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Name: Zizzlorrn

Middle Name: Jaccob

Last Name: Zzirrettrraxx

Race: Arrancar

Type: Adjuchas

Gender: Male

Age: 516

Age Appearance: 34

Birthday: June 7

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Straight.

Height: 5.8

Weight: 140ibs

Blood Type: O-

Eye Color: Dark Red (His eyes are covered by his mask)

Skin Color: Black/Dark Skinned.

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Mid-neck-lengthed, curly medium men style.

Location and Description of Hollow Hole: Zizzlorrn's Hollow Hole is located on the center of his left hand.

Hollow Mask remnants: Zizzlorrn's mask fragment is a bandit eye mask that covers all four of his eyes. In accordance to this, the mask fragment also has four, dark gray-colored, oval-shaped, eye-like marks on it.

Estigma: Zizzlorn's Estigma is in the shape of a black, lightning bolt going down the right side of his face.

Physical Appearance: Zizzlorrn is a dark-skinned, African-American Arrancar who has a rounded face, and who appears to be in his early to mid 30s. And he also has a large, blue, shuriken-shaped, marking located in the middle of his chest. He also has round-shaped, shark-like teeth. He also wears a blue ring on his left pinky. And he has a black-colored goatee. Zizzlorrn also wears a crescent moon-shaped necklace.

Underneath his mask fragment, Zizzlorrn has four eyes, his two lower eyes lack eyebrows, but his two upper ones on the other hand, do have eyebrows, and like his hair, they are colored black. The sclera of Zizzlorrn's eyes are pitch black, whereas the irises are dark red, and his pupils are pitch black.

Zizzlorrn suffers from Asperger's syndrome, which is a lifelong condition. There are various symptoms that he suffers from, examples being Lack of managing appropriate social conduct, controlling feelings such as depression, fear, and anxiety, lack of empathy, Inability to listen to others, and Inflexible thinking, along with a formal style of speaking that has been known to be advanced for younger children. For example, Zizzlorrn uses the word "beckon" instead of "call" or the word "return" instead of "come back" or the word "summon" instead of "come here." And he tends to avoid eye contact when somebody is talking to him, often looking away from said person, and either stare on the floor, or at other things that interest him, but this doesn't mean that he's ignoring that person.

Zizzlorrn also suffers from the terrifying La Plaga Del Diablo disease, which is an illusionary, life long, blood disease that puts the opponent through different kinds of EXTREMELY painful illusionary methods. His version of the La Plaga Del Diablo disease makes him experience the EXTREMELY painful illusionary sensation of him being impaled through various weapons, fist through chests, impaled through the head, and being stabbed multiple, multiple, multiple times.

Affiliation: El Última de Unión Máscara.

Occupation: Espada Inversa.

Espada Inversa group: Cuatro Espada Inversa.

Rank in Cuatro Espada Inversa: Noveno Teniente.

Comandante Capitan: Lauren Trinity Coleman

Former Affiliation: Sosuke Aizen's army.

Former Occupation: Skullak Tuma's Privaron Espada corps/Godirdrith's mentor.

Former Rank: Privaron Espada 109#.

Relatives: Ziidrron Drakken Zzirrettrraxx (Older/Eldest Brother), Zizzmerrvaa Doonnaa Zzirrettrraxx (Older/Eldest Sister), Ziiddallia Jiimmaa Zzirrettrraxx (Younger/Youngest Sister), Zentrroggio Drrakke Zzirrettrraxx (Father, Deceased), Ssyybiill Coleman Zzirrettrraxx (Mother, Deceased), Lauren Trinity Coleman (Maternal Aunt/Surrogate Mother), Robert Coleman (Maternal Uncle, Deceased), Zedderrick Veregre Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Cousin), Zoddorroo Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Cousin) Zizzravvieen Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Cousin, deceased), Ziizdrakken Veregre Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Uncle), Zizzlleviiaa Vaalgrra Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Aunt), Zzizzlorrnn Joccorbro Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Uncle/Surrogate Father) (Zizzlorrn considers him to be his REAL father despite being his Uncle, rather than his so-called "actual father" Zentrroggio), Arraaxxrroyy Ccorriiliinee Cchaarriissccollee Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Aunt/Surrogate Mother) (Zizzlorrn considers Arraaxxrroyy to be a secondary Mother figure for him despite being his Aunt, next to his actual mother Ssyybiill), Zizzorrvoonn Zzirrettrraxx (Paternal Grandfather), Ziizzmarrvvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Grandmother), Zzedderrickk Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Uncle), Ziimmarrllvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Aunt), Zentrroggion Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Uncle), Zzorrvoottrronn Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Grandfather), Zziizzmiinerrvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Grandmother), Zorrossioss Zzirrettrraxx (Brother in law), Ziimmarrvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Niece), Zzorrddrron Zzirrettrraxx (Nephew), Zizzmerrvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Niece).

House/Clan/Family: Zizzlorrn was once a member of House Zzirrettrraxx, which was a low-class House/clan in Hueco Mundo which had both Arrancars and Hollows in it. Before House Zzirrettrraxx was nearly wiped out because of his father Zentrroggio's treachery and cowardice to an unknown enemy. And now, there are only 50 members of House Zzirrettrraxx left in ALL of Hueco Mundo, including Zizzlorrn.

Arrancar/EUDUM Uniform: Zizzlorrn's EUDUM uniform has an open, upturned collar with a small opening at his chest area. The coattail of his jacket is exactly like the coattail of Yylfordt Granz's jacket, except that the front of the coattail goes down to low-thigh-length. On the front of the jacket, there is a picture of a pitch black-colored, spherical Hollow with four black eyes, along with two large, black, conical horns on either side of the Hollow's head, and two more large, black, conical horns on either lower side of the Hollow's head. The Hollow also has triangular-shaped, shark-like teeth, and it has odd white markings on its face, its back, as well as the rest of its body. And the Espada Inversa badge is located and pinned on the top left, chest area of the jacket. The jacket also has long sleeves that cover 25% of his hands. The jacket is also outlined with black lines. And he wears a white, collared shirt underneath his jacket, the collared shirt is completely buttoned up all the way till the collar of the shirt, which is unbuttoned. He also wears the ordinary Arrancar hakama pants, which are also outlined with black lines. Along with the black-colored Arrancar socks, as well as the ordinary Arrancar shoes. And he wears white-colored gloves which have a black outlining, along with a blue and dark gray striped scarf around his neck.

Element: Dark Matter.

Basic Arrancar Abilities/Attacks: Being an Arrancar, Zizzlorrn possesses the standard natural abilities and attacks of his race. But he is skilled in many of the Arrancar arts, such as Bala and Cero.

Bala Master: Zizzlorrn excels at the Arrancar attack known as Bala. His Balas are not only fast, but they have also been known to wield the deadly power of a Cero, which is quite unusual for a normal Bala. His Balas are able to either blow low-leveled opponents into pieces or blow large Holes into their bodies. Zizzlorrn's Balas can also cause fifth-degree burns to his opponents if it doesn't either blow holes into their bodies, or outright blow them into pieces.

Cero Master: Zizzlorrn is more than capable of firing one Cero from each hand/the palms of his own hands, or both Ceros at the same time from both of his hands. He can also do the same thing from his fists. Zizzlorrn can fire both Ceros from the palms of his hands or fists at point-blank range in order to increase their lethality, such as badly burning his opponents or completely vaporizing them into dust. It takes Zizzlorrn less than one second to charge a Cero, and he can perfectly fire it with perfect accuracy. And he knows on how much power to add to the Ceros that he fires, which ranges from badly burning his opponents with fifth-degree burns to outright vaporizing them into dust/nothingness.

Sonido Expert: Zizzlorrn may not be one of the more gifted Sonido users within the Espada Inversa, but he is an expert in the art of Sonido however, despite the fact that his Sonido doesn't come close to the Espada Inversa members who are the true masters of the technique. But Zizzlorrn is okay with it, as he does not use his Sonido constantly to show off, and to get a direct angle on his opponent. Instead he prefers to use it mainly for surprise attacks, such as his Fantasma Slasher ability for example. He is also a Practitioner at the enhanced Sonido technique, Gemelos Sonido.

Descorrer: Like all Espada-leveled Arrancars, Zizzlorrn is capable if utilizing the enhanced version of Garganta, Descorrer, which unlike the standard Garganta utilized by Fraccion, Numeros, and regular-leveled Arrancars, which can only allow them to move between dimensions only, the Descorrer is capable of taking the user ANYWHERE they wish, which ranges from other dimensions, other places within those dimensions, to other places in other dimensions, etcetera, etcetera.

Enhanced Hierro: A GREAT portion of Zizzlorrn's Reiatsu is mainly focused into his Hierro, which is very formidable and strong. And because of this, Zizzlorrn's Hierro is the 3rd hardest of the Espada Inversa. He is perfectly capable of taking on Capitan and Espada-class foes with his own bare hands. And he can simply deflect released Zanpakutos' from Fraccion, Numeros, Lieutenant, and officer-seated level opponents simply with his bare hands, and surviving most attacks that they throw at him due to the enhanced defense that his Hierro gives him. However those who are of Capitan and Espada-level, and are stronger than him for that matter, are capable of piercing his skin without any effort whatsoever. Even faster opponents will have a difficult time harming him due to the formidable defense that his Hierro provides for him. Capitans and Espadas who are below and around his level are also capable of cutting him given the appropriate amount of strength and effort.

Pesquisa Master: Zizzlorrn's skill with Pesquisa is very impressive, as it allows him to detect opponents incoming and oncoming attacks with little effort whatsoever. He can also detect on how powerful his opponent is by simply pointing his finger at them. Zizzlorrn's complete mastery of Pesquisa has aided and served him very well in battle, as he has been able use it in order to detect opponents attacks and movements on time and either avoid them, dodge them, or block, dispel, and parry them before they can even have the chance to strike him with their attacks.

Hakuda Master: In addition to his powerful Hierro, Zizzlorrn excels in the hand-to-hand combat area known as Hakuda. His punches and kicks are more than capable of breaking ribs and busting certain internal organs, such as the heart, lungs, and the brain. Punctures of those vital organs are more than capable of causing death to his opponents should they not be strong enough to resist his deadly punches and kicks. A simple kick to the throat is more than capable of breaking an opponent's neck. Each of his punches and kicks feel like two large sledgehammers are being slammed into an opponent's body with full force, given his tough Hierro and enhanced strength.

Enhanced Strength: Like all Arrancars, Zizzlorrn has superhuman strength. He is able to easily punch through the body of an ordinary Human, low-level Soul Reaper, or low-leveled Arrancar.

Superhuman Endurance: Like other members of his clan, Zizzlorrn's life-force is EXTREMELY POWERFUL, as he has an above pain FIFTYSHOLD and can endure EXTREMELY PAINFUL torture methods, such as being stabbed multiple times, even in the heart. If Zizzlorrn were to be mortally/fatality wounded to the point of dying, it would take 30 minutes for him to still be alive, before he succumbs to his mortal injures and dies. As for a fatal injury, Zizzlorrn would only be alive for 20 minutes before he succumbs to his fatal injuries and dies. Long story short, Zizzlorrn is fully and perfectly capable of enduring mortal and fatal injuries that would kill an ordinary human or weak, low-tier Arrancars, as well as weak, low-tier Shinigami for about 30 and 20 minutes respectively. He is also able to walk through some of the most devastating onslaughts fearlessly, making his way to his target without tiring out or slowing down due to his extensive injuries.

Immense Durability: Coming Soon

Zanjutsu Master: Coming Soon

Reiatsu Color: Black and Dark Red

Cero and Bala color: Black and Dark Red

Reiryoku Level: Immense Spiritual Energy: As an Espada-leveled Arrancar, Zizzlorrn possess a great deal of spiritual energy, which makes him to be VERY powerful, around High+ Sexta Espada tier. His Reiryoku level is absolutely monstrous, and he is capable of fighting against two Espada/Capitan-leveled opponents in his base form for LONG periods of time and perfectly holding his own against them, even when they have already gone into their Resurreccion/Bankai forms. He has perfect control over his Reiatsu, and is capable of utilizing his Reiatsu as a shield for himself from powerful attacks. He can also use his Spiritual Energy to severely burn his opponents alive, to the point of nearly incinerating them.

