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El Dios Espadas (The God Swords): Are a group of 30 powerful Deities who are a part of the El Ultima de Union Mascara organization, formed and created by Salvatore himself, and are assigned as both the bodyguards for the Los Emperadors, who are the leaders of El Ultima de Union Mascara, and as the guardians and protectors of Las Dias. After Hannelorre joined El Ultima de Union Mascara, Salvatore had spent several years planning on which group in El Ultima de Union Mascara Hannelorre should be assigned to. But as the years have passed, more Deities have also decided to join El Ultima de Union Mascara, either to give them their aid, like Hannelorre, or because they wanted to see on how is it like to live amongst Arrancars and Hollows, or if they were assigned to join them by one of the leader Gods, some of whom wished for The Custodes Divinum Terrae and the Latin Pantheon to be aligned with El Ultima de Union Mascara (but not join them), and have the Arrancar/Hollow organization as their allies, and be allies to them in return. Only Murrphhyy and Hannelorre willingly choose to join El Ultima de Union Mascara of their own accord, whereas the rest of the other members were assigned to join El Ultima de Union Mascara by one of the leaders of the Latin Pantheon, Aliissabellaa, who was so inspired by both Hannelorre and Murrphhyy's willingness to aid El Ultima de Union Mascara by joining them despite knowing full well that El Ultima de Union Mascara's struggles are not their problem, and wanted more of the Gods of the Custodes Divinum Terrae organization to follow in Murrphhyy and Hannelorre's examples, and had 28 more Deities resign from the Custodes Divinum Terrae organization and had them go to Hueco Mundo and join El Ultima de Union Mascara, because Aliissabellaa believes that El Ultima de Union Mascara could REALLY use the aid of the Latin Pantheon in their quest to make Hueco Mundo into a better place.

The El Dios Espadas are far more vastly powerful than both the Espada Inversa and the Comandante put together. But are known to rival the Los Emperadors in strength, however some members are even FAR more POWERFUL than Salvatore himself. And thus they have authority over the Espada Inversa just like both the Comandante and the Los Emperadors do, and are able to command them just as much as the Los Emperadors and the Comandante can, but only with the Comandante's permission as the Espada Inversa are the Comandante's lieutenants. And they have just as much as authority over Las Dias just like the Comandante do, more authority than the Espada Inversa, but less authority then the Los Emperadors.

Members: These are the list of the members from the El Dios Espadas Group. These 30 Deities are far more powerful then both the Espada Inversa and the Comandante put together, but are known to be equal to the Los Emperadors in strength. They also serve as both bodyguards for the Los Emperadors, and the guardians for Las Dias. Murrphhyy Zzennbrrecchherr, both the leader and the most powerful member of the El Dios Espadas, is also known as the bodyguard of Salvatore.

Cero Dios Espada: Mmurrphhyy Zzennbrrecchherr: Mmurrphhyy is the most powerful and oldest member of the El Dios Espadas, and their leader. He is also the bodyguard of Salvatore Joschirin Xxaivier, who is both the leader and the fourth most powerful member of El Ultima de Union Mascara, which is shared by Benny Sstarrkk. Mmurrphhyy is also the strongest member of El Ultima de Union Mascara, as his strength and Reiatsu greatly and vastly surpass Salvatore himself.

Primera Dios Espada: Haanzzo Uuzzorrmaakiinn: Haanzzo is the second strongest member of both El Ultima de Union Mascara and the El Dios Espadas, second only to Mmurrphhyy, and is the second in command of the El Dios Espadas. He is one of the only three members of the El Dios Espadas who is far more vastly powerful than Salvatore himself, the other two are Mmurrphhyy and Aarraaxxorrllaa. He is also the bodyguard of Kennith Di Montecintos, a Los Emperadors member who is the creator and founder of the Espada Inversa.

Segunda Dios Espada: Aarraaxxorrllaa Cchaanncceellorr: Aarraaxxorrllaa is the third strongest member of both El Ultima de Union Mascara and the El Dios Espadas, and is third in strength, only to be surpassed and eclipsed by Haanzzo and Mmurrphhyy. She is one of the only three members of the El Dios Espadas who are vastly far more powerful than Salvatore himself, the other two are Haanzzo and Mmurrphhyy. She is in charge of guarding and protecting Las Dias, she is also the bodyguard of Delphine Elizabeth Carrolltton.

Tercera Dios Espada: Benny Sstarrkk: Benny is the fourth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas, only surpassed by Aarraaxxorrllaa, Haanzzo, and Mmurrphhyy. He is known to be completely equal in strength to Salvatore himself. He is also the bodyguard of Jonathan Di Osullivan.

Cuatro Dios Espada: Ppaauull Kirrklannd Cchrriisttonn: Ppaauull is the fifth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas, only under Benny, Aarraaxxorrllaa, Haanzzo, and Mmurrphhyy. He is the bodyguard of the Los Emperadors member Richard Groenendyk.

Quinto Dios Espada: Hennrietta Scarrbrouggh: Hennrietta is the sixth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas, only to be surpassed by Ppaauull, Benny, Aarraaxxorrllaa, Haanzzo, and Mmurrphhyy. She is one of the members of the El Dios Espadas who is in charge of managing and protecting Las Dias.

Sexta Dios Espada: Aavvrriill Piietrrowwskki: Aavvrriill is the seventh strongest member of the El Dios Espadas. She is the bodyguard of the Los Emperadors member Elizabeth Leiendecker.

Septimo Dios Espada: Hannelorre Fiittzsimmons: Hannelorre is the eighth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas. She is one of the members of the El Dios Espadas who is in charge of managing Las Dias.

Octavo Dios Espada: Mmonniccaa Funnderrburrkkee: Mmonniccaa is the ninth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas. She is one of the members of the El Dios Espadas who is in charge of managing and protecting Las Dias.

Noveno Dios Espada: Nnoiivverrnn Shiirronnsspherre : Nnoiivverrnn is the tenth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas.

Decimo Dios Espada: Brranndonn Ssttriicttllanndd: Brranndonn is the eleventh strongest member of the El Dios Espadas.

Undécimo Dios Espada: Jjaackk Cconnverrssee: Jjaackk is the twelfth most powerful member of the El Dios Espadas. He is the bodyguard of the Los Emperadors member Clint Eastwood.

Doce Dios Espadas: GGiisellee Ddoorrmacarrdrraa: GGiisellee is the thirteenth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas.

Catorce Dios Espadas: Zzaccharrionn MmcCorrmacckk: Zzaccharrionn is the fourteenth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas. She is one of the members of the El Dios Espadas who is in charge of managing and protecting Las Dias.

Quince Dios Espadas: Salem Mmonntenneggroo: Salem is the fifteenth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas.

Dieciséis Dios Espadas: Biiannccaa Ccrrunkklettonn: Biiannccaa is the sixteenth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas.

