. Zizzlorrn has a reputation in the Human World as the soul stealer of criminals; he is known as Norrlizzz El Ladrón de Alma Hueca A.K.A. Norrlizzz the Hollow Soul Stealer. Zizzlorrn has been doing this act for decades.

Likes: Coming Soon

Dislikes/Hates: Licking and drinking blood, and the taste of blood (he honestly thinks that licking and drinking blood is disgusting and wrong, but he doesn't care if his friends or vampires do it, because with the latter it is in their nature, and he understands that, and he hates the metallic taste of blood, and does not understand why some sadistic, non-vampiric, bloodthirsty people enjoy the taste of metal, but he doesn't say anything about it because he knows full well that he can't change them, (that and the fact that he doesn't want to waste his time doing so) Even if his Autism was in control, he would NEVER even THINK about consuming blood or licking it, because in if his Autism was out of control, he would still think that that is disgusting and wrong. Licking his lips and running his tongue around teeth, because it is not and NEVER will be his thing, period, but he doesn't mind nor care if other people do it, just as long as women or gay and bisexual men don't try to do it just to seduce him (but he likes it whenever Eileen does this to him just to flirt with him, because he thinks that she looks cute and adorable whenever she licks her lips, and her teeth, and licks/moves her tongue around her mouth). People who think they can act rudely towards him, disrespect him, control, boss, and tell him what to do and get away with it, which is something that he will NEVER allow to happen. Shinigami and High-Spec Humans mindlessly discriminating against all Hollows/Arrancars and judging them all to be evil, because he knows full well that not all Hollows and Arrancars are evil, and it pisses him off that the Shinigami and High-Spec Humans that know about the Arrancars judge them all to be evil, Satanic creatures. Arrogant, loudmouthed, complete assholes, and bossy, bitchy, and selfish, self-absorbed women, spoiled brats, and obnoxious children, and people who are judgmental/very judgmental of him, Cowardice in any way, shape, or form, especially dirty cowards.

Habit: Zizzlorrn has a habit of rocking back and forth whenever he's sitting in a chair. He also tends to spin around a LOT in empty hallways when nobody is around. He does not get dizzy from it, but it does annoy him when he either bumps into someone or something. When asked why he commits this habit constantly, Zizzlorrn usually responds that he does it either out of complete boredom, or just for the hell of it.

Trivia: Zizzlorrn enjoys dressing somewhat fancy, but in his own way, and he mostly wears long-sleeved shirts, mostly ones of the dress shirt variety. The same thing goes with black dress pants and black/dark navy blue khaki pants. He does not wear anything short-sleeved, the only times he will is when he is wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath, and when he chooses to wear one should it be too hot outside. And he also does not wear shorts. The reason on why he hates wearing shorts is because he absolutely HATES to expose his legs. The closest thing to shorts he'll wear are swimming trunks, but even so, those swimming trunks will be about low ankle-length. No matter on how much his friends convince him to wear shorts, it will ALWAYS be unsuccessful. And he finds crossing his legs when sitting on a chair to be VERY uncomfortable and inappropriate, as he only prefers to sit with both his feet firmly planted on the floor whenever sitting in a chair.

Seiyu (Japanese Voice Actor): Hochu Otsuka

English Voice Actor: James Woods
Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx Pt. 1 Profile.
Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx is an Arrancar in Salvatore's army, and El Ultima de Union Mascara, and a member of the Espada Inversa, the Cuatro Espada Inversa group no less.

Trivia: I got Zizzlorrn's name from the Irken Frylord Sizz-Lorr from Invader Zim.

Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx belongs to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen:


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Write the same warning in your journal to protect not only yourself but everyone! Here's another warning: If I'm being a jerk, saying stuff like "Shut up," "Get lost", or "I don't want to see you on my page anymore", that's not really me. That's the hacker.

Write all of this down in your journal too!!

Please do this, it's for the safety of everyone!

Forward this message before someone gets hurt!!

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