Special Abilities/Attacks:

Superhuman Durability: Coming Soon

Esfera del Alma (Soul Sphere): An enhanced version of the standard Arrancar technique Gonzui. Zizzlorrn holds out either one hand in front of him, and as a result the souls of the beings in a large radius around him are drawn into and converted into a solid Soul sphere. Zizzlorrn can then consume this Soul-made sphere in order to empower himself (which he NEVER does because he chooses NOT to, only preferring to get stronger through intense training, not by eating and consuming Souls and other beings for that matter). Or he can give the Soul-made sphere to his allies for them to consume in order to increase their strengths (which is something that he ALWAYS does, he mainly gives these Soul Spheres to Eileen for her to consume, which is something that she greatly accepts and does).

Gemelos Sonido: Zizzlorrn is also able to utilize the Gemelos Sonido technique in order to create up to three life-like clones of himself. He can use these clones of his own to gang up on his opponents, or use them as distractions in order for him to prepare a powerful surprise attack against his enemies. This is an ability that Skullak Tuma had taught him during his time in Aizen's army before his defection to El Ultima de Union Mascara.

Fantasma Slasher (Phantom Slasher): One of Zizzlorrn's lethal and deadly moves. Should Zizzlorrn somehow manage to catch his opponent off guard, Zizzlorrn will then take advantage of his opponents temporarily distraction and become temporarily intangible as the blade of his Zanpakuto begins to glow with his Reiatsu before he quickly and swiftly slashes through his adversary, causing him/her to explode with blood, mortally or fatally wounding them depending on the opponents strength, or stunning his opponent should they be stronger than him. Zizzlorrn can also spin his Zanpakuto around in order to accentuate the damage by 20% percent. This is Zizzlorrn's favorite technique that he mainly enjoys utilizing in his base/Fuerza de Resurreccion forms. In fact, he loves this technique so much that he even created a stronger enhanced version of it in his Resurreccion form. Zizzlorrn usually catches the opponent off guard by firing multiple Balas at him or her.

However, if the opponent is able to quickly sense the attack in time before Zizzlorrn can strike him/her, and manage to block, parry, and dodge his incoming attack, then Zizzlorrn will turn tangible once again, and Fantasma Slasher will not work. Zizzlorrn learned this ability from his older brother Ziidrron Drakken Zirrettrrax.

Caótica Bala Muerte (Chaotic Death Bullet): By punching either his left or right fists through the chest/stomach of an opponent, Zizzlorrn can discharge one or multiple Balas within the opponent's body from one of his embodied fists. After he removes either one of his embodied hands from the target's stomach, he can either throw the opponent into the air should he and his foe be grounded, or let them drop to the ground should he and his target be airborne. Finally, Zizzlorrn then clenches either his left or right hands into a fist, causing the opponent to explode from the inside in a combination of blood and a deadly explosion. The attack power depends on if Zizzlorrn wants to kill the opponent or not. If he has been ordered to neutralize the target, then all he'll make the attack do is to greatly cripple the opponent.

Viga de Mala Cero (Wicked Zero Beam): Zizzlorrn can disperse his mask fragment from his face in the same manner Visoreds disperse their Hollow Masks from their faces, thus revealing his four red eyes uncovered and exposed. Zizzlorrn's eyes will then quickly glow both dark red (irises) and black (pupils and sclera) before he fires four dark red and black Cero beams from his four eyes at his opponent, which will either burn his adversary alive in black and dark red flames, either incinerating them into nothingness or burning them with 10-dgree burns while keeping them alive. Or he can use this attack to melt his victims alive slowly and painfully by disintegrating them into nothing but a puddle of blood and melted guts.

Negro Fuego del Infierno (Black Hellfire): Zizzlorrn utilizes this attack by grabbing his enemy by the neck. He will then mentally channel his Spiritual Energy into the victim's body, which will then burn his victim alive from the inside and outside in black and dark red flames, with the outside and inside burns burning his victim SEVERELY with twenty-degree burns, which can kill any weak, low-level victim but leave the strongest opponents alive, but mortally to fatally wounded to the point of near-death. This attack can also burn Zizzlorrn's victims alive to the point of outright killing them by burning them into complete nothingness. Zizzlorrn himself is COMPLETELY immune to this ability of his, so should an opponent somehow managed to reflect this attack right back at him either through a reverse technique, illusionary technique or otherwise, it WOULD NOT work. Instead the fire from this technique would envelop him for ten seconds without harming either him or his clothing or his Zanpakuto for that matter before it disperses from him completely, leaving Zizzlorrn COMPELETLY unharmed.

Macabra del Infierno (Macabre From Hell): A deadly area-based move, in which Zizzlorrn creates a copy of his Zanpakuto out of his own Reiatsu, which he then places behind him. He then quickly Sonidoes in front of his opponent before attacking him/her rapidly and uncontrollably with his Zanpakuto in an attempt to catch his opponent off guard, he'll also fire a random Bala blasts out of nowhere in another attempt to catch his foe by surprise. If successful, the clone of his Zanpakuto will charge rapidly at the opponent in an unavoidable speed, and phase through Zizzlorrn should he be in the way the cloned Zanpakuto's projectile. It will then painfully stab the opponent in the chest or stomach and slam him/her to the ground. Zizzlorrn's Reiatsu will then overflow within the opponents body, thus pining him/her flat to the ground, and neutralizing all of their abilities, even basic movement. Zizzlorrn then impales his own Zanpakuto within the ground. Which then causes large, countless blades that resemble Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto to rise countlessly from underground and underneath the opponent, which will then indiscriminately and brutally murder the opponent by impaling, goring, and slice him/her into ribbons, and it will not stop until the opponent is absolutely dead. The blades can also be sent through the air at high speeds and rain down on the impaled foe in order to tear/rip him/her to shreds for good measure. Zizzlorrn himself is immune to this technique, as the blades can go around him and completely phase through him in order to avoid striking him.

While a very lethal and powerful ability, Macabra del Infierno does have several downsides to it. For example, Zizzlorrn needs to be firmly and stilly on the ground with both of his feet on the ground, and both of his hands on his Zanpakuto while it is impaled in the ground in order for this move to properly work. Two, Zizzlorrn needs to at FULL strength in order to utilize this attack. If he were to be at half strength, or near his deathbed, the attack wouldn't work at all, plus, even if he did manage to use it at half-strength, the bladed impaling the opponent, along with the blades rising from underground would just fade away, and do zero damage to the opponent. Plus, like I said before, the clone of Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto can only be out for a minute, and Zizzlorrn needs to catch the opponent completely off guard in order for the blade to successfully impale the opponent and for the technique to work, but should he be unsuccessful in catching the opponent off guard, before the minute is up, the cloned Zanpakuto will just fade away completely, and Zizzlorrn will have to wait either 6 hours or the next day before he can attempt to utilize this ability again. Or should he manage to catch the opponent completely off guard, but if the opponent however were to quickly regain his/her senses in time, and either block, dodge, or grab/deflect the attack and throw it somewhere else, where it would explode harmlessly. In order for this to happen, the opponent has to either be stronger than Zizzlorrn, or have VERY ENHANCED senses, like either a sixth or a seventh sense, COMPLETELY mastered and maxed out Pesquisa, or other powerful senses for that matter, such as highly mastered spiritual sense. Or if the opponent was completely immortal, such as Deities.

Destrucción de Materia Oscura (Dark Matter Destruction): Coming Soon

Cuerpo de Materia Oscura (Dark Matter Body): Zizzlorrn surrounds himself with his own Black and Dark Red-colored Reiatsu, which lasts for about 5 seconds before the black and dark red Reiatsu completely vanishes from Zizzlorrn's body. However, the IS an affect that took place just now. Should an enemy attack Zizzlorrn or even touch him, or if Zizzlorrn attacks/touches his enemy, he/she will become infected with the dark matter that had been infused with the Reiatsu Zizzlorrn had enveloped himself with. Zizzlorrn can choose on which part of the body the dark matter should infect his opponent at, and he can also make the pain in a certain body part of his enemy to be nigh-unbearable.

He can also

Sonido Fantasma Slasher (Sound Phantom Slasher): An upgraded version of Zizzlorrn's Fantasma Slasher technique. After Zizzlorrn successfully manages to distract his opponent through whatever means he can, Zizzlorrn will then disappear through Sonido. 10 seconds later, Zizzlorrn comes out of Sonido and has now become temporarily intangible as the blade of his Zanpakuto is now glowing with his Reiatsu as he quickly and swiftly slashes through his adversary repeatedly from all directions while using Sonido to warp to those directions. He does this about 10 times to his enemy before he delivers one final devastating slash to them, which has the potential to cut his opponent into pieces, or just tear through their bodies like tissue paper and completely and utterly vaporize them in the process. The effects of being struck by this enhanced version of the Fantasma Slasher technique are now 10 times greater than the original weaker version of it, meaning that the opponent will have a 95% percent chance of being killed, because even if they could live through being slash repeatedly 10 times by Zizzlorrn, which the end result leaves them to be mortally to nigh-fatally wounded, the 11th slash will most certainly do them in and kill them by utterly obliterating them.

However Sonido Fantasma Slasher shares the same drawbacks as the original Fantasma Slasher technique, because if the opponent is able to quickly sense the attack in time before Zizzlorrn can strike him/her for the first time, and manage to block, parry, and dodge his incoming attack, then Zizzlorrn will turn tangible once again, and Sonido Fantasma Slasher will not work. Zizzlorrn likes the Fantasma Slasher technique so much that he decided to create an enhanced version of it called Sonido Fantasma Slasher, which allows him to deal a great deal of damage to his enemies before killing them by slashing through them and obliterating them in the process.

Zanpakuto/Resurreccion Name: The name of Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto is called Rey de Materia Diablo Oscuro (Dark Matter Devil King).

Zanpakuto Description: Rey de Materia Diablo Oscuro is in the form of a giant black and dark gray-colored Bat'leth that resembles a crescent-shaped, two-ended scimitar, along with three handholds along the outside edge of the blade. which he carries it around his back. The handholds themselves are leather, which makes it more comfortable for Zizzlorrn to hold his Zanpakuto. Rey de Materia Diablo Oscuro is about the same size as Zizzlorrn himself. And it's also very indestructible, and it will become unliftable if it were to be wielded by anyone but Zizzlorrn. Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto can also operate like a boomerang, for he can throw it at an enemy or multiple foes for that matter with the intent on bifurcating them or cutting them in half, before the Bat'leth returns back to Zizzlorrn in the same fashion as a returning boomerang does. He can also telekinetically control the Bat'leth-like Zanpakuto. This allows him to attack enemies from any direction and spin the blade like a saw.

Resurreccion Command: The release command for Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto, Rey de Materia Diablo Oscuro is Conquer and Devour (Kuiiru Uchikatsu Miru).

Former Adjuchas Form: Zizzlorrn's former Adjuchas form had a pitch black spherical body streaked with dark red. And like his current Arrancar form, he also had four eyes, which is a common trait among ALL members of the near-extinct Zirrettrrax clan. The sclera of his eyes are pitch black, whereas the irises are dark red, and his pupils are pitch black. In this form, The inside of his mouth was pitch black, and he had three thick, black and dark red tentacles with frayed dark gray tips sprouting out of his body, two on his top, and one on his underside. Zizzlorrn was born as an Adjuchas-leveled Hollow, and when he looked to be around the age of 5, he evolved into an Arrancar when he and his family once traveled to the Cueva de Evolución (Cave of Evolution) cave, which is a cave located on the farthest continent in Hueco Mundo located on the El Eterno Crepúsculo side of Hueco Mundo when they were deemed worthy to evolve into Arrancars by  Evolucionista (Evolutionist) an ancient Arrancar Deity who has the power to transform a Hollow into an Arrancar in less than a couple of seconds (even though Gillian-class Arrancars will still have some deformed inhuman appearances, which is a side effect of evolving into an Arrancar at the Gillian-level.)  

Resurreccion: Primera Etapa Transformation: When about to initiate the transformation from his base form into his Resurreccion: Primera Etapa form, Zizzlorrn spins Rey de Materia Diablo Oscuro around a couple of times before he strikes it into the ground. Or if he is airborne, he will hold it out in front of him. Just as black and dark red Reiatsu envelops him in the form of a massive pillar, and as black and dark red electricity surrounds and envelops him, he then declares the release command followed by the name of his Zanpakuto.

"Conquer and Devour, Rey de Materia Diablo Oscuro".

With the incantation complete, both Zizzlorrn and his Zanpakuto will then be enveloped and surrounded by a black and dark red orb/sphere which is surrounded and crackling with black and dark red electricity, in which multiple black and dark red eyeballs will then surround and orbit the sphere as they fired black and dark red lasers on it. This lasts for 10 seconds before the orb itself explodes in a violent burst of black and dark red Reiatsu, which leaves behind a large amount of black and dark red smoke in its wake, once the smoke clears, Zizzlorrn's new Resurrección form will be revealed.