Diecisiete Dios Espadas: Ccourttneyy Mmarrccaffrreyy: Ccourttneyy is the seventeenth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas. She is one of the members of the El Dios Espadas who is in charge of managing and protecting Las Dias.

Dieciocho Dios Espadas: Jjilliaantthhaa Cchaarriissccollee: Jjilliaantthhaa is the eighteenth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas.

Diecinueve Dios Espadas: Roddggerr Paangillinann: Roddggerr is the nineteenth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas.

Veinte Dios Espadas: Hhaazzeell Lily Sstannkkovvicchh: Hhaazzeell is the twentieth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas.

Veintiuno Dios Espadas: Arrchiie Ccallorrvviiddonn: Arrchiie is the twenty-first strongest member of the El Dios Espadas. He is also the bodyguard of the Los Emperadors member Eldridge Di. Giordano.

Veintidós Dios Espadas: Jjammess Aarrliingttonn: Jjammess is the twenty-second strongest member of the El Dios Espadas.

Veintitrés Dios Espadas: Sseyymourr Harrkrridderr: Sseyymourr is the twenty-third strongest member of the El Dios Espadas. He is the bodyguard of the Los Emperadors member Richard Groenendyk, alongside Ppaauull.

Veinticuatro Dios Espadas: Addriienne Ccossgrrovvee: Addriienne is the twenty-fourth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas. She is one of the members of the El Dios Espadas who is in charge of managing and protecting Las Dias.

Veinticinco Dios Espadas: Lliilliiatthhiiaa Eecchheevvaarriiaa: Lliilliiatthhiiaa is the twenty-fifth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas. She is one of the members of the El Dios Espadas who is in charge of managing and protecting Las Dias.

Veintiséis Dios Espadas: Llanncee Vvarrodarress: Llanncee is the twenty-sixth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas.

Veintisiete Dios Espadas: Tony Ssebbasstiiann: Tony is the twenty-seventh strongest member of the El Dios Espadas.

Veintiocho Dios Espadas: Aannaa Ddrrewzzilliennn: Aannaa is the twenty-eighth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas.

Veintinueve Dios Espadas: Sshakkirraa MmcCrreaadyy: Sshakkirraa is the twenty-ninth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas, and is the second-weakest member of the El Dios Espadas.

Treinta Dios Espadas: Mmaarllkoottaa Cchrristtennsonn: Mmaarllkoottaa is the thirtieth strongest member of the El Dios Espadas, and is thus the weakest member of the El Dios Espadas.
El Dios Espadas
The El Dios Espadas are a group of 30 powerful Deities who are part of the El Ultima de Union Mascara organization under the command of the Los Emperadors and are their bodyguards, and being far more powerful than the Comandante and the Espada Inversa.

The El Dios Espadas belong to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen:

Tenebrarum Deos (The Dark Gods) Are a group of 20 evil Deities from the Latin Pantheon, led by the wicked God of Fate and Manipuation, Pandemonium. These wicked Gods are known and feared throughout the country of Latina by mortals, for they represented the evil and sin in Humanity and Divinity alike, and had a reputation of spreading vice, corruption, and malevolence amongst man and Deity. They were formed and brought together by the wicked Primordial God Sin Aeternam (Eternal Sin). 700 decillion years ago, the Tenebrarum Deos, alongside their lord, master, and father Sin Aeternam almost brought complete ruin and utter destruction to their home dimension, which is nicknamed The Dimension of the Gods, Earth, Hueco Mundo, Soul Society, and Altare Yggdrasil, before they were stopped and sealed away by God Almighty Father himself, and the rest of The Primordial Union into the darkest parts of the dimension of eternal nothingness alongside their lord, Sin Aeternam, which is the Deity version of Hell where all other wicked and evil Deities reside.

It is said in Latino and Discipuli mythology that when the Tenebrarum Deos are freed from the dimension of eternal nothingness, they will continue to wreak absolute havoc across the Earth, Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, Altare Yggdrasil, and The Dimension of the Gods. The Tenebrarum Deos are the most feared and reviled Deities amongst the Mortals of Latina and Altare Yggdrasil, and their fellow Gods from the Latin Pantheon.


First member and leader: Pandemonium, The Dark God of Fate and Manipuation.

Second member and second-in-command: Mausoleum, The Dark God of the Apocalypse.

Third member: Relinquished, the Dark God of Sacrifice.  

Fourth Member: Nillhillism, the Dark Goddess of Nihilism.

Fifth member: Abduxuel Serrkkett

Sixth member: Jezzebell Jestilibeth

Seventh member: Karrkliia Zennbrrecchherr, The Dark Goddess of Pain and Diseases.

Eighth member: Obbyzzoutth Millenniiumm, The Dark God of Time.

Ninth member: Jiiggenn Barrkuddann Carrcaruss

Tenth member: Lillithiianiia, The Dark Goddess of Lust.

Eleventh member: Orviathan, The Dark God of Envy.

Twelfth member: Kyyoukkarr

Thirteenth member: Demogorrgarron

Fourteenth member: Jaahiila

Fifteenth member: Barrlbayyliia

Sixteenth member: Jiigarrkhhvarr

Seventeenth member: Genngrris Karrnagge: The Dark God of carnage.

Eighteenth member: Oblivion: The Dark Goddess of Oblivion.

Nineteenth member: Bbaarree Ssiinniisstterr

Twentieth member: Ddiivvaa


Eris, Goddess of Chaos and Discord.

Kakia, Goddess of sin and vice.


Cronus, Titan/God of Time, and former ruler of the Greek Pantheon before his imprisonment and condemnation within Tartarus. Great-Grandson of God Almighty Father himself, Grandson of the Primordial Gods Eon/Chronos and Chaos. Youngest son/child of the Primordial Gods Gaia and Uranus, Wife and Brother of Rhea, and the Father of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia, and the Grandfather of several of the children of the Six Elder Olympian Gods, examples such as Hercules, Athena, Ares, Persephone, Artemis, etc.
Tenebrarum Deos
The Tenebrarum Deos (The Dark Gods) are a group of 20 wicked Deities who once wreaked havoc across the universe of the Gods, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo before they were stopped and sealed away by the Primordial Gods, alongside their Father and Master, Sin Aeternam (Eternal Sin), who is the wicked Primordial God of sin itself.