Resurreccion: Primera Etapa/Released Form: In his Primera Etapa form, Zizzlorrn now has a spherical body that is pitch black and streaked with dark gray. The Mask fragment that once covered his eyes are now completely gone, leaving his four red eyes perfectly exposed. In addition, Zizzlorrn gains another set of eyes which are located above his two upper eyes, and are the same color as giving him a total of six eyes, along with a large, narrow eye located on the forehead area, which is the same color as his other six eyes. The inside of Zizzlorrn's mouth is pitch black, and the mouth itself is now a jagged, toothy opening. And he has three thick black and dark gray tentacles sprouting out of his body, two on his top and one on his underside. The tips of the blades of weapons on the end of them that each resemble Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto in his unreleased form. On the top of his head there is a black and dark grey-colored sharp-clawed, ten-fingered hand, which has a face on its center. This face has four eyes that are the same color as his seven other eyes, along with a narrow mouth, which has, triangle, cone-shaped, sharp teeth.

Abilities/Attacks in Resurreccion: Primera Etapa Form: In his released form, Zizzlorrn gains an array of new and powerful abilities/Attacks, alongside his old one, which are greatly enhanced.

Enhanced Sonido: Coming Soon

Enhanced Hierro: Coming Soon

Enhanced Pesquisa: Coming Soon

Demoníaco Cuerpo Reordenamiento (Demonic Body Rearrangement): Coming Soon

Crujido Diabólica (Devilish Crunch): Coming Soon

Alfa Fantasma Slasher (Alpha Phantom Slasher): Coming Soon

Cero Materia Oscuras (Dark Matter Zero): Coming Soon

Oscura Materia Maldición (Dark Matter Curse): Coming Soon

Infección Materia Oscura (Dark Matter Infection): Coming Soon

Degradación de la Materia Oscura (Dark Matter Breakdown): Coming Soon

Materia Oscura Infierno (Dark Matter Hellfire): Coming Soon

Primera Cambio de Modo form command: N/A.

Primera Cambio de Modo form transformation: N/A.

Primera Cambio de Modo form: N/A

Primera Cambio de Modo abilities/attacks: N/A.

Personality: Zizzlorrn is a man who is very dominant, confident, and assertive, and knows how to advocate and stand up for himself. He knows that being dominant is not being a loud-mouthed, obnoxious asshole. Rather, he knows that being dominant is about controlling the situation, and on getting a satisfactory result no matter how difficult the circumstances. He knows full-well on how to prevent others who try to dominate him from being able to, and how to keep his testosterone levels high and keep the winner effect on and fight rather than having his testosterone slashed and his will to win and confidence and assertiveness and risk taking broken by other people. He refuses to become a doormat, because to him, letting other people take advantage of him and becoming a doormat is like some form of damnation to him.

Zizzlorrn is also a very nice guy. He is very respectful, friendly, and loyal towards those who treat him with the same respect. He is very polite and considerate to his friends, and acquaintances that are very nice to him. He fully knows the difference between real friends and those who pretend to be his "friends" when they really aren't. When making friends, he always tries the direct approach. But should they not be interested in him in any way, shape, or form, then that's when he will just leave them alone and avoid them. However he is perfectly comfortable with only having a FEW or only ONE friend, and when he is not talking and hanging out with either his Aunt/Surrogate mother Lauren, or his older brother Ziidrron, or his best friends Cassandra and Eileen, then Zizzlorrn usually stays by himself and minds his own business until someone interacts with him either about work or otherwise.

He is very goal-oriented, and as such, he is completely dead serious on completing his goals and personally seeing to it that they are met, no matter how difficult they are to achieve. He never gives up on anything, even if the odds are against him, and he is NOT a coward, as he is willing to try and fail rather than not try at all. In accordance to this, Zizzlorrn is a very brave person, he is NOT afraid of anything, and is more than willing to face any and ALL fears that he has, and die a warrior's death and die with honor rather than to become a coward and die in disgrace like one. He finds cowardice to be the most stupidest emotion that anyone could ever invent, let alone experience and he absolutely detests it with an immense passion, as he is NOT above killing those who show cowardice in battle and in general, whether it ranges from allowing their allies to die while they themselves escape unharmed, to outright running away from battle should either the odds be stacked against them or just out of pure cowardice.

Zizzlorrn knows FULL WELL on how to treat women as people and meaningful pursuits rather than disposable toys, even though he currently isn't interested in being in a romantic intimate relationship with anybody. Because he ABSOLUETLY despises lust, and will do EVERYTHING in his power to expel the deadly sin away from him, which ranges from hours and hours and hours of constant meditation to constant hours of training, writing, and counseling. In accordance to this Zizzlorrn is NOT perverted AT ALL in any way, shape, or form, nor is he a crazy, lustful sexhound, because looking at porn, as well as ogling women by looking/gawking at either their breasts or their butt disgusts him, and is not something that he would EVER think about doing, because he knows full well that ogling women and looking up porn is very inappropriate, and flat-out retarded, in fact the very THOUGHT of doing such a thing DISGUSTS him. Acts like rape, serial rape, rape in any way, shape, or form, pedophilia, bestiality, and other inappropriate sexual acts, also DISGUST him GREATLY. And he is someone who prefers to think only with his brain over his manhood, and he knows FULL WELL on how to act appropriately around pretty, attractive women and women in general, and NOT give in to his manhood whenever he is around them, in battle, recon missions, training sessions, and in general, no matter HOW attractive AND pretty they are. He is someone who is NOT distracted by the sexy, nor does he let women who are his enemies try to seduce him and flirt with him, because he has developed some kind of an immunity to their seduction techniques and methods, which means that NONE of their seduction techniques will EVER work on him. He has also received constant aid in the past, (and still does) with this issue from his grandmother, Ziizzmarrvvaa whenever he visits her on the days that he has taken leave from his duties at El Ultima de Union Mascara.

However, Zizzlorrn is COMPLETELY fine with non-intimate, non-sexual, non-lustful platonic relationships. Hugs and kisses to the cheek are things that he is PERFECTLY okay with. So are being comforted and held in the arms of the women that are close to him, examples are his long deceased mother Sybiill from when he was a child, his aunt/surrogate mother Lauren, his long time best friends and big sister figures Cassandra and Eileen.

His long time childhood friend/best friend and big sister figure is Cassandra Ann Lafreniere. He and Cassandra mostly hang around each other, and tend to joke and play around with each other, as the two are not just best friends, but they also have somewhat of a big sister/little brother-like relationship.

He also has that same relationship with his longtime second best friend/childhood friend and second big sister figure, Eileen Cheila Talamantez. He and Eileen also tend to hang around each other either with Cassandra or without her, and tend to joke and play around with each other, as the two also have a platonic, intimate, but non-sexual/non-lustful relationship with each other. He also tends to stroke and run his hands/fingers down her hair, along with her mask remnant, not out of any loving affection for her or out of lust, but because he enjoys doing it, which is something that she is completely fine with. In accordance to this, Zizzlorrn is perfectly okay with Eileen playing with his hair, and he also doesn't mind if she runs her fingers through his hair, or twirls several locks of his hair around her index fingers or plays with his hair. Sure he has a tendency to ignore her whenever she tries to talk to him (due to the Asperger's that sometimes kicks in), but he does end up speaking back to her as well. He also doesn't mind if she gives him a bear hug. And he is okay with dancing with her either through a regular dance or a slow dance, or through any other crazy dance. And he prefers to call Eileen by her middle name Cheila rather than by her first name, Eileen. Because Zizzlorrn likes the name Cheila better than Eileen.

Zizzlorrn, whenever he and Eileen hug, he usually has a habit of hugging her for about either 5 to 10 minutes, which is something that she does NOT mind at all, despite others possibly having a problem with it (not that Zizzlorrn cares mind you). Zizzlorrn does this is because he enjoys holding Eileen in his arms and cradling her just to make her feel comfortable, which is something that Eileen COMPLETELY enjoys and is happy that Zizzlorrn does this as another way to show that he cares about her, regardless of whether she needs it or not. And he will offer to carry her should she be in pain, if she needs that is, if not then he will accept it.

When in battle, should an opponent brutally attack Zizzlorrn out of the blue and in general, and beat him, humiliate him, or harm the very handful of people that he cares about. And if he were to recover from said attack and managed to track down the adversary that had harmed his allies, he will then retaliate against the opponent and viciously beat him/her with even greater measure or kill them. Because in his words "No one fucks with me and my friends, and gets away with it!" And he will make sure that those that brutally attack him and/or hurt/kill his friends will pay in equal measure with either their dignity or with their lives. And he does NOT show mercy to any opponent, especially if the opponent is a despicable, cowardly, depraved, immoral scumbag. To opponents like that, he will NOT hesitate to KILL and END them, and he will MURDER them in painful, ridiculous and embarrassing ways, and make sure that they die in disgrace and completely humiliate them and tarnish his/her name forever by granting them a very undignified, humiliating, and disgraceful death.

Zizzlorrn also suffers from Asperger syndrome, which has various symptoms that he suffers from, examples being Lack of managing appropriate social conduct, controlling feelings such as depression, fear, and anxiety, lack of empathy, Inability to listen to others, and Inflexible thinking. And he speaks with a formal style of speaking that has been known to be advanced for younger Human, Shinigami, Hollow, and Arrancar children. For example, Zizzlorrn uses the word "beckon" instead of "call" or the word "return" instead of "come back" or the word "summon" instead of "come here". And he also has a tendency to randomly scream out loud in public whenever he tends to imagine odd things. Other people who are very close to him, such as either Ziidrron, Cassandra, Eileen, Zzaccharrionn, etc will usually try to calm him down whenever he is around them.

Zizzlorrn FIRMLY and STRICTLY believes that the Arrancar race came first in the Human-like appearance, and that Humans resemble Arrancars in appearance and are Arrancarnoid/Arrancar-like/Arrancar-shaped in appearance, and have Arrancar/Arrancarnoid bodies. And that Humans copied off of Arrancars in the Human-shaped appearance by evolving from apes. If anyone tried to convince him otherwise, he would retort that Arrancar race has existed since the dawn of the dinosaurs, and before Humans were created. Zizzlorrn shares this philosophy of his with another fellow Espada Inversa member Stephani King of the Quinto Espada Inversa group.

In accordance to this, Zizzlorrn cares a great deal about his race and acknowledges that Arrancars are people and not Satanic unholy monsters that the Soul Reapers and Quincies peg them out to be. He despises those who judge all Hollows and Arrancars to be a race of demonic complete monsters. While he knows full well that the majority of his race can and have/had shown signs of unrepentant evil, but he knows that there can be honorable Hollows and Arrancars.

And while he does not despise Humans, but at the same token he is VERY envious of them. Zizzlorrn is jealous of Humanity because he feels that Humans have it a whole lot better than Arrancars and Hollows, because in his eyes, they get to live luxurious and prosperous lives, and they are not enslaved by a Shinigami tyrant, and get slaughtered and judged by Soul Reapers and Quincies like Arrancars and Hollows do. He also knows that Humans aren't the epitome of perfection that the Soul Reapers peg them out to be. He believes and knows that Humans, when it comes down to it, can be just as cruel and wicked, or not more than Arrancars and Hollows. He has also been known to talk about Humans in a negative manner should they do or commit something that pisses him off. And while he doesn't despise Humanity like I said before, but he is NOT a big fan of them either, because he feels that they get away with a LOT of bad things that they do, bad things that are MORE than enough to either warrant execution or an eternity in prison. And that non-Human entities get to suffer because Humans have a Karma Houdini status on them and let non-Human creatures/beings suffer in their place just because Humans are a cowardly, self-righteous race who refuse to own up to their mistakes. In fact, he finds them to be troublesome, and actually has a sour view on them. Another reason on why he is annoyed with Humanity and on why he hates Soul Reapers, is because the latter allow Humans to get away with things that normally, would grant them a death sentence, whereas at the same time, they constantly punish and murder Hollows and Arrancars for their crimes without a second thought, even if said Hollows and Arrancars were completely harmless and non-hostile, and NOT allied with Aizen. However he does NOT want Humans to die, because he DOES acknowledge the fact that there can be decent Humans, such as the ones who are a part of El Ultima de Union Mascara. He also has no problems with fellow Espada Inversa member Joseph Groenendyk, who is a Human and is the only Human member of the Espada Inversa.

This view of Humans has put Zizzlorrn on odds with fellow Espada Inversa member Laverne Franconia Vanderwood, who is usually bothered by the way that Zizzlorrn talks about Humanity so negatively whenever he is annoyed with them. In fact, she has been known to call him out on this whenever he talks about Humans in a negative manner. Laverne does this is because she doesn't want Zizzlorrn to make Joseph Groenendyk and his father Richard Groenendyk (the sole Human members in El Ultima de Union Mascara) uncomfortable about being in El Ultima de Union Mascara, much less Hueco Mundo. Even though Zizzlorrn NEVER talks to Laverne about his sour view on Humanity and the Human race in general, as he mainly talks to either Cassandra, Eileen, Stephani, his siblings, or any other friends that will normally understand on how Zizzlorrn feels about Humans, or just to himself. Whenever Laverne tries to lecture Zizzlorrn about this, he usually ignores her either by pretending that she isn't there, which usually works, or by simply walking away from her and Sonidoing away from her, which usually also works. Or sometimes Zizzlorrn will simply just tell Laverne (harshly) to back off, and to leave him alone and to stop nagging him before he completely walks away from her and Sonidoes away from her, even if Laverne tries to get Zizzlorrn's attention, he will STILL try this method just to get her to stop bothering him, which normally works as Laverne decides to just give up on telling Zizzlorrn off and to just let it go and move on with the rest of her day.

Zizzlorrn also has an unknown personality disorder, which causes him to get EXTREMELY violent towards those around him. It has caused him to violently attack people by viciously beating them to either an inch of their life, or outright killing them by either by strangling them to death or beating them to death in either his base form, or his released form/Resurreccion form. Which leads his fellow Espada Inversa comrades, especially those who are far more powerful than him. This personality disorder attacks Zizzlorrn when he least's excepts it to, even though it attacks him VERY VERY rarely. Zizzlorrn is WELL AWARE if this personality disorder of his and outright despises it, because he has nearly killed his friends, and innocent people because of it. Because of this disorder of his, he has also accidentally killed a very close friend, and someone who saw him as a big brother figure, which is something that he regrets and is trying to atone for to the parents and family of that child that he had murdered, even though if said family had ALREADY long-forgiven him.

Another interesting thing about Zizzlorrn is that he DOESN'T CARE AT ALL about looks from a women, ONLY the personalities of them. He does NOT care if the woman that he is in a relationship with is BUTT-UGLY, has the appearance of a slug, or is an non-humanoid Eldritch Abomination. All he cares about is the kind and angelic personality of the woman, regardless if the woman he is in a relationship with is either VERY cute or extremely ugly. He doesn't want to be in a relationship with a woman with VERY good looks (such as big boobs, a nice firm ass, and pretty face) but a rotten personality, and is either a total bitch, or a complete slut, or a total combination of both. He wants to be in a relationship with a woman who is a complete and total angel personality-wise, as the looks of the angelic woman are COMPLETELY inconsequential to him. For all that truly matters to him is the personality of the women, and nothing more.

Zizzlorrn is extremely merciless and brutal against people who are complete assholes, rapists, murders, pedophiles, abusive husbands/wives, depraved criminals, heartless poachers and murders, and Complete Monsters in general. And he will NOT hesitate to kill and butcher them should they either harm the people he cares about or do other depraved shit that GREATLY disgusts him. In fact, he actually enjoys killing asshole victims and enjoys committing. He also occasionally goes to the Human World, and absorbs the Souls of wicked Humans, criminals, rapists, drug dealers, and terrorists, and converts them into a Soul orb with his Esfera del Alma (Soul Sphere) ability. He never consumes the Soul Spheres himself, instead he prefers to give them to Eileen for her to consume.

Zizzlorrn enjoys fighting, which is why Salvatore or Lauren often send him on the missions that mainly involve hand-to-hand combat. He doesn't give a DAMN on how injured he is. You can stab him in the chest MULTIPLE times, cut his arm off, etc; but he will still continue to fight as if he wasn't even wounded, nor bothered by the injuries he has. He reason he enjoys fighting is because he enjoys beating the crap out of assholes and wicked people. This battle-eager attitude of Zizzlorrn has also worried Eileen

Likes: Coming Soon

Dislikes/Hates: Licking and drinking blood, and the taste of blood (he honestly thinks that licking and drinking blood is disgusting and wrong, but he doesn't care if his friends or vampires do it, because with the latter it is in their nature, and he understands that, and he hates the metallic taste of blood, and does not understand why some sadistic, non-vampiric, bloodthirsty people enjoy the taste of metal, but he doesn't say anything about it because he knows full well that he can't change them, (that and the fact that he doesn't want to waste his time doing so). Licking his lips and running his tongue around teeth, because it is not and NEVER will be his thing, period, but he doesn't mind nor care if other people do it, just as long as women or gay and bisexual men don't try to do it just to seduce him. People who think they can act rudely towards him, disrespect him, control, boss, and tell him what to do and get away with it, which is something that he will NEVER allow to happen. Shinigami and High-Spec Humans mindlessly discriminating against all Hollows/Arrancars and judging them all to be evil, because he knows full well that not all Hollows and Arrancars are evil, and it pisses him off that the Shinigami and High-Spec Humans that know about the Arrancars judge them all to be evil, Satanic creatures. Arrogant, loudmouthed, complete assholes, and bossy, bitchy, and selfish, self-absorbed women, spoiled brats, and obnoxious children, and people who are judgmental/very judgmental of him, Cowardice in any way, shape, or form, especially dirty cowards.

Habit: Zizzlorrn has a habit of rocking back and forth whenever he's sitting in a chair. He also tends to spin around a LOT in empty hallways when nobody is around. He does not get dizzy from it, but it does annoy him when he either bumps into someone or something. When asked why he commits this habit constantly, Zizzlorrn usually responds that he does it either out of complete boredom, or just for the hell of it.

Trivia: Zizzlorrn enjoys dressing somewhat fancy, but in his own way, and he mostly wears long-sleeved shirts, mostly ones of the dress shirt variety. The same thing goes with black dress pants and black/dark navy blue khaki pants. He does not wear anything short-sleeved, the only times he will is when he is wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath, and when he chooses to wear one should it be too hot outside. And he also does not wear shorts. The reason on why he hates wearing shorts is because he absolutely HATES to expose his legs. The closest thing to shorts he'll wear are swimming trunks, but even so, those swimming trunks will be about low ankle-length. No matter on how much his friends convince him to wear shorts, it will ALWAYS be unsuccessful. And he finds crossing his legs when sitting on a chair to be VERY uncomfortable and inappropriate, as he only prefers to sit with both his feet firmly planted on the floor whenever sitting in a chair.

Seiyu (Japanese Voice Actor): Hochu Otsuka

English Voice Actor: James Woods
Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx
Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx is an Arrancar in Salvatore's army, and El Ultima de Union Mascara, and a member of the Espada Inversa, the Cuatro Espada Inversa group no less.

Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx belongs to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen:

Whereas Skullak Tuma belongs to :iconskullcrucher:
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(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
Elsewhere back with Salvatore and Jonathan's battle with Rajik. Rajik, Salvatore, and Jonathan were evenly matched with one another, with Rajik still in his Resurreccion form, and both Salvatore and Jonathan still in their Fuerza de Resurreccion forms. Salvatore, Rajik, and Jonathan were clashing with each other, with the blades of Salvatore and Jonathan's swords clashing with Rajik's scythe as massive sparks flew across the vicinity.

Rajik attempted to slice Salvatore across the chest, but Salvatore easily blocked Rajik's attempted sword strike towards him. However Rajik wasn't done yet. Rajik then flapped his six demonic wings, which created a gale that blew both Salvatore and Jonathan away from him. Salvatore quickly recovered from the brief attack as he watched Rajik outstretch his wings even further, thus making himself look even more dangerous than ever before. The six eyes on the wings each glowed a dark red color as Rajik was charging up six, powerful Ceros from the eyes of his wings.

"Burn!! Satanás del Cero!! (Satan Zero)" Was all that Rajik said as six, dark red Ceros were all now fired from the eyes of his wings as they were all headed towards both Salvatore and Jonathan, with the full intent to burn them both alive. However both of the leaders of El Ultima de Union Mascara were well-prepared for this. Jonathan used his sword to cut the left palm of his hand whereas Salvatore held out five of his hands, and in each finger a powerful silver and white-colored Cero formed in his hands, along with a another powerful sixth Cero within the palm of his hand that is the same color as the Cero's that were formed on his fingertips.

"It would appear that the devil of the Espadas would have a Satanic-based attack that would involve his opponents burning alive. However we shall see if your Satanic-based attack can match the attack of a repentant." Salvatore retorted as he prepared an attack of his own to match Rajik's Satanás del Cero.

"Purgatorio Del Cero (Purgatorial Zero)." Was all that Salvatore said before six large Cero's fired themselves towards Rajik, ready to both counterattack both the Cero Espada's powerful Cero, and strike Rajik himself. Meanwhile Jonathan had finished charging up his own special Cero to fire at Rajik. The Cero was in the shape of two large twin Ceros that were dark green outlined with white. Jonathan spread his arms far wide apart as he called out the name of his new attack.

Was all that Jonathan said as he fired the two massive Ceros from the palms of his hands. The Ceros, unlike Salvatore's Ceros were not fired towards Rajik at all, instead they completely vanished into thin air the second after they were fired from Jonathan's hands. Rajik on the other hand, briefly turned had noticed this newfound course of action, and had himself begun to wonder on what kind of Cero attack Jonathan had fired towards him, but until he knew and understood the type of attack Jonathan had fired against him, he was going to keep his guard up against it. But for now, he knew that he had to both dispel Salvatore's attack against him, and make sure that his own attack also hit both Salvatore and Jonathan.

The first large silver and white-colored Cero struck the Satanás del Cero attack head on, causing an explosion whereas the 5 other Ceros were headed straight for Rajik. The satanic, released Arrancar was prepared to defend himself from the powerful Ceros that were about to strike at him. However Salvatore instantly appeared from behind Rajik, and pointed a finger at him, which had a fully-charged Cero on it, much to Rajik's utter surprise.

"I-Impossible!!!" Uttered Rajik in disbelief as he turned his head to face Salvatore, who declared the name of his double attack against Rajik. Rajik was completely shocked that Salvatore had completely slipped through his Pesquisa.

"Double En-Garde." Was all that Salvatore said before he blasted Rajik from behind with his powerful Cero, and at the very same time, Rajik was ambushed from behind by the five Ceros from Salvatore's Purgatorio Del Cero attack. The Cero Espada was consumed in a massive explosion from the six Ceros that has ambushed him just now. Jonathan appeared next to Salvatore as they watched the explosion still enveloping Rajik.

Jonathan: (Charges up a powerful Gran Rey Cero from his right hand) Shall we Sal?

Salvatore: (Charges up a powerful Gran Rey Cero from his bloody palm) Of course my friend.

But before the Los Emperadors duo could fire their respective Gran Rey Ceros at Rajik, the Cero Espada suddenly appeared behind both Arrancars, much to their absolute shock.

Jonathan: What the hell?!

Salvatore: Rajik.

Suddenly Rajik kicked Jonathan in the back, which caused him to crash to the ground in a massive thud. Salvatore quickly dispersed the Gran Rey Cero from his hand and prepared to defend himself from Rajik's onslaught. Rajik had raised his scythe high in the air and had brought it down on Salvatore in an attempt to bifurcate the leader of El Ultima de Union Mascara. However Salvatore quickly blocked Rajik's attempted onslaught against him.

"Did you really think you could easily KILL me with that attack you wretched fool?!" Rajik rhetorically asked as he sneered at the leader of El Ultima de Union Mascara. "You NEVER stood a chance against me Salvatore, and you will NEVER defeat me!! So accept your fate at my hands, and PERISH!!!"