Tenebrarum Deos belong to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen:
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Elsewhere in the Las Noches desert, Rajik was still continuing his titanic battle against both Salvatore and Jonathan. Jonathan then kicked Rajik in the stomach, which caused the Espada to wretch in pain. Jonathan had then attempted to decapitate Rajik, but the Satan Espada quickly blocked it with his two left upper wings. Rajik had attempted to punch Jonathan's head off with a full-powered Bala-infused fist, but Salvatore had quickly impaled the Espada from behind with his sword. Rajik coughed up a considerable about of blood, before he turned his head around a complete 180 degrees in order to completely face Salvatore, snarling at him in rage. The leader of El Ultima de Union Mascara glared at Rajik before he attempted to punch the Espada in the face with a Bala-infused fist, but Salvatore then noticed that all seven of Rajik's eyes had begun to glow dark red as the former's Bala-infused fist had begun to disperse quickly. Seeing as Rajik was going to fire seven Ceros at him, Salvatore quickly retracted his sword from Rajik's abdomen as he quickly Sonidoed out of the way as Rajik fired his seven deadly Ceros from his eyes in an attempt to blow Salvatore's head off.

Just as the Cero eye blasts from Rajik dispersed, Rajik suddenly felt himself being impaled yet again through the stomach, this time, not by Salvatore's blade... but by Jonathan's swords. Rajik looked down at his back to see that the blades of Jonathan's Zanpakutos were still protruding from his back. Rajik turned his head back to normal, but at the same time, Jonathan quickly retracted his swords from Rajik's body, and quickly allowed for Sonido to take him. Rajik, upon seeing that his enemies were toying with him, was quickly enraged before he shouted out in pure rage.

"You filthy cowards!! I will NOT allow either one of you insects to make a fool out of me!!!" Rajik shouted out as he looked around his vicinity for the leaders of El Ultima de Union Mascara. "Now show yourselves before I burn this whole fucking place down to the ground!!"

"As you wish Rajik." A familiar, deep, authoritive voice rang out as Rajik turned around just in time to see a large powerful silver and white Cero struck him from behind, thus enveloping him in a chaotic explosion. Rajik then fell to the fiery ground with a trail of smoke behind him. He crashed into a large fire pillar on the sandy ground as the sound of glass breaking was heard. Salvatore was then released from the clutches of Sonido as he was preparing to fire a powerful Gran Rey Cero from his bloody left hand. Jonathan was also released from Sonido as he too also prepared to fire a massive Gran Rey Cero at the grounded Cero Espada.

"Have two mega Gran Rey Cero's for breakfast Fisher!" Jonathan yelled out as both he and Salvatore fired their Gran Rey Ceros at Rajik. As the twin powerful Ceros collided with the fallen Espada. A massive, fiery explosion was then seen as both sparks and fireballs flew everywhere into both the ground and the air as massive smoke was then seen, covering the vicinity along with the fire that was widespread all over the vicinity.

"Hmph, knowing how stubbornly powerful Rajik is, he won't die from those attacks so easily." Jonathan remarked, watching the fiery pillar that Rajik was currently enveloped in.

"I know." Salvatore responded, watching the fire pillar intensively as he continued to speak to his ally. "Due to his strongest Espada in the Las Noches empire status, he will not die that easily."

"Not to mention that both you and that imbecile Jonathan are both outclassed, SALVATORE!!!" A familiar angry demonic voice rang out as both Arrancars turned around to find an angry Rajik Fisher razing his scythe high up into the air in an attempt to cut Jonathan in two. Jonathan quickly reacted to this, and turned around and blocked Rajik's attempted strike on his life by blocking his massive scythe with his twin swords. Rajik then attempted to stab Jonathan in the face with his tail, but Jonathan used his left sword to deflect it in time. Jonathan then kicked Rajik in his stomach wound, which made the Espada shout out loud in pain as he coughed up blood. Jonathan then kicked Rajik in the stomach again as the Espada was sent back a block or two.

Rajik quickly recovered from this, and quickly fired a shockwave from his scythe towards Jonathan, Jonathan seeing this, quickly raised his swords in order to block the massive shockwave that Rajik had sent towards him. As the shockwave quickly died down, Jonathan lowered both his hands down along with his swords, but his guard was still up, preparing himself for the Cero Espada's assault against both him and Jonathan.

"Jonathan, keep your guard up!!" Salvatore cried out to his fellow Los Emperadors comrade as Rajik appeared before him just now, his scythe raised high up in the air in an attempt to cleave Jonathan in two.

"Oh goddamn it!!" Jonathan cried out as Rajik lowered down the blade of his scythe in an attempt to cut the Los Emperadors member in half. But before Rajik's attack could hit, Jonathan had quickly raised the blades of his swords in order to block Rajik's deadly attack against him. Violent sparks flew across the vicinity as a result of the blades of Rajik and Jonathan's weapons clashing against each other. Jonathan quickly Sonidoed away from the Espada and appeared out from the Sonido, now standing right by Salvatore's side.

"Are you alright Jonathan?" Salvatore asked his ally as Jonathan had now turned to face him, nodding his head to tell him yes.

I'm fine Sal, this isn't the first time an opponent was tried to- WATCH OUT!!!" Jonathan yelled out in alarm as Rajik had instantly appeared in front of both Los Emperadors members without any warning whatsoever. Rajik swung his scythe towards Salvatore in an attempt to cut the leader of El Ultima de Union Mascara in two. However Salvatore's reflexes were too fast for the Espada as he easily blocked Rajik's attempted attack on his life. Jonathan had attempted to behead the Cero Espada in retribution for the latter's attempted attack on his comrades life, but Rajik had raised his bladed tail in defense order to block Jonathan's attack against him. This however led to an almighty violent clash of blade to blade, bladed tail to blade between the three powerful Arrancars.

"Should you arrogant clowns REALLY be conversing in the middle of a battle with each other while keeping your guard off of your enemy?!" Rajik asked as he continued to clash with the Arrancar duo who were his opponents. "You El Ultima de Union Mascara fools have a habit of ignoring your opponent all just for the sole purpose of engaging in pointless idle chitchat with each other, ignoring powerful opponents who will use that opportunity that you use to pointlessly converse with each other to get a successful drop on you and KILL you!!"

"Jonathan and I are not the type of people who converse in the middle of battle, because such an action is absolutely foolish." Salvatore retorted as he continued to clash with the Cero Espada alongside Jonathan, who nodded in complete agreement with his leader.

"Besides even if we did engage in "pointless idle chitchat" it would only be asking each other if we were okay, or strategizing with each other, not conversing about weekend plans, hanging out with each other, or asking one another out on a date." Jonathan retorted as he continued to clash with the Satan Espada, who only scoffed at both Salvatore and Jonathan's retorts to him about conversing in pointless chitchat.

"Oh please." Rajik scoffed as he continued to speak up again. "Some of those Espada Inversa fools of yours have terrible habits of talking to each other about unimportant things in the middle of battle, and arguing with each other over the first things that cross their minds, which I might add would one day cost them their lives, and would have gotten them all killed a long time ago if it weren't for the fact that they were super powerful, which was why they have all gotten away with the repeated carelessness that they have ALL constantly shown in battle over and over and over again."