And with that, both Rajik and Salvatore clashed with each other, scythe to blade, blade to scythe. The clashed between two of the most powerful Arrancars of both El Ultima de Union Mascara and the Las Noches empire caused multiple shockwaves to fly across the vicinity, and attack the sands, which caused them to explode into the air. Rajik had attempted to behead Salvatore, but the latter had blocked Rajik sword strike, and his attempt on his life with his sword once again. Rajik had now attempted to stab Salvatore in the face with his sharp, draconic tail, but Salvatore blasted Rajik in the face with a Bala that was fired from the former's eyes, which caused the Cero Espada to howl in pain, Salvatore had now took this chance to punch Rajik in the stomach with his left fist, which had now caused the Espada to wretch in pain and cough up massive amounts of blood. But Salvatore wasn't done yet however, Salvatore then tossed his sword high into the air before he gripped Rajik by the shoulders and delivered a hard knee to the stomach, before he pushed Rajik away from him, and then kicked Rajik in the face hard. Salvatore then delivered a swift uppercut and three heavy blows to the gut from his Bala-formed fists. The leader of El Ultima de Union Mascara then appeared in front of Rajik and clamped his hands in front of Rajik before he slammed them down on top of the Cero Espadas head, which caused the Satanic Arrancar to wretch in absolute pain as his seven eyes had bulged out from his skull, before he crashed to the ground in a loud BOOM!

Salvatore then caught and grasped his falling sword within his right hand as he prepared to recharge the Gran Rey Cero that he had later dispersed because Rajik had attacked both him and Jonathan earlier within the palm of his left hand.

"Repent, Gran Rey Cero." Was all that Salvatore said before he fired the powerful titanic Cero at the fallen Cero Espada. Meanwhile on the ground with Rajik, Rajik had quickly recovered from Salvatore's onslaught against him, and had looked up just in time to see a large Gran Rey Cero coming towards him. Rajik snarled in anger as the Gran Rey Cero headed straight towards him.

"Does that insect honestly think that he could actually kill me with a mere Gran Rey C-" Rajik was cut off by Jonathan suddenly appearing out of nowhere and landing his right foot on top of Rajik's face, stomping on it, and jumping his foot off of Rajik's head, and leapt into the air.

"Consider that payback for kicking me onto the ground Fisher!!" Jonathan yelled as he joined his ally Salvatore back in the air.

"How dare you kick me in the face you fucking-" Rajik was cut off by one of the very same Ceros that Jonathan had fired earlier before disappearing, suddenly appearing out of nowhere and hitting him with full force, along with Salvatore's Gran Rey Cero, which caused a full-blown explosion to erupt from the ground and rise up into the air. Both Salvatore and Jonathan stood side by side as they watch the explosion envelop the Cero Espada, knowing full well that an attack combination, while impressive, would not be enough to put down a foe as powerful as Rajik.

Both Salvatore and Jonathan watched the explosion side by side with each other as they watched the massive fire pillar Rajik was consumed in. Both Arrancars braced themselves for Rajik's next onslaught against them.

"That was one impressive attack combo that we have executed against them, but knowing Rajik, he is far too powerful to be done in by an attack like that." Jonathan explained with his sword still clutched within his hand, bracing himself for Rajik's next move against both him and Salvatore

"I agree my friend, we need to be ready in case Rajik decides to make his next move against us." Salvatore responded as he also braced himself for Rajik's next move against him.

Suddenly, the fiery explosion was suddenly dispersed by an impressive wave of spiritual energy as Rajik Fisher, still in his Primera Etapa form, rising from the ground, now looking at both Salvatore and Jonathan with a simplistic look on his face. Both of the Los Emperadors Arrancars were facing Rajik as well, preparing themselves for Rajik's next move. Rajik eyes suddenly turned to face the direction where both the Espada Inversa and his Fracciones were, and had sensed that Hisako was about the unleash her full power and true form against the Espada Inversa. A diabolical grin had now adorned the Cero Espada's face, and he began to chuckle lowly to himself.

'Hmm, so it appears that Hisako is preparing to unleash her true El Ojo de Arrancar form against those Espada Inversa fools.' Rajik thought to himself as his wicked grin was still widespread across his face. 'Perfect! Soon Salvatore's fools shall know the true meaning of terror and despair when Hisako unleashes her true form against them. She will rip those insects into pieces slowly and painfully, Limb by limb!!!'

"Rajik there is something on your mind, that is why you are glaring in the direction of the Espada Inversa and your subordinates." Salvatore said as he kept his glare at the Satanic Arrancar, who merely turned his head to face the leader of El Ultima de Union Mascara with the same dangerous sinister grin still on his face.

"Why Salvatore, I thought that you had ready knew." Rajik said, now speaking in his normal voice, the same voice that he had whenever he was in his base form. "But I shall explain it to you anyway. Hisako is preparing to unleash her ultimate form against the Espada Inversa, her El Ojo de Arrancar form."

Salvatore: El Ojo de Arrancar, I see.

"It is an ancient Arrancar pendant which has been known to grant an Arrancar in his or her Resurreccion form nigh-infinite, God-like power, which includes various powers, various abilities that you can't possibly imagine, or possess. It was given to Queen of Hueco Mundo from the Primordial Hollow and Arrancar Deity himself, Hueco. who used it in her battle against the King of Soul Society all those Eons ago. After she was defeated and sealed away, Hueco reclaimed El Ojo De Arrancar, and locked it away for all eternity, never to be found again, or used in the wrong hands. However, during my time as the Segunda Espada, and back when I was in charge of the Research and Development organization, I had done a lot of research about the El Ojo De Arrancar pendant, and studied about its impressive feats and weaknesses." Rajik explained as he continued to eye his El Ultima de Union Máscara adversaries.

Jonathan: I see, so you had studied all about El Ojo De Arrancar before you created it?

"Correct." Rajik answered before he continued on with his explanation. "I had used all of the knowledge that I knew of about El Ojo De Arrancar to create an exact replica of it, which almost possesses the exact same functions as the original. I had left it in a place where no one will be able to get their hands on it but me. And before I was demoted from the rank of Segunda Espada, I was able to retrieve El Ojo De Arrancar from my former Research and Development organization laboratory. And I gave it to Hisako in order to aid her in her battle against Natalie and catch her off guard. However, she instead used it in her battle against Spencer's Fracciones, and although El Ojo De Arrancar had quickly ran out of energy, Hisako had still managed to defeat the Fracciones of Spencer that had challenged her, even though she did not kill them due to me giving her the order to have then neutralized. And due to El Ojo De Arrancar quickly running out of energy, she was unable to use it during our confrontation against Natalie. But during the six decades later from Natalie's first failed rebellion to right now, I had Hisako train and perfect her El Ojo De Arrancar form to its absolute maximum."

Both Salvatore and Jonathan continued to eye Rajik as the Espada continued on with his explanation.

"And because of the training that Hisako had gone through in her El Ojo De Arrancar form, she is now FAR more powerful, and a LOT more experienced with the new form, and all of its abilities than she was when she first used it against Spencer's subordinates. And the energy of the new form will NOT run out this time, instead it will last for as long as Hisako can continue fighting. And this time, unlike all of those decades ago where Hisako held back against Spencer's subordinates, and was a lot weaker back then, now Hisako is FAR more powerful than she was back then, and is NOT going to hold back against those foolish Espada Inversa. Instead Salvatore, she WILL KILL THEM, she will do EVERYTHING in her power to make those insolent pests PAY for daring to think that they can cross her, and live to tell the tale."

Rajik then erupted into a full-blown loud, demonic laughter, which echoed across the vicinity. Both Salvatore and Jonathan eyed the Cero Espada with calm and solemn looks while shaking their heads at Rajik.

"Rajik, it appears that you are underestimating the lieutenants of El Ultima de Union Mascara." Salvatore said as he continued to glare at the Primera Etapa-formed, Cero Espada. "The Espada Inversa are powerful, Espada-leveled assassins who are NOT to be underestimated or taken lightly, and underestimating them will lead to a fatal end for opponents who were foolish enough to take them lightly."

"That, and the fact that they are ALL far stronger than Hisako. Plus, from what Sal and I can sense, they have been handing both Hisako and your Fracciones their asses on a silver platter throughout the majority of their battle, so Hisako being granted a new form will NOT change anything, because Salvatore and I both know full well that, Zizzlorrn, Cassandra, Shawntell, Ziidrron, Triishha, and Roxanne can handle ANYTHING that Hisako and your subordinates throw at them, and you know it too, but you are just too arrogant to admit it Fisher." Jonathan retorted as he pointed his sword at Rajik, who only both sneered and scoffed at the Los Emperadors members.

"I am WELL AWARE of how powerful those insects are, and what they are truly capable of." Rajik retorted as continued to glare at his arch-enemies. "However, the copy of El Ojo de Arrancar is capable of boosting Hisako's strength to NIGH-Espada level, so Hisako will be more than capable of perfectly holding her own against those foolish Espada Inversa. And keep in mind that Hisako is the most DANGEROUS and unpredictable out of all of the Fracciones of Las Noches, so she can fire any random attack, and make any movement that her opponents cannot sense until it's FAR too late. In fact, one careless move that the Espada Inversa make against Hisako, and I can promise you this Salvatore and Jonathan, it WILL be their last!!!!"

And with that Rajik let out the most demonic, and nightmare-inducing laugh that he had ever released before. Both Salvatore and Jonathan glared at the Cero Espada, as neither Los Emperadors member was even deterred the slightest in Rajik's boasting about Hisako murdering the Espada Inversa, as the two leaders of El Ultima De Union Mascara knew full well that the six Espada Inversa could easily handle whatever Hisako has to throw at them.

Elsewhere tremendous gusts of Reiatsu had begun to blow everywhere as Hisako was completely enveloped by a massive Dark Purple-colored Reiatsu pillar that was sending huge gusts of wind blowing everywhere. Zizzlorrn, Cassandra, and Shawntell were all completely unaffected by the tremendous wind gust that was blowing everything else away.

"Hey Ziz?" Cassandra asked, turning her head to face her best friend. "What do you think Qufang meant by when she said that whatever that pendant that appeared on the center of her forehead just now was the instrument of our destruction?"

"Simple Cass, she means that by transforming into some kind of new form from that weird-looking pendant that had just magically appeared on her forehead that it will help her kill us." Zizzlorrn explained as he continued to watch the Reiatsu pillar before he spoke up again. "And even though I can sense that she is becoming even more powerful, what with her Reiryoku increasing and all. In fact, her Reiatsu is basically escalating to nigh Espada-level."

Cassandra's eyes widened briefly at what Zizzlorrn had said when he mentioned that Hisako's strength was going to be boosted to Espada-level, which had possibly meant that Hisako could become stronger than them. "Does that mean that Hisako could become stronger than us?"

Zizzlorrn shook his head at Cassandra's question. "No, that new form of hers WON'T make her stronger than us, like I said before it'll only escalate her strength to nigh-Espada-level, not suddenly give her an ass-pull, and have her strength eclipse ours. Plus, don't forget that even in our base forms, we are still powerful enough to take her down. And again, Hisako's strength will only be placed to NIGH-Espada-level, not complete Espada level. Hell even if Cockfang's strength was boosted to Espada-level, she would STILL be far weaker than us, because at best whatever form that she is about to transform into would bring her strength to low-Decima Espada-tier, which is still weaker than Yammy's level, and FAR weaker than us."

"Gotcha." Cassandra said, her confidence returning upon finding out that Hisako would still be weaker than them, even with the new form that she was about to transform into. "But we still shouldn't underestimate her though, because this IS Hisako we're talking about here, and she is VERY unpredictable, so even if she is still far weaker than us despite her new form escalating her strength to Nigh-Espada-level, she WILL be more than capable of perfectly holding her own against us, and she WON'T fuck around with us anymore, and will do everything in her power to make sure that she kills us."

"I agree Cass." Zizzlorrn said as the Dark Purple-colored Reiatsu pillar begin to disperse in a loud, and ear-deafening boom, which sent massive gusts of dark purple wind blowing across the vicinity, destroying many pillars, and dozens of boulders and rock formations, but the Espada Inversa trio were still unaffected by it. The three Arrancars of El Ultima de Union Mascara braced themselves for what was about to come up next, not taking their eyes off of the smoke that concealed Hisako's new form.

"Get ready Cass, Shawntell, Cockfang is coming." Zizzlorrn said as he continued to brace himself for Hisako's next move against him, and his two Espada Inversa comrades.

Goro watched as the kept listening to the conversation that both Cassandra and Zizzlorrn were having with each other and was chuckling to himself at how they STILL think that they can beat Hisako despite knowing FULL well that they are COMPLEELY screwed against Hisako's new form. They were going to be in a real taste of REALITY soon enough once Hisako teaches them a valuable lesson that they'll NEVER forget.

"You seem so damn sure of yourself that you and your little pallies can take on Hisako now that she has transformed into a far more powerful form that has strength that perfectly rivals an Espada's strength, eh Zizzlorrn?" Goro mockingly asked as he continued to jokingly leaned in on the conversation that both Zizzlorrn and Cassandra had as he continued to grin at the former, who only rolled his eyes at him in annoyance.

"Getting a bit too arrogant, aren't we Goro?" Cassandra asked as she eyed Goro while narrowing her eyes at the Spider Arrancar, who merely shrugged at her.

"Nah! In fact, I'm just wondering on how Hisako is going to KILL you losers." Goro then pointed his two fingers at both Zizzlorrn and Shawntell, grinning. "Starting with Bonnie and Clyde over there."

"Hey Goro, how's about throwing out an insult that DOESN'T actually come out from your ass next time?" Zizzlorrn yelled, grinning mockingly at the son of Nelliel.

"Oh don't worry douchebag, once after we kill you and your whore friends, then I will throw every single insult at you that I can think of, every... single... insult ever known in the goddamn dictionary, I WILL THROW AT YOU Zzirrettrraxx once after Hisako and I have BEATEN your cocky ass into the fucking ground, believe that!" Goro threatened, glaring venomously at the Espada Inversa member that he wanted to beat into submission, whereas Zizzlorrn was not even intimidated the slightest by Goro's threats towards him.

"Oh don't worry hotstuff." A familiar, sour, feminine voice rang out from the smoke, which was now mixed with a unholy Satanic voice rang from behind the smoke that was concealing the voice of none other than Hisako Qufang, who has now finished transforming into her new transformation. "We are not only going to beat these three assholes into dust, we are going to rip their fucking guts out, feast on their entrails, tear their heads off, and mount them on the walls of the bosses palace!!"

"Heh!! Can't argue with you on that Qufang." Goro admitted, completely nodding in agreement with his girlfriend, who was still completely obscured into smoke in her new El Ojo de Arrancar form. Whereas Zizzlorrn, Cassandra, and Shawntell had continued to remain completely silent, and listening to this exchange between Goro and Hisako.

As the smoke begun to clear, it shows Hisako's mouth, grinning an insane, diabolical grin as she begun to speak. "Starting with the two cocksuckers who DARED to make a fucking fool out of me."

The smoke blew away completely revealing Hisako's new form, which completely shocked the Espada Inversa trio. Hisako was now in a more humanoid form, which has a very close resemblance to her base form. Hisako's hair, just like in her Cambio de Modo form, has long, straight, and belly-button-length. There was now a third eye on the center of her forehead that was the exact same color as her two other eyes, except the pupils were now slit, demonic, and cat-like. Her teeth were all now sharp, and cone-shaped. In this form, she has now grown two extra sets of arms, which all have an insect-like carapace, and razor sharp-clawed hands, which Hisako uses to rip her opponents to bloody shreds. She also has grown an extra set of breasts, which are below her upper ones. She also has two, slit eyes that are located on her stomach. The eyes themselves have black sclera, dark purple iris, and slit, demonic cat-like pupils. Hisako's feet also have razor sharp claws. And she still retains her twin tails, which are now crackling with dark purple electricity. Attire-wise, Hisako's entire body (minus the two eyes on her stomach) was now covered completely by white and dark purple-colored, form-fitting, white and dark purple segmented armor.

Hisako continued to grin wickedly at Zizzlorrn, Cassandra, and Shawntell, all of whom were a bit surprised by Hisako's new form, but nonetheless still continued to brace themselves for Hisako's next attack against them.

"Okay so, Hisako's new form now looks a lot more humanoid." Cassandra said with a placid look on her face. "A bit demonic, but humanoid nonetheless."

It shows Hisako's mouth once more, grinning an insane, diabolical grin as she begun to speak."El Ojo de Arrancar."

The Espada Inversa trio raised a brow at this as they heard Hisako speak of the name of the ancient Arrancar artifact that she had just used to transform into her new form.

"Allow me to explain it to you in these last agonizing moments of life that you three cocksuckers have left, before I DEVOUR you all ALIVE! El Ojo de Arrancar is an Arrancar artifact created by the God Hueco since the dawn of time long before ANY of us were born. It grants the user NIGH-infinite, God-like strength, which includes various powers, various abilities that are absolutely BEYOND the comprehension of you puny little minds. The Queen herself used it in a battle against that assclown of a Soul King a long damn time ago. And resulted in her getting sealed away by both him, and his other fucktard followers of his. And before any of you shitheads ask, no this ain't the real deal itself, lucky you three, because Hueco himself took the El Ojo de Arrancar item back, and only ensured that either an Arrancar or Hollow God could only use it, not regular Arrancars like us because we CAN'T handle that type of power." Hisako finished that sentence, grumbling in complete and utter disappointment at the last 13 words that came out of her mouth just now, wanting to possesses the immense God-like power that the real El Ojo de Arrancar uniform possessed to rip these Espada Inversa cocksuckers into bloody pieces and make them suffer her full wrath, but quickly got over it as she continued on with her explanation. "However this version is only a perfectly made copy, just like the real deal itself. Even though this copy has enough power to bring my strength to nigh-Espada-level, which means I could become just as strong as you Asspada Inversa fucktards!! The boss gave me this clone of the artifact just to allow me to fight on a much better pair with Espada-leveled opponents like you three cocksuckers!!" Hisako finished explaining, grinning madly at the three Espada-leveled Arrancars, licking her lips like a snake.

"El Ojo de Arrancar huh?" Zizzlorrn mused as he eyed Hisako's new form, analyzing it before he turned to face Cassandra. "Hey Cass, have you ever heard of this El Ojo de whatever it's called before?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at Cassandra in confusion.

"I think so Ziz." Cassandra answered, nodding her head before she spoke up again. "In several books that I had read about Hueco Mundo's histor-"

"Wow Zizzlorrn, I'm surprised you're even asking that question." Shawntell said as she rolled her eyes at Zizzlorrn asking a simple question, expect as if he should already know the answer to that question. "You should already know what the El Ojo de Arrancar artifact is, because of the fact that it was already explained to you, and you should have paid attention to the classes that we had back at Las Dias about El Ojo de Arrancar artifact. But then again, you ARE Zizzlorrn, the guy who rarely pays attention to anything other than hanging out and flirting with Eileen, and showing everyone on how much of an imbecile and a brainless brute that you truly are." Shawntell lectured, rolling her eyes as she placed her hands on her hips, eying Zizzlorrn.

Zizzlorrn glared at the purple-haired, female Espada Inversa before he spoke up to her before he stretched both of his arms out. "Fuck... (left middle finger) you... (right middle finger) MOM... (crosses both of his middle fingers together in the form of an X, double-flipping off Shawntell) and suck... my...FAT COCK, you arrogant little, big-headed bitch!!" Zizzlorrn retorted before he instantly spoke up again. "Nobody wants to hear you brag about on how you have a giant brain and a giant head, and on how much you are better than everyone, and on how much of a massive, purple-haired cunt that you are, so do both Cass and I a fucking favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP, you filthy, rotten bitch!! Before I say fuck Goro, fuck that retard Yammy, fuck that filthy slut Whorekiku, fuck Cockfang, and fuck the Spawn of Satan, who is currently getting his ass handed to him by both Jonathan and Salvatore, and decide to go all El fucking Salvador on your arrogant ass!!" Zizzlorrn threatened as he pointed his Zanpakuto at Shawntell, who merely turned her attention away from both Hisako and Goro and turned to face Zizzlorrn, with Cassandra nodding in agreement with the male Espada Inversa.

"You tell her Ziz." Cassandra said, glaring daggers at Shawntell for insulting Zizzlorrn the way she did. "And newsflash Shawntell, nobody gives a shit on how you fucking SMARTER you are than everybody, and on how much of a big fucking head that you have. Zizzlorrn is Zizzlorrn, he's not like you, a purple-haired, big-headed tramp. So you have two options, either shut the fuck up, and take out the MASSIVE stick that is so wedged inside of the empty hole that you call an asshole, OR, Ziz and I will go over there, place our foots up your asses, and kick your fucking teeth in!!" Cassandra threatened, also pointing her sword at the snobby purple-haired, Espada Inversa member.

Zizzlorrn chuckled to himself at Cassandra's threat towards Shawntell before he spoke up once more. "You know Cass, Zzaccharrionn once mentioned something to both me, Cheila, Steven, and Lliilliiatthhiiaa, which is a certain joke he made up about Shawntell because of what he did to her that one time because she had the balls to make fun of him and insult him, want to hear it?"

Cassandra snickered at this as Shawntell's eyes widened at the memory of the time that Zzaccharrionn spiked her coffee with one of the most potential alcoholic wine drinks known to Arrancars, The Dark Temptation Wine. The second Shawntell took a sip of her coffee, she immediately burst into a God-awful Bawdy song, took off all of her clothes, ran around Las Dias nude, sitting on various copy machines, thus having said copy machine show various pictures of her butt, and flirting constantly with both the male and female grunts of El Ultima de Union Mascara, and running around like a wild untrained animal, all of this resulted in her getting into trouble with Kennith Di Montecintos and nearly being kicked out of the Espada Inversa, much to Shawntell's near displeasure. Shawntell glared venomously at both Zizzlorrn and Cassandra before the bob-haired, female Arrancar spoke up again. "Sure, why not?"

Zizzlorrn grinned as he spoke up again. "Okay, so this joke involves the crosswords that Nnoiivverrnn likes to do in his spare time when he is in his own dimension. 20-across, a 9-letter word for a horrible person who suddenly bursts into a God-Awful Bawdy song, runs around Las Dias nude, and starts, grabbing people's asses, and flirting with the female members of El Ultima de Union Mascara, S-H-A-W-N-T-E-L-L. (turns to face the now-irritated Shawntell while pointing both fingers at her) YOU BITCH, YOU!!"

Cassandra laughed at this joke as an anger vein appeared on Shawntell's forehead as she glared daggers at both her and Zizzlorrn. That unpleasant memory of what Zzaccharrionn did to her was still fresh on her mind. When she got drunk because of what the God of Physics did to her by spiking her coffee with one of the most potent alcoholic drinks known to Arrancars, all because she was acting all bossy, smug, and bitchy towards the Cuatro Espada Inversa group, especially towards Zizzlorrn, Eileen, and Cassandra, much to the absolute displeasure of the Cuatro Espada Inversa trio. And when she harshly made fun of Zzaccharrionn by calling him a Divine retard when he was only trying to defend tell the purple-haired, female Arrancar to back off, and to stop being such a bitch towards both Zizzlorrn, Eileen, and Cassandra. And when she disrespected Lliilliiatthhiiaa by telling the Water and Ice Goddess that she sounds like an annoying, air-headed bimbo whenever she sings just because the latter was trying to call Shawntell out on her bossy and disrespectful attitude towards Zizzlorrn, Eileen, and Cassandra, and for her rude and mean attitude towards Zzaccharrionn. Which as a result Zzaccharrionn decided to spike her coffee with one of the most dangerous alcoholic drinks in Hueco Mundo, The Dark Temptation Wine. The second after Shawntell took a sip of her now-spiked coffee, she immediately become greatly intoxicated and burst into a ridiculous, God-Awful Bawdy song, took off all of her clothes, ran around Las Dias nude, sitting on various copy machines, thus having said copy machine show various pictures of her butt, and flirting constantly with both the male and female grunts of El Ultima de Union Mascara, and acting a fool in general, as well as running into the offices of the Los Emperadors, minus both Salvatore and Delphine, both of whom were on a week-long mission in the Soul Society at the time.

A couple of hours later after she became sober once more, she discovered from the leader of the Primera Espada Inversa group, Quinton Oglorrzalrik that she was in big trouble for her inappropriate attitude with the founder of the Espada Inversa, Kennith Di Montecintos, and he greatly laid into her about her unruly and inappropriate attitude and suspended her from the Espada Inversa for five months because of what she did, and warned her that if she got drunk on The Dark Temptation Wine again, then the ultimate penalty if that she will be demoted from the Espada Inversa, much to Shawntell's absolute displeasure. Which resulted in Shawntell getting really pissed off, and talking back to Kennith and disrespecting him, telling him that it wasn't fair and that he can't do that to her. And which the founder of the Espada Inversa brutally called her out on her rotten, spoiled, and disrespecting attitude, and greatly and harshly lecturing her about respect, and on why no one will ever respect her, and on why she will never have friends, much less allies that like and respect her due to her selfish and bratty and rotten attitude, and told her to woman up, wise up, get her act together, and change her horrible personality and attitude. and he also warned that she ever dared to talk back to him or any other Los Emperadors and Comandante member in a very rude and disrespectful manner again, much less treat and disrespect her allies again, that he will BARR her from the Espada Inversa permanently, which again, much to Shawntell's absolute displeasure, but didn't badmouth Kennith because she didn't to risk being kicked out of the Espada Inversa, so decided to keep quiet and accept her punishment.