"Yeah well guess what Fisher, your subordinates are the same way too, expect a whole lot worse." Jonathan retorted, pointing out the hypocrisy in Rajik's lecture about the Espada Inversa talking pointlessly when his Fracciones are all capable of doing the same thing." Natalie wasn't wrong when she said that you were a hypocrite, you criticize other people for their faults Fisher, but you completely overlook your own faults and flaws, and the flaws of your subordinates."

"I agree Rajik." Salvatore calmly replied as he continued to clash with the satanic Cero Espada. "Before you condemn others for their own shortcomings, you need to show your own merit."

"Is that so?" Rajik hissed as he continued to clash with the Los Emperadors duo. "You think that I don't have a reason to point out the flaws in your subordinates Salvatore? I am serious you fools, those fucking insects are-"

"No Rajik you don't, especially if your Fracciones are just as imperfect as the Espada Inversa." Jonathan interrupted as he swing his sword at Rajik's windpipe, before Rajik quickly blocked the attempted sword strike with the bladed tail. "None of us want to hear on how much of a massive hypocrite you are, so if I were you I'd focus more than the battle rather than criticizing other people for their imperfections, besides, not everybody is the epitome of Godly perfection like you and your subordinates are."

Rajik snarled at Jonathan as he heard this, the insolence of the El Ultima de Union Mascara members was REALLY starting to get on his nerves. He was going to make these insolent clowns pay for daring to defy him. And he would make sure that the Espada Inversa pay for harming his Fracciones by breaking, and humiliating them, and he would make their deaths are slow and painful as possible. But for now, he needed to focus and killing both Salvatore and Jonathan.

"Very well then you fool." Rajik said in a low, chilling tone as he jumped backwards until he was a good enough distance away from both Salvatore and Jonathan, who stood next to each other, ready for Rajik's next move against them. "We have conversed way too much in this battle, it's time to take it to the next round." Rajik spoke as Reiatsu had enveloped his entire body as he was ready to fight seriously as his eyes had glowed red as he glared at his two most hated enemies. His demonic wings outstretched, with the eyes on the wings glowing the same dark red color, along with the eye on his chest glowing dark red as well. Both of Rajik's arms are spread out wide as he looked far more intimidating and frightening than ever before. Both Salvatore and Jonathan braced themselves for Rajik's next move against them. Rajik spoke up once more. "It's time I show you insolent fools, a fraction of what I am truly capable of."

Both Salvatore and Jonathan kept solemn looks on their faces as they continued to face Rajik as the Cero Espada continued his speech.

"It's time to stop holding back, behold Salvatore and Jonathan, I shall show you both... a mere fraction of my true power, and then the two of you shall bow and grovel before me before I kill you both!!!"

Both Salvatore and Jonathan immediately braced themselves as Rajik had continued to speak to them as they witnessed black and dark red Reiatsu leak out from the Cero Espada. Rajik spoke up to the Los Emperadors duo once again.

"It's time to take this battle, to round TWO!!!" And with that Rajik unleashed a massive wave of Spiritual Energy which exploded from all out his body. Both Jonathan and Salvatore braced themselves as Rajik's massive Reiatsu enveloped both them, and the entire vicinity.

Elsewhere in Hueco Mundo in an war-torn, thrashed up and destroyed arena of the Hueco Mundo desert, with many boulders blown to bits, giant, five, blood-covered craters, and a large, massive, claw-shaped mark was permanently etched onto the sandy ground. Just then Zizzlorrn came out of Sonido, panting heavily still clutching his Zanpakuto as he was still airborne. His face had three long, bloodied claw marks across his face, along with three more bloodied cuts across his chest. While his stomach was bleeding with the blood staining his entire jacket, some of it, going down and staining some of his pants. His back was also covered in blood. He also felt immense pain all across both his entire body, along with both his left arm and his right foot.

"So that's how powerful Cockfang has become with the El Ojo de whatever it's called." Zizzlorrn spoke out loud to himself as he wiped the blood from his face before wiping onto his pants.

'Umm Ziz.' Another voice rang out in Zizzlorrn's head, which fully got the male Arrancar's attention. This new voice was soft-spoken and feminine, and was apparently full of complete and utter concern. 'If I may ask, how long will this battle of yours go on? I know that you are strong enough to defeat Qufang in your base form, but I don't think that you should let this battle drag on any further bud. I think that's it's time to either go into your Resurreccion or Fuerza de Resurrección forms and finish this fight before Hisako actually succeeds in killing you, which I pray to Hueco that it doesn't happen because I don't want to lose you.'

In Zizzlorrn's mind, he replied to this new voice. 'Don't worry Cheila, I assure you that I won't die in this battle, not to the likes of Cockfang. Besides I am only feigning me fighting Cockfang on equal terms, and only pretending to have a hard time against her because I only want to study that new form that she is in and get a good feel of its abilities and full power level, then once after I am done studying her new form BAM!! I am going to go full El Salvador on her stuck-up a-' Zizzlorrn was interrupted mid-thought as he felt several large Balas fly towards him at supersonic speeds.

'Hold up Cheila Cockfang is approaching.' Zizzlorrn replied as he dodged the several Balas flying straight at him with Sonido, before they even touched him as they instead touched the ground, which caused a dark purple, comet-sized explosion to light the night sky and spread across the ground. Zizzlorrn appeared out from Sonido and looked around his vicinity in midair in the search of Hisako, his Pesquisa fully active.

"Alright Cockfang, show yourself." Zizzlorrn demanded as he got himself fully ready to take on Hisako's onslaught against him.

Just then a large, dark purple Cero attacked Zizzlorrn in the back, and sent him crashing into the sandy ground. Zizzlorrn was enveloped in the explosion that the Cero that had plowed him into the ground caused, which caused sand to fly everywhere upwards from the ground.

Just then a shadowed being flew upwards into the sky, cackling evilly. "AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! What now shithead?! Now do you see on how outclassed you truly are?!" The smoke of the explosion was all blown away from the force of Zizzlorrn's Reiatsu as the Espada Inversa member had quickly recovered from the powerful attack that had been dealt to him.

"Funny, I could say the same thing about you Cockfang." Zizzlorrn retorted as he spat out blood onto the floor as he turned to face his adversary, who had now just revealed herself to him in her new El Ojo de Arrancar form, spreading her six claws out in order to look far more imposing with the two eyes in her stomach glowing dark purple.

"Me?! Outclassed against an assclown like you?! PLEASE!!!" Hisako laughed out loud raucously as she now had a vicious, bloodthirsty grin on her face. "I'll admit at first I was weaker than you when I was in my previous forms, such as my base form. But now that I am in my most powerful form, my El Ojo de Arrancar form, I am now far more powerful than you, and those other Asspada Inversa friends of yours, and I will get my revenge by spilling your fucking guts all across the sand, and feasting on them while you are still alive, begging for me to stop as you cry out for that cocksucker leader of yours Salvatore, and that shithead brother of yours, along with that dyke Cocksuckdra and that annoying childish retarded bimbo Ei-whatever the hell her name is, to come and save your sorry ass, which then I will cave in your fucking skull, gouge all four of your fucking eyeballs out, and eat your fucking brain and drink your blood right in front of those asshole friends of yours." Hisako threatened as a sick, twisted, depraved grin was now featured on her face, with her sharp, jagged teeth showing and gleaming in the bright light, before she slowly licked her lips like a snake.

Zizzlorrn snorted at Hisako's speech as he stood defiantly in front of the bloodthirsty, sociopathic, female Arrancar without even any hint of fear on his person without saying a word, which only seemed to annoy Hisako even further. "Yes that's right Zzirrettrraxx, keep showing this dumbass bravery of yours, and keep continuing to piss me off even further, it's just going to make your death all the more humiliating and painful for you." Hisako sneered, sharpening her six claws.

Zizzlorrn grinned as he retorted to this. "Well too bad Cockfang, what you see is what you get. And besides I don't have a reason to be scared of a worthless bitch like you, even if I were weaker than you, which thankfully I'm not. Heck nobody has a reason to be scared of you, but I am not going to discuss that with you anymore, because I feel that we have talked so damn much that it was staring to become tiring. So if you want to prove your so-called superiority over me." Zizzlorrn challenged as he held his right hand out to him, and made a gesture with his right hand, which was the hand gesture of someone telling another person to come to them. "Then bring it."

Hisako had a vicious grin on her face as she charged towards Zizzlorrn at rapid speeds, taking his invitation and razing her six claws high up into the air. "Alright then Zizzlorrn, time to die!!!"


Was the sound made as Hisako's claws clashed against the blade of Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto before a loud BOOOMM!!! sound took its place as an explosion briefly enveloped the two Arrancars. Smoke was blown everywhere as the big gust of wind blew all over the vicinity. Just then in an instant, both Zizzlorrn and Hisako flew out of the explosion smoke, rapidly clashing against each other, claw met blade, blade met claw as these two powerhouses fought brutally against one another.

Zizzlorrn then attempted to cut Hisako's head off, but Hisako was quick to dodge underneath the blade of Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto before it could touch her neck. Hisako then kicked Zizzlorrn in his stomach wound, which caused the Espada Inversa member to cough up a large wad of blood. This course of action sent Zizzlorrn flying high into the air before he spun around and righted himself, thus facing the grounded himself. Hisako in return looked at the Espada Inversa as all five of her eyes began to glow dark purple (which includes the three eyes on her face).

"Quema de Demonio Cero!!!! (Burning Demon Zero)." Was all Hisako said as the five Cero's launched themselves from her five eyes straight towards Zizzlorrn. The Ceros were so fast that Zizzlorrn did not have time to dodge them. Zizzlorrn put both his hands into a crossblock as a black and dark red shield enveloped him. The Ceros had now collided with the shield as the Cero blasts detonated in a small but intense flash. Hisako looked on in satisfaction as she watched the detonation. She has hoping that her Ceros had roasted Zizzlorrn into a bloody crisp. Just the very thought of Zizzlorrn's bloody flesh against her jaws, teeth, and tongue had made the bloodthirsty Fraccion hungrily lick her lips like a serpent.

"So it looks like he's dea-" Hisako interrupted herself as she watched the smoke clear up and saw that Zizzlorrn was still alive, which didn't surprise her at all, given on how powerful he is. While Hisako had been hoping that the Cero would kill Zizzlorrn, but at the same time, she also knew that he was far too powerful to be done in by a mere attack like the one Hisako had dealt to him just now. But still, she was fully confident in herself that her new form had surpassed him in strength, and she was going to make Zizzlorrn suffer her full wrath for the constant humiliations that he had put her through throughout this entire battle.

"Hmph, so it looks like the cocky fucker is still alive, that means that the fun can still continue." Hisako mused to herself as her widespread grin was still plastered on her face. "Good, now the fun continues."

Zizzlorrn dispersed the shield from around himself as the smoke from the detonation quickly dispersed. He placed his hands down from his sides and took a deep breath in before he exhaled. Just then Hisako instantly appeared in front of him, grinning like the madwomen that she was, much to Zizzlorrn's absolute surprise.

Zizzlorrn: Oh crap.

Hisako: "Oh crap" is right shithead.

Before Hisako could use her claws to rip Zizzlorrn to bloody pieces, Zizzlorrn quickly Sonidoed/jumped backwards and out of the way. Sonido had quickly released Zizzlorrn from its grip and he quickly raised his Zanpakuto is defense. Just then Hisako appeared in front him once again and transformed her right upper arm into a dagger and plunged said dagger into Zizzlorrn's abdomen, which made the male Arrancar couch up blood, which of course splashed onto Hisako's face. The female Arrancar grinned sadistically and evilly as she licked the blood off of her face and lips like a snake, drinking all of it as she moaned passionately. Hisako retracted the dagger before she kicked Zizzlorrn in the area of his abdomen on where she stabbed him in, which made Zizzlorrn cough up more blood and sent the Espada Inversa member crashing into a large mountain a mile away, completely obliterating it in a single crash. Hisako then transformed her dagger hand back into a normal hand and upon seeing Zizzlorrn's blood on her hands, quickly licked the blood off while slurping very loudly and moaning passionately. Hisako then wiped the remaining blood onto her cheeks before she licked the blood off of her cheeks like a snake while letting out a moan as if she just ate a tasty meal.

Hisako then moaned in complete and utter satisfaction as she delighted herself in the taste of Zizzlorrn's blood, wrapping her two lower arms around herself while touching her face with her two upper ones while shivering and chuckling like the crazed maniac that she was.

Hisako moaned passionately before she spoke up once again. "Your blood Zizzlorrn, tastes NICE!!!" Hisako mused before she once again, licked her lips like a snake. "You finally stopped having shitty-tasting blood. And I have just decided the way that you are going to die. I am going to gut you, slowly and PAINFULLY, I will feast on your organs as I drink your blood, then I am going to gouge all four of your fucking eyeballs out, then mount your head on the walls of my room, at the same place where I keep the severed heads of the rest of my victims, cocky fuckers like you who thought that they could beat me. That'll show dickhorn, her lesbian posse, that faggot Sheelal, that blond-haired lesbian Tia Hallibel, and Grimmjow Jackoffjack never to fuck with me!!!!" Hisako shouted at the top of her lungs, especially at the top of her lungs. The memory of Tia Hallibel viciously beating the crap out of her just because Hisako had attacked Apache, Mila Rose, and Sun-Sun (minus Sheelal) just out of spite was still fresh on her mind. If she had her way, she would rip that blond-haired bitch into shreds for beating and humiliating her the way she did, especially with her new El Ojo de Arrancar form. But for now,  she needed to focus on killing Zizzlorrn and the Espada Inversa and returned her attention back to the mountain that she had thrown Zizzlorrn into, ready to butcher the Espada Inversa member for everything that he put her through. "Time to hunt down the prey, but first."