Shawntell, upon later founding out that Zzaccharrionn was responsible for getting Shawntell both drunk and in trouble, and for putting her on probation, and nearly getting her demoted from the Espada Inversa, and angrily confronted him for it, which the Physics Deity, not even bothered or deterred the slightest at Shawntell's anger towards him, told her that she got what she deserved for being a colossal, stuck-up bitch. Shawntell then angrily threatened that if Zzaccharrionn EVER did that to her again, that she would commit Deicide and kill him, not that the God cared, and just merely waved Shawntell off, and told the purple-haired Espada Inversa that he couldn't care less about her petty threats, and told her to fuck herself, and remove the massive stick wedged inside of her pussy and then lectured her on why she has no friends, and on why nobody really likes her.

Both Cassandra and Zizzlorrn had begun laugh to their hearts content at the memory of Shawntell's humiliation as the purple-haired Espada Inversa member gave them both angry death glared, not that either Cassandra or Zizzlorrn cared mind you.

"Hey Cass, do you remember the time when Shawntell started bursting out into a God-Awful bawdy song, and grabbed Maarllkoottaa's ass?" Zizzlorrn asked before he burst out into laughter once again.

"Yeah I do." Cassandra replied, still continuing to hold back a barely-stifled back laughter by placing both of her hands over her mouth. "I always knew Shawntell was a bossy little bitch that hated guys, but I didn't think that she was THAT much of a lesbian."

"She is." Zizzlorrn said, bursting out into laughter once again over the memory of Shawntell making a public fool out of herself before he caught his breath to speak up again. "That's exactly why she-"

"If you two idiots are done laughing at me and bring up a TOUCHY subject that I do NOT want to bring up ever again, I would like to get that battle that we have against the loser squad of Cockfang OVER WITH!!" Shawntell shouted at the top of her lungs in pure rage at both Cassandra and Zizzlorrn, clenching her teeth tightly as her was a red as a brightly-red tomato. Both Cassandra and Zizzlorrn quickly noticed Shawntell's super pissed off look as they turned to face her, but neither the former two Arrancars were deterred even the slightest as they were still laughing at Shawntell's well-deserved public humiliation at Zzaccharrionn's hands.

"Oh I'm sorry Shawntell, I couldn't help myself, I was just thinking on another God-Awful song that you are going to burst out into." Zizzlorrn sarcastically and mockingly said, gesturing his hands in front of Shawntell in a mockingly manner. "Oh, and one more thing, Cass and I, both of whom you deem to be "idiots" by the way, aren't the ones who got humiliated publicly by the God of Physics, and starting running around Las Dias, grabbing people's asses as a result."

Shawntell snarled like an angry, rabid pit bull as her teeth at this as her fists were clenched by her sides.

"Also, remember that you are still under probation, you know, the very same probation that Kennith put you on, so if you tried that same stunt again that you had tried two months ago when you acted a fool at Las Dias, then... well... bye bye Shawntell." Cassandra mockingly reminded as she waved her left hand in the manner of some waving goodbye, again, mockingly, while grinning a wide Cheshire-esque grin that was spread on Cassandra's face from ear to ear.

Both Cassandra and Zizzlorrn once again burst out into uncontrollable laughter. Two or three anger veins had begun to appear in Shawntell's forehead as a snarl had begun to emit itself from her tightly-clenched teeth. It would be so damn easy to just strangle Cassandra till she couldn't breathe, and then clock Zizzlorrn straight in the face. But decided that it wasn't worth it to even attempt to attacks these imbeciles that are happily laughing at her current misfortune due to currently being on a mission, as much as she REALLY wanted to do so at this point.

But at was then when Shawntell had begun to feel a pang of regret and remorse for the way she acted towards both Zizzlorrn, Cassandra, and Eileen, and some of the other low-ranked Espada Inversa, which was something that both Zzaccharrionn and Lliilliiatthhiiaa called her out for, which Shawntell responded by brutally and viscously insulting both of the Deities, which resulted in Zzaccharrionn spiking her coffee with one of the most lethal Arrancar alcoholic drinks in all of Hueco Mundo, which Shawntell unknowingly drank and causing Shawntell to get super drunk and making an absolute fool out of herself, which got her into HUGE trouble with Kennith, and almost got kicked out of the Espada Inversa as a result.

'You know what Zizzlorrn, you and Cassandra are right, I shouldn't make anymore smart comments like that towards either you or Cassandra, especially you, seeing as how you'll keep making fun of me by bringing up that issue with where Zzaccharrionn personally humiliated and made a fucking fool out of me.' Shawntell thought as she continued to eye her comrades, who were still laughing and cracking jokes at her expense. 'Not that I didn't deserve it mind you, because maybe that was a sign that my bitchiness and self-righteous attitude can and WILL get me into trouble, so maybe I shouldn't act so bitchy and bossy towards my allies so much, and instead...' Shawntell turned her head to face Hisako and Goro. 'I should only act so bitchy and bossy towards people like Qufang instead of my allies.'

Hisako and Goro had big, and hilarious comedic looks on their faces as the two Fraccion watched the Espada Inversa trio bickering amongst each other. Where these idiots SERIOUSLY ignoring them. Did they not realize on how screwed they truly were? But Goro noticed that Shawntell was turning her attention back to both him and Hisako, whereas both Zizzlorrn and Cassandra were still cracking jokes and laughing at Shawntell's expense.

"What the fuck is wrong with those three asslickers?!" Hisako asked herself as she continued to watch both Cassandra and Zizzlorrn laughing their assess off at Shawntell's misfortune.

"Beats me Qufang, but I think I overhead Zizzlorrn tell a joke about Shawntell that involved some guy named Nnoiivverrnn and crosswords and whatever." Goro replied, answering with a half-hearted shrug at his girlfriend's question. "But at least Shawntell is paying attention to us, whereas the two joker twins are still laughing their assess off at some stupid joke."

"Well, whatever the hell it is, I don't give a shit on what those two idiots are joking about, but I will NOT be IGNORED by them!!" Hisako yelled out as she turned to face the three El Ultima de Union Mascara Arrancars, and spoke up just to get their attention, jokingly leaning in, pretending to attempting to listen to them.  

"If you three shitheads are done with what whatever shitty comedy routine that you're having, I'd like to get this fucking battle OVER with!!" Hisako yelled, losing her patience by the Espada Inversa trio ignoring her just to talk about whatever they wanted to talk about.

All three El Ultima de Union Mascara Arrancars turned to face the impatient El Ojo de Formed Arrancar, with both Zizzlorrn and Cassandra calming themselves down from their laughter at Shawntell's expense. They had almost forgotten that Hisako and Goro were there.

"Oh Cockfang, we almost forgot about you." Zizzlorrn said, blinking his four crimson eyes at the purple-haired Fraccion as he was now facing her. "We were just having a moment, and we basically forgot all about you."

"Yeah well, now you can remember the face of the one who is going to skin you alive you fucking DICKHEAD!!" Hisako yelled as her face took on a far more comical and pissed-off one as her already-thin patience for the Espada Inversa was quickly diminishing. Zizzlorrn rolled his eyes at Hisako's threat towards them.

"I thought that my clone told you to never pry empty threats out from your asshole." Zizzlorrn retorted as he quickly got into a battle pose, returning to the battle at hand as he grinned at the enraged younger sister of Shawlong and Haildrian. "Otherwise, the people you try to threaten with those asinine threats will bre-"

"I don't give a shit on what your fucking clone says you asswipe!!" Hisako interrupted as she yelled at the male Arrancar with an aggravated look on her face. "That shithead clone of yours is fucking dust in the wind, and I'll make sure that you share his fate soon enough!! Along with your fucktard friends Cocksuckdra and Sluttell!!" Hisako threatened, more than eager to begin this battle, along with Goro.

"Well Cockfang if you are so sure of your superiority over us." Shawntell challenged as she walked forward, unsheathing both of her Zanpakuto's before she pointed the blade of her sword held in her right hand at Hisako's head. "Then prove it."

"Otherwise, do us all a favor and shut the fuck up you vile, purple-haired cunt." Cassandra mocked, pointing the blade of her sword at Hisako's face, which made the wicked, purple-haired, female Arrancar sneer evilly at the Espada Inversa trio.

"With pleasure bitches, with fucking pleasure." Hisako taunted right back before spreading her arms and claws, and the two slit eyes on her stomach glowing dark purple, along with the three eyes on Hisako's face, thus making herself look even far more intimidating than ever before. However neither Zizzlorrn, Cassandra, or Shawntell were the least bit intimidated by the frightening pose that Hisako had just put herself in. Hisako had noticed this and started into the eyes of her three opponents and saw the complete lack of fear that she usually saw in a person's eyes whenever she was staring them down and challenging them, especially in her El Ojo de Arrancar form, which was when an opponent would normally shiver in fear and beg for complete mercy or attempt to run away in battle. It was an interesting development; someone who would fight back against her and not show any fear while doing so, but it also annoyed Hisako even further. But she would make sure that the fear that an opponent would show whenever she would challenge them, especially in her El Ojo de Arrancar form, would quickly show and appear in the eyes of these Espada Inversa fools.

"Now then." Hisako mused, grinning eagerly as she was more than ready to rip these insolent Espada Inversa to shreds. "Which one of you three cocksuckers should I rip to shreds first... (Looks at Zizzlorrn) Eeny... (Looks at Cassandra) Meeny... (Looks at Shawntell) Miny..." And without warning, Hisako instantly appears in front of Zizzlorrn, grinning like a mad woman, much to the latter's shock, and much to the surprises of both Cassandra and Shawntell.

"Holy shi!" Zizzlorrn exclaimed as Hisako instantly appeared before him without any warning whatsoever. Hisako then quickly brought her claws down onto Zizzlorrn in an attempt to rip him into pieces. However Zizzlorrn quickly brought up his Zanpakuto in order to block Hisako's attempted surprise attack against him as her claws clashed violently against the blade of his Bat'leth-like Zanpakuto.

"MOE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!" Hisako shouted as she sent both her and Zizzlorrn flying across the desert at rapid speeds. The two Arrancars were sent crashing at an area far in the distance, which caused a large comet-sized explosion to occur at where Zizzlorrn and Hisako has crashed to, along with a huge gust of wind in the form of a large hurricane that blew massive amounts of sand into the air, destroying boulders with ease. Cassandra, Shawntell, and Goro were all completely unaffected by the immense wind blowing everywhere and around the vicinity, destroying several rock formations and many crystallized trees.

"HOLY shit that was fucking epic!!" Goro exclaimed in amusement, seeing as how Hisako was able to cause that much destruction. Then he turned to face the two female Espada Inversa members, grinning arrogantly. "Let's see on how your friends lasts before Hisako tears him to bloody shreds." Goro taunted, before he turned to look at the breasts of Cassandra and her cleavage, grinning seductively, much to the latter's disgust. "Oh look, now you became hot again with those C-cup tits of yours Cass showing off in the pale moonlight." Goro gleefully mused, slowly licking his lips with lust and desire.

"You're disgusting." Cassandra spat, her face grimacing with complete disgust. "Come any closer to me, and It'll be the last thing that you will ever do."

"Aww... don't be so mean Cass, I was only giving you a complement." Goro purred innocently, faking his hurt as his voice also housing sick amusement to it as well. "Besides you should take that complement, because you do have nice breasts, ones that you constantly show off through your cleavage."

"So what you're saying is is that I should show off my breasts and become a slut, just like your girlfriend." Cassandra retorted, as disgust was still in her voice, evidenced at the fact that she was being creeped out by the green-haired deviant.

"Cassandra, you shouldn't let this green-haired, dickless man-lady get to you." Shawntell encouraged as she continued to look at Goro, glaring at him. "Creeping out women is what he does, which is why he gets the ever-loving crap beaten out of him on a daily basis, while being cannibalized by the purple-haired donkey witch, who is a bald-headed guy that looks like a feminine dude. Plus remember that those who serve under Rajik are arrogant, idiotic, perverted, obnoxious imbeciles who are either horny, arrogant sluts with big tits that they constantly show off on a daily basis, perverted, dickless man-ladies who get their asses kicked by the woman that they creep out on a daily basis, horny, sex-crazed, bat-shit crazy cannibals who may look like a woman, but are actually bald-headed dudes who disguise themselves as women. Giant, disrespectful morons that are bald, fat, ugly, and rude, and possess massive egos and are complete assholes. Then again Yammy is too retarded to possess an ego, even though he is an asshole."