Hisako saw a dark green and white-colored Hollow bird and grinned wickedly viciously. She spat out her long tongue and wrapped it around the bird, suddenly startling it before Hisako retracted her tongue and ate the bird by placing the unfortunate creature into her wide-open mouth and chewing on it as blood was dripping from her mouth, she then slurped up the bird's left leg into her mouth like a noodle before swallowing the chewed up remains of the bird whole. Hisako then grinned evilly has she licked the blood off of her lips like a snake and let out a moan like she just ate a good meal.

"Ahh, that hit the spot for the appetizer." Hisako mused as she once again licked her lips like a snake before refocusing her attention back on Zizzlorrn and her current battle with him. "And now I am ready for the main course, dinner. Time for the hunt to continue."

At the area of the destroyed mountain that Zizzlorrn had crashed into, a massive boulder was lifted up as Zizzlorrn emerged from the ground, panting heavily while clutching his bleeding abdomen, and coughing up blood. His entire uniform was stained dark red with his blood, and he was in a lot of pain, but despite his painful injuries, he still looked like he could fight for a lot more. He stood up straight and quickly got over his injuries and focused on his battle with Hisako.

"Okay, so she can shapeshift any part of her body into any kind of weapon that she wants." Zizzlorrn said to himself as he activated his Pesquisa in order to search out Hisako. "And it seems to have increased her speed dramatically, despite that fact that she is already crazy fast enough as it is.

Just then Hisako appeared right above Zizzlorrn and spat multiple blades, swords, axes, daggers at the Espada Inversa member, who quickly jumped backwards to avoid being hit by the weapons that Hisako was trying to impale him with.  However some of the weapons had managed to find their way towards Zizzlorrn, but Zizzlorrn was quick on his feet and deflected the weapons back from him with his Zanpakuto. After Zizzlorrn had successfully deflected the weapons, Hisako quickly flew towards him and extended the claws from her six arms and swung them at Zizzlorrn, which quickly parried all of them with little to no difficulty. Hisako noticed this and quickly inhaled before she fired a dark purple Cero from her mouth. Zizzlorrn was quick to act and placed his Zanpakuto in front of him as a shield from the Cero that Hisako had fired at him. The Cero had pushes the El Ultima de Union Mascara member backwards across the desert. Zizzlorrn struggled against the Cero before he sliced it apart as the two parts of the Cero few in both the left and right directions. Just then Hisako appeared above Zizzlorrn and had attempted to slice the Espada Inversa member into bloody pieces with her two upper right claws. But Zizzlorrn quickly Sonidoed out of the way before the claws could even touch him. Zizzlorrn appeared high in the air, panting to himself.

"That was a close one." Zizzlorrn said to himself as he was in mid-air. "If I hadn't blocked it quickly when I did, then-"

Zizzlorrn was cut off mid-sentence as a dark purple-colored Cero struck him and completely engulfed him in a massive explosion. Hisako instantly came out of Sonido, completely satisfied with her sneak attack, along with the fact that she was getting her payback against Zizzlorrn for humiliating her the way he did, first by tricking her with that shitty clone of his and having that clone detonate in her face, and then by viciously beating the ever-loving crap out of her alongside his comrades. She was going to make Zizzlorrn pay for everything that he had put her through by subjecting him to the exact same humiliation that he had put her through before she killed him, slowly and painfully. And it was all thanks to the new form that Rajik had bestowed her with when he gave her the El Ojo de Arrancar artifact. She was going to make a mental note to thank Rajik for giving her this device once after this was all over. For making her strong enough to perfectly match against an Espada, and Espada-leveled Arrancars in general.

Just then, Hisako then sensed Zizzlorrn's presence on her left side as he attempted to attack her with a full-powered Fantasma Slasher, but Hisako quickly grabbed the blade of Zizzlorrn's Bat'leth-like Zanpakuto with her three of her left arms before he could attack her with a Fantasma Slasher, which to Zizzlorrn's surprise. Zizzlorrn looked at Hisako, not really surprised that she had managed to stop his attempted Fantasma Slasher attack against her. Zizzlorrn looked up at the left side of Hisako head as he could clearly see the bloodthirsty grin on her face. Hisako then turned her head around to face Zizzlorrn, grinning the same bloodthirsty grin that she had continued to wear on her face at the male Arrancar.

"How many times do I have to tell you that your Fucktasma Slasher won't WORK on me anymore!!!" Hisako yelled arrogantly as turned her body around completely to face Zizzlorrn, who looked at her with a grin on his face.

"Until you learn to kiss my ass Cockfang, and find a man whom you can actually pleasure aside from the green-haired, ponytailed, dickless douchebag, which I doubt will ever happen because you'll just end up cannibalizing him along with the spider with no penis. And when you learn to stop being less ugly." Zizzlorrn retorted, snickering to himself. And anger vein had appeared on Hisako's forehead as she had her trademark, pissed-off look on her face. Hisako retorted by quickly stabbing Zizzlorrn in the left side of his chest and the left side of his stomach with her two upper right clawed hands, which caused the Espada Inversa to cough up blood. Hisako quickly retracted her two right clawed hands from his body before she spoke to him.

"Oh, ha ha fucking HA!!!!" Hisako snorts in response as she spoke up again in a venomous tone to her voice. "You won't be cracking corny jokes for long once after I do this!!!" Hisako yelled as she wrapped both of her twin tails quickly both Zizzlorrn's neck and legs, with the tail wrapped around his neck so hard that she could be either strangling him to death or trying to break his neck, but thanks to the powerful Hierro that Zizzlorrn possessed, a broken neck was not possible for the Espada Inversa member, so instead it looked like Hisako was merely just trying to strangle him to death.

"Ultima Jaula de Cola!!! (Ultimate Tail Cage)." Hisako shouted out with absolute glee as powerful electricity begin to electrocute Zizzlorrn with 10000 watts of electricity. Zizzlorrn gritted his teeth as both blood and skin begin tearing off of him and spiking with body with immense and unbearable pain. Hisako begun laughing like the mad woman that she was upon seeing Zizzlorrn's blood flying out in the open.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hisako shouted out as her tongue was sticking out from her mouth, drinking the blood that splashed into her mouth and licking her lips vigorously like a serpent. After the attack was finished, Zizzlorrn was in immense pain as he began to pant heavily after the super painful electrical attack that Hisako had dealt to him just now.

'Tch, so it looks like the cocky fucker is still alive after the electrical thrashing that I gave him just now.' Hisako thought to herself as she released one tail from Zizzlorrn's feet, thus only leaving the other tail firmly wrapped around his neck. Zizzlorrn on the other hand had quickly dropped the fake tired look and noticed that Hisako's tail was around his neck. The Espada Inversa rolled his eyes as he looked up to the bloodthirsty Fraccion glaring at him with a twisted grin on her face.

"Hello cocksucker, how was the sensation of being electrocuted by my Ultima Jaula de Cola attack?" Hisako asked in a smug tone of voice, moaning passionately  while licking her lips like a serpent before she asked him a question. "So is my Jaula de Cola attack STILL cheap you filthy cocksucking shithead?!"

Zizzlorrn scoffed as he heard the question that Hisako had asked him just now before he answered with a nonchalant "I still think its pitiful as all hell, just like your face, you crazy psycho bitch." quip before a sneer came on to his face.

An anger vein appeared on Hisako's forehead as the tail wrapped around Zizzlorrn's neck even tighter. "You think you're so damn funny huh Zizzlorrn?! Well you won't be laughing and making anymore corny jokes once after I crack your fucking head open!!" Hisako shouted at the top of her lungs as her tail wrapped itself tightly around Zizzlorrn's neck in the hopes that she can easily blow up his head.

Zizzlorrn wasn't even remotely affected by Hisako's attempt at strangling him. His eyes glowed dark red as he fired four black and dark red Ceros from his four eyes at the tail that was strangling him. Hisako's eyes widened as she instantly felt the burning sensation of Zizzlorrn's Ceros burning her tail badly.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hisako shouted as she quickly retracted her tail from Zizzlorrn's neck and started clutching her badly burnt tail while screaming in absolute pain. Zizzlorrn quickly tossed his Zanpakuto high up into the air before he placed both of his hands behind his back. Hisako on the other hand was screamed in absolute pain as her left tail was still immensely burning her.

"AAAAARRRRRAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!! That four-eyed dickhead motherfucker!!!! That stupid, fucking, cocksucking, shithead!!! I swear to God I will rip his throat ope-" Hisako was cut off mid-sentence as Zizzlorrn appeared right in front of her, with his hands pulled behind his back, grinning confidently as he prepared to fire a secret attack at the enraged female Arrancar. He quickly spat in Hisako's face before his confident grin returned back to his Hisako snarled angrily at the Espada Inversa member not only for burning her tail, but for spitting in her face.

Hisako snarled in pure hatred at Zizzlorrn before she spoke up to him. "I am going to rip your-"

Zizzlorrn quickly interrupted Hisako he confidently declared his next move against her. "Hey Cockfang, you're a big eater right? Even though it is a wonder that you have never gotten fat from all of the people that you have eaten... actually I take that back you have gotten fat, you're just trying to hide it through some dumbass illusionary power that you have by disguising yourself as a "hot" chick, even though you are actually an, ugly, obese, bald-headed dyke, who is probably either a manlady, or an ugly, obese, bald-headed guy just like Shawntell said."

Hisako gritted her teeth so hard that they were starting to crack greatly under the intense pressure that she was putting them through. She was so sick of Zizzlorrn's constant insults and nonchalant jabs towards her. She was going to make him pay for mocking her and beating and humiliating her. But before she could make a comeback retort to him, Zizzlorrn quickly interrupted her once again.

"Then have a taste of my Onda Materia de Choque de Oscura shoved up your asshole you crazy bitch!!!" Zizzlorrn shouted out loud as he quickly removed his two hands from his back as a tremendous wave/force and black and dark red wind was rapidly fired from his two hands at Hisako at full force. Hisako's eyes widened as she was blasted  by a tremendous force of Reiatsu/Reiryoku, which sent the Fraccion of Rajik flying into the distance for a half a mile. Zizzlorrn smiled at his work as he lifted his left hand in the air in order to catching his falling Bat'leth-like Zanpakuto within his left hand. He then instantly disappeared with the use of Sonido.

Hisako on the other hand was completely enveloped by the black and dark red wind that was from Zizzlorrn's Materia de Choque de Oscura attack, screaming and cursing Zizzlorrn's name.

"I swear to God once after I get out of this, I am going to skin that asshole ali-"

Suddenly a full-powered Fantasma Slasher slashed through Hisako, making the female Arrancar cry out in so much pain, with black and dark red energies coursing throughout her whole body. Zizzlorrn on the other hand wasn't done however; after attacking Hisako with a powerful Fantasma Slasher attack, he turned around and cut his right palm with the blade part of his Zanpakuto. He held out his right hand, and charged up a black and dark red Gran Rey Cero within his bleeding right palm, and after 30 seconds had passed, the powerful Gran Rey Cero was fully charged up and ready to be fired.

"Suck it Cockfang!!!" Was all that Zizzlorrn said before he fired the colossal Espada Cero at Hisako, who was surrounded and completely enveloped in the black and dark red winds from Zizzlorrn's previous attack against her. Hisako was shocked as she saw a powerful black and dark red Gran Rey Cero rapidly headed towards her. The female Arrancar snarled in absolute pain as she saw the powerful Gran Rey Cero headed towards her direction as Hisako herself was just about to crash into a large, white mountain which was outlined in steel blue stripes. Hisako instantly widened her eyes in complete fear as she was about to crash into an Explosiva Montaña (Explosive Mountain). Hisako, even in her base form, can easily survive the destruction of an Explosiva Montaña, but due to the fact that she was enveloped and black and dark red winds, which Hisako knew had explosive power because she had seen Zizzlorrn utilize this attack several times in the past, whether against her or another opponent, and knew full well that his Onda Materia de Choque de Oscura can painfully detonate on an opponent once after said opponent crashes either right into the ground or detonate in mid-air. Combined with the fact that a Gran Rey Cero, which was a super powerful Cero fired by Espada-leveled Arrancars, and had chaotic destructive power, which was why Aizen had restricted its use within the halls and domes of Las Noches in the first place because of how much damage a Gran Rey Cero can cause. And the combination of the Gran Rey Cero, along with the explosive winds that Hisako was enveloped in, plus with the explosive mountain that she was going to crash into, all of which will cause a lot of catastrophic damage to Hisako once they all detonate on her mercilessly. Hisako shouted out loud at the top of her lungs as she realized this, throwing several obstinacies in the air, and cursed Zizzlorrn's name repeatedly.

"ZIZZLORRN!!!! YOU FOUR-EYED, COCKSUCKING, MOTHERFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!" Hisako shouted at the top of her lungs as the Gran Rey Cero hit her, and slammed her into the Explosiva Montaña, along with the Materia de Choque de Oscura wind attack detonating on her.