"I agree." Cassandra said, nodding her head before she spoke up again. "Because they know full well that they have the power to do whatever they want with no one to stop them and put them in their places." Cassandra added as she scowled at her green-haired adversary. "Especially Cockfang, and this filthy, green-haired pervert."

Goro looked at Cassandra with a very sweet expression before he spoke up to her. "Why thank you Cass, that's very kind." Cassandra rolled her eyes at this comment. "Besides I have seen plenty of boobs in my lifetime, big boobs, small boobs, and medium-sized tits, whether from Humans, Shinigami, and even from Arrancar chicks like you, and believe me, they are one of the BEST parts of the female anatomy, next to the ass and the thighs."

Both Cassandra and Shawntell's faces took on a look of disgust as they heard this. "You know Goro, guys like you REALLY give women the creeps, and are the reasons on why some women nowadays prefer to remain single, and give actual men like Ziz, who are true gentleman and actually respect women a BAD name." Cassandra sneered, pointing her blade at Goro's face. "Because that is what you actually are, a suck twisted fuck who goes around, watches women naked, and if highly possible..." Cassandra shuddered before she continued on. "On second thought, I don't want to even imagine on what sick shit you've been possibly doing to the women of Las Noches aside from Qufang."

"He also looks up a lot of depraved shit online whenever he gets the chance." Shawntell also added in a helpful tone. "Even though he himself looks like a girl, an ugly one at that. Besides Cassandra, keep in mind that you have dealt with sick creeps like Goro before and you either have told them to shove their dicks right up their anuses and kicked their asses should they have kept continuing on harassing you, so you should know by now on how to deal with Goro, either by telling him to shove it, or by shooting him in the nuts either with a Bala or a Cero, then castrate him slowly and painfully make him eat his own severed dick, simple as that."

Cassandra nodded in complete agreement as a confident smirk returned to her face. "You're right Shawntell, I can easily make Goro eat his own dick, just like I did with every other asshole that was stupid enough to make sick, perverted remarks towards me."

"Good to know." Shawntell said as she smirked at Cassandra's confidence returning before she spoke up again. "In the meantime, I'll go help Zizzlorrn deal with Qufang. Even though we both know that he can easily deal with Hisako all by himself without my help, but I am going to go help him anyway because I also want to teach Cockfang a lesson, and to humiliate him before I put him down permanently like the filthy, wretched dog that he is."

"Alright Shawntell, you go do that. In the meantime, I am going to teach Glen Quagmire Tu Odelschwank up there a lesson in respect." Cassandra announced as she ready for her battle against the son of Rajik and Nelliel.

Shawntell nodded her head. "Alright then Cassandra, since you have everything under control in this battle, I shall depart from here and go aid Zizzlorrn in his battle against the purple-haired donkey witch, good luck with your battle."

Thanks, the same to you Shawntell." Cassandra nodded right back as she watched Shawntell disappear though the use of Sonido, before she turned her attention back to Goro. "Alright then bug boy, it's just you and me."

"Thank God." Goro said, sighing in fake relief before he spoke up again. "I almost thought you two were NEVER going to shut the hell up about whatever personal issues you have with me or any other guys for that matter. I honestly thought that you were going to talk about going lesbian from that point." Goro mocked, finishing that sentence with a smug, mocking grin that had now adorned his face.

"No, I am just talking about on how much I am going to rip your balls out and make you eat your own fucking dick." Cassandra taunted, getting into a battle pose, ready to defeat Goro once and for all. "But I'm done talking, let's dance bug boy."

"With pleasure Assandra." Goro taunted, as his Reiatsu had begun to envelop his entire body. "You WILL fail!!! I will use this new form of mine to kill you, to show both you and your Espada Inversa friends that the Fracciones of the Cero Espada, Lord Rajik Fisher are NOT to be trifled with!!" Cassandra was not even the least bit intimidated by this, as she just continued to look at Goro with a solemn, confident, and fearless expression, which just severed to annoy Goro a bit further.

Cassandra: What new form? What is it with you people suddenly pulling new forms out from your asses?

"Oh you'll find out soon enough." Goro answered as his Reiatsu was beginning to increase. "Remember this name well Cassandra, for it will be the last name that you will EVER hear, I am Arrancar number Diecinueve (Nineteen), Goro Tu Odelschwank!! of the Cero Espada, Lord Rajik Marrdarra fisher, the strongest Espada of the Las Noches empire.

Cassandra still continued to glare at Goro as she continued to listen to his rant.

Goro: And here is another name that you should also remember well before your DEATH!! Strike Quickly, Kumo el Oscuro Venenoso!!!! (The Dark Poisonous Spider).

A giant gust of green and yellow wind begun to blow everywhere as Cassandra got into a battle stance, slightly putting her left hand above her face just to avoid getting sand into her eyes, not even affected by the winds blowing in the slightest. The winds had now quickly dispersed, which had also caused Cassandra to take her left arm away from her face, and now her eyes widened at the sight of the area around her as part of the desert was now covered in a thick web that is widespread everywhere across the desert, along with a giant cocoon that was as big as a house.

Just then, an insectoid hand burst from that cocoon, along with a second hand, which ripped apart the cocoon with ease. Just then Goro's head burst from the open cocoon, screeching a loud, banshee-like cry that echoed across the vicinity. followed by the rest of the his body soon after. Cassandra's eyes widened, not in fear, because in truth she was far from afraid, but she was shocked by the appearance of Goro's new form as the large, spider Arrancar stood in front of her, grinning madly, and ready to kill her.

Goro was now in a new form, which is his Primera Cambio de Modo form, Kumo el Oscuro Venenoso. Goro was now a lot larger than he was in his previous form, now being about the size of a house. Goro now has six additional eyes that were now located above his forehead and his first two eyes, thus giving him a total of eight eyes. These eyes have black sclera and black pupils, while they were golden yellow. He also now had sharp, cone-shaped, jagged teeth. He also grew two more sets of arms, which now gives him a total of eight arms. These eight arms now take on an insect-like carapace with sharp, clawed hands. A demonic, three-eyed face that resembled the face that Goro had in his base form was located on the center of his abdomen. Goro still retained his lower Hollow spider body part, which now has a 12th, slit, narrow eye located on the crotch area. The eye itself is the same color as the eyes on Goro's face. And his lower body now features 10, sharp, spider legs with razor-sharp blades located on the legs that Goro uses to impale his opponents through. Goro also wields 8, yellow-colored whips that he wields in his eight hands, all whom were coursing with electrical energy.

Cassandra still stood in her battle stance, scanning Goro's new form from head to toe, eyeing it very, very closely. 'So Goro just transformed into an even bigger bug, a scarier-looking bug, but a bug nonetheless.' Cassandra thought as her eyes were narrowed intensely. 'Although I don't know about the powers that Goro might have in this new form, they might be upgraded or brand new, but either way, Goro is STILL weaker than I am. It is very obvious that I don't need to waste my Resurreccion form on him, much less my Primera Cambio de Form, because if I did use my Resurreccion form against him, then the battle would be over VERY quickly. Plus, I can still easily beat Goro, even in my base form. But that doesn't mean that I shouldn't be on my guard, because if I am not careful and if I get careless, then I could get killed.'

Goro, amazed with himself that he was able to at least surprise Cassandra, grinned wickedly as he spoke, his voice was now a perfect blend and fusion between his original voice, and a distorted, demonic voice. "Excellent, that is kind of face that I had wanted to see from you Cassandra, a look of shock and FEAR!!" Cassandra rolled her eyes at this speech of Goro's speech about installing fear into Cassandra, which did not work due to Cassandra still being far more powerful than Goro, even in her base form. "You may be a part of the most feared organization of assassins in Hueco Mundo, but I am the Fraccion of the most FEARED and REVELIED Espada in all of Hueco Mundo, and within the Las Noches empire. And I will show you on what happens to those who DARE to trifle with the Cero Espada in any way, shape, or form, you insolent bitch!!"

Cassandra had continued to keep silent as she continued to listen to Goro's rant about Rajik and his subordinates being the Apex Predators of Hueco Mundo.

"Do you know what we do to people who are stupid and foolish enough to challenge us?!" Goro asked as Reiatsu had begun to envelop him, along with his eyes glowing dark red. "We torture them Cassandra, SLOWLY and PAINFULLY, we break, manipulate, and humiliate them!! We make them wish they were never BORN!!! We are the Apex Predators of Hueco Mundo, and we crush those who DARE to stand in our way. Those who are stupid enough to cross my Father, Rajik Marrdarra Fisher and defy him, are ERASED from this world, along with any speck of proof that they have EVER existed!! And both of your idiot leaders, along with the rest of your friends, shall suffer that fate VERY soon, along with the rest of El Ultima de Union Mascara. And you, you shall rue the day Cocksuckdra, for your sin of daring to challenge us, I will erase both you, and you worthless, miserable, insignificant life from history. And once I am through with you, you will have NEVER existed!!! You will be a forgotten memory, a forgotten stain of Hueco Mundo by the time that I am through with you!!! I shall make you wish that you were NEVER born!!!"

'Oh great, a filthy, lecherous bug wants to make me regret my existence, and is bragging about on he is supposedly "The Top Dog" in Hueco Mundo.' Cassandra thought to herself as she rolled her eyes at Goro's speech. "Arrogance is unhealthy Goro, and the hubris that you have for both you and your daddy, shall be your downfall."

"Speak for yourself you wench!! You think that because you are part of the most feared assassins in Hueco Mundo that you will be able to walk out from this ordeal alive?!" Goro sneered as he continued to speak. "You will fail Cassandra!!! I will KILL you to show both you and the REST of your Espada Inversa friends on what happens to those who DARE to trifle with the Cero Espada and his subordinates!!!" Cassandra had a solemn and uninterested expression on her face. "Those who have witnessed this form have NEVER escaped alive, I have devoured and annihilated them!! And you Cassandra... you are obviously NO exception. I shall consume you!! I will NOT leave a speck of you behind!!"

"Oh shut the hell up already!!" Cassandra yelled in complete exasperation, not really impressed by Goro's speech about on how he is going to kill her. "So you are the scariest douchebag in all of creation, nobody CARES!!!"

Goro frowned greatly as he had heard that. He was going to enjoy lacerating this insolent bitch into pieces.

"But if you're so damn sure of your own "superiority" over me." Cassandra challenged as she pointed her sword of the demonic, spider Arrancar, getting into a battle stance. "Then bring it!!!"

All of Goro's eleven eyes glowed red as the aura from his Reiatsu completely enveloped him, his powers all at the ready to strike Cassandra down. "Alright then you bitch!! I will kill you, to show both you and your Espada Inversa friends on why we are the most FEARED Arrancars in Hueco Mundo!! On why there is a DAMN GOOD REASON many cower, tremble, and shiver with fear at the mentions of our names!!" A huge gust of wind and Goro's Reiatsu blew over Cassandra, with sand and rocks flying everywhere, but it didn't make the female Espada Inversa member flinch, not even in the slightest.

Cassandra was completely unnerved by Goro and his threats and power and spoke, her voice brimming with both confidence and fearlessness, her sword pointed at the center of Goro's head. "You will try shitburger."

And just with that Goro yelled as he ran charging towards the El Ultima De Union Mascara member that was his opponent, who just stood there, awaiting her opponent to come to her. A massive explosion was then seen, along with a large gust of wind that blew across the vicinity, as it now indicated that the two Arrancars have now begun their battle, which was a battle between the son and Fraccion of Rajik Marrdarra Fisher, the most powerful and feared Espada in Hueco Mundo and the Las Noches empire, Goro Tu Odelschwank. And Cassandra Ann Lafreniere, a member of the most largest and deadliest Arrancar and Hollow organization in all of Hueco Mundo, El Ultima de Union Mascara, and also a member of the third most, deadliest assassin group in Hueco Mundo, next to the Comandante and the Los Emperadors, The Espada Inversa.
Bleach Los Espadas PE Calm Before The Storm Pt. 11
The eleventh prologue of my story, Bleach: Los Espadas. Where Rajik, Hisako, Goro, Yammy, Yukiku, and Ulquiorra are confronted by several
Arrancars from a mysterious organization known as El Ultima de Union Mascara.

All of my characters belong to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen:

Rajik, Hisako, Goro, and Yukiku belong to :iconmikerules135:

Whereas Ulquiorra, Rudobon, and Yammy belong to :icontitekuboplz:
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