Zizzlorrn came out from the clutches of Sonido as he watched a small twinkle in the far distance, which was seen only for just a split second, before a massive, colossal, black, dark red, white, and steel blue-colored chaotic explosion of blazing black, dark red, white, and steel blue-colored flames completely took its place as the eternal night sky was lit in those four colors. The explosion itself rose over five miles in the sky and widened to be around a mile in diameter, displaced sever multicolored flames all across the sandy vicinity and turning the parts of the sandy ground that the flames had hit into glass. Zizzlorrn smiled as he watched his handiwork.

Just then the same feminine voice that Zizzlorrn had heard in his head earlier and called "Cheila" spoke up once again in his head, giggling. 'You seem to be enjoying yourself Ziz, are you happy that you are giving Cockfang her just deserts for what she did to that innocent family of the Fuerza Tercera Rebelión group?'

Zizzlorrn decided to retort back to the voice in his head, and answer the voice's question, smiling to himself as he knew full well on who was speaking to him in his mind.

'Of course Cheila, after all Cass and I planned on playing the game "Break the Purple-Haired Sociopath" from the very beginning, and we still are.' Zizzlorrn answered, nodding to himself as he answered Cheila's question.

'I see.'  The voice of Cheila replied in understanding, before the voice started to giggle. 'Ziz, you are so funny, telling Hisako to suck it, that made me and Lliilliiatthhiiaa giggle like little schoolgirls, whereas Zzaccharrionn was laughing like crazy, even though he was laughing at all of the other times you insulted Hisako.'

Zizzlorrn couldn't help but chuckle deeply at this. 'Well Cheila I am glad that you guys are enjoying yourselves.' Zizzlorrn retorted within his mind to the voice of Cheila. 'But sit back and watch, because you are going to-'

Suddenly Shawntell appeared out of nowhere from Sonido, turning herself to face Zizzlorrn with one brow raised up and with her hands on her hips.

"You know Zizzlorrn, rather than talking to Eileen mentally about unimportant topics such as you doing her hair or massaging her feet or whatever, you should be more focused on the battle with Hisako Cockfang... unless of course you want him to kill you."

Zizzlorrn scoffed as he made a retort to Shawntell's lecture. "I could same the same thing about you Shawntell. Because one, you took your sweet time getting your lazy ass over here. And two, what I talk about with Cheila is my own damn business, not yours." Shawntell frowned as she heard this.

'You tell her Ziz.' The mental voice dubbed Cheila-no Eileen spoke out in a supportive tone to Zizzlorrn, who nodded right back at the mental voice.

"Hmph, I never asked on what you were mentally talking about with Eileen, but whatever it doesn't matter." Shawntell retorted, rolling her eyes. "But what really matters is that Cockfang will be arriving soon, no doubt looking even more uglier than ever before."

'You better take of Ziz Shawntell, rather than making smart comments towards both him and Cass.' The mental voice called Eileen said in a demanding tone towards Shawntell, who had heard the mental voice, and had snorted like an annoyed rhinoceros.

'Look Eileen, I am not his babysitter, and you are not my superior, so don't think that you can tell me what to do.'

'Doesn't matter you hateful, purple-haired bitch.' Another mental voice ran out in Shawntell's head, this new voice was a male voice. 'Eileen may not be your superior, but I am, so I suggest that you do as Eileen tells you to do, and look after your comrade, and while you're at it, shut the hell up, and drop the shitty attitude, comprende?.'

Shawntell scowled as she heard this new male voice rang out in her head, clenching both of her teeth together, with her fists clenched by her sides.

'Oh, and while you're also at it Shawntell, drop the snarky, disrespectful comments, and the attitude... before Zzaccharrionn comes down there and puts his foot up your ass, and smacks his hand upside your head. And before I scald you to the point where you'll become deep-fried Shawntell on a stick, Capche?' Another female voice rang out into Shawntell's head in a irked, threatening tone of voice.

An anger vein appeared on Shawntell's forehead as her two eyebrows instantly became V-shaped ones, and an angry look was now etched onto the female Arrancar's face. 'You know what Llii-' Shawntell cut herself off mid-thought as she sensed a powerful presence about to come her way, and looked towards the area where the destruction of one of the Explosiva Montaña mountains were and sensed that Hisako was approaching. Sensing Hisako was mere child's play considering the kind of powerful Arrancar that she was, along with the fact that her Reiatsu was massive.

'Sorry to cut this mental conversation short kiddies but Cockfang is approaching.' Shawntell retorted back in her head to the mental voices within her head, grinning as she got her swords out, getting ready for her battle against Cockfang alongside Zizzlorrn. She then turned her face to face her ally, who was in a serious battle stance with his Zanpakuto drawn out. "So Zizzlorrn, are you ready to put Cockfang in his place?"

Zizzlorrn nodded his head in agreement. "I've always been ready." Zizzlorrn Sonidoed a bit closer to close to Shawntell, holding out his Zanpakuto in front of him. "Let's do this."

Suddenly a dark purple, snake-like head that resembled a hybrid between a snake and an ant with multiple eyes surrounding its entire body, shot itself towards the Espada Inversa duo, and stopped ten feet before them, before Hisako Qufang, still in her El Ojo de Arrancar form looking no worse for wear quickly emerged from the snake's mouth, looking super livid to the point where she would completely lose her sanity (not that she had any to begin with mind you). She shouted out loud as her entire body was out from the snake's mouth as she violently clashed with both Zizzlorrn and Shawntell, her claws clashing against the blades of their Zanpakuto's.

"Hello Cockfang, I see you've managed to survive the destruction of a Explosiva Montaña, a Gran Rey Cero, and my Onda Materia de Choque de Oscura shoved up your asshole." Zizzlorrn taunted as he had a mocking grin upon his face, which made Hisako snarl even more.

"Did you REALLY think that you can get rid of me that easily you fucking cocksucking shithead?!" Hisako asked, turning her head to face Zizzlorrn, wanting to gut this cocky fucker into pieces. "In case you and your asshole friends haven't already fucking noticed, I am UNKILLABLE!!!"

"Go on and keep telling yourself that Cockfang. You may be crazy powerful, but you are not a God, just an arrogant cunt with a MASSIVE ego, a cunt who just needs to be put in his place, which Zizzlorrn and I will be more than happy to do." Shawntell countered calmly, shaking her head at the pissed off Fraccion of Rajik, who turned her head to face her.
Bleach Los Espadas PE Calm Before The Storm Pt. 12
The twelfth prologue of my story, Bleach: Los Espadas. Where Rajik, Hisako, Goro, Yammy, Yukiku, and Ulquiorra are confronted by several
Arrancars from a mysterious organization known as El Ultima de Union Mascara.

All of my characters belong to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen:

Rajik, Hisako, Goro, and Yukiku belong to :iconmikerules135:

Whereas Ulquiorra, Rudobon, and Yammy belong to :icontitekuboplz:
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