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Name: Ccattherrinee

Last Name: Piietrrowwskki

Race: Deity/Goddess

Deity Classification: Ccattherrinee is the Latin Goddess of Dimensions, just like her older sister Aavvrriill.

Gender: Female

Age: 612000000000000000000560000000000000000005424

Age Appearance: 34

Birthday: June 19

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Relationship Status: Single

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5.8

Weight: 132ibs

Blood Type: AAA-

Eye Color: Blue Gray

Skin Color: Pale

Hair Color: Red/Ginger

Hair Style: Short, chin-length, curly hair.

Physical Appearance: Ccattherrinee is a pale-skinned, attractive woman who appears to be in her early 30s, along with a slender but feminine build. And she wears a pair of forest green-colored, rimmed glasses. The words Dimensiva Domina (Dimensional Lady) are located and written on the center of her forehead in perfect cursive.

Affiliation: Latin Pantheon/One if the many aides who works for Lord Dimesniones himself.

Occupation: Ccattherrinee works as a Dimension guardian, helping and aiding Lord Dimesniones in making sure that certain planets, suns, celestial objects, and stars don't end up in the wrong dimensions.

Residence: Ccattherrinee lives on Earth in America. She resides in Arlington, Virginia in the Clarendon area in an apartment close to the Clarendon Metro station.

Relatives: Luumonn Piietrrowwskki (Older/Eldest Brother), Aavvrriill Piietrrowwskki (Older/Eldest Sister), Frreddie Piietrrowwskki (Younger/Youngest Brother), Pallkiion Piietrrowwskki (Father), Vestiilla Piietrrowwskki (Mother), Luumonn Piietrrowwskki (Parental Grandfather), Azeula Piietrrowwskki (Parental Grandmother), Jjinaa Piietrrowwskki (Parental Aunt), Crronorrs Piietrrowwskki (Parental Uncle), Paandorr Piietrrowwskki (Parental Uncle), Alpetus Piietrrowwskki (Parental Uncle), Inperion Piietrrowwskki (Parental Uncle), Sselenaa Piietrrowwskki (Parental Aunt).

Teammates: Ccattherrinee's two other teammates are Bbeattrixx Hhennesseyy and Jjorssenn Ssammuell MmcCorrmacckk. She has been friends with the Time and Space Deities for 200 Octillion years.

Main Outfit: Ccattherrinee's outfit is very similar to the Organization XIII uniform, with the Organization XIII coat, and gloves. However the outfit does differ a bit, as she wears black-colored, feminine dress shoes. And she wears black-colored dress pants. Plus she wears a lavender-colored, short-sleeved, dress shirt underneath her coat. And she also wears a white-colored tie with several spiral-like swirls designed on the tie itself, which are dark blue in color. Also the coat itself has twin criss-cross sashes located on her waist, which carry her swords. The coat itself does not in any way, shape, or form restrict and hinder Ccattherrinee's movements at all, as she is perfectly capable of moving at perfectly normal speeds.

Element: Dimensional Manipulation.

Strengths: being a Goddess, Ccattherrinee is immortal, which means that she cannot die from natural or unnatural causes. And she is incapable of dying of any sicknesses and illnesses of any kind, regardless of whether they are fatal or non-fatal.

Weaknesses: Although Ccattherrinee is immortal, this does not mean that she cannot be harmed. She can still experience pain, and receive psychical damage. She can also be wounded to the point of death.

Standard Deity Attacks and Abilities: As a Goddess, Ccattherrinee possesses the standard Divine abilities of her kind, such as immortality and teleportation.

Teleportation: Like all other Deities, Ccattherrinee can teleport herself and others at will. She has demonstrated the capability of quickly teleporting in order to escape from dangerous, or life-threatening situations. Ccattherrinee disappears by either quickly disintegrating into the wind when teleporting, or she can just simply vanish into thin air when teleporting. Ccattherrinee can also teleport over short distances, she uses this to attack and surprise her opponents and other people. She can also teleport over longer distances as well. Her teleportation level is on a planetary/dimensional scale, as she is more than capable of moving anywhere on the planet or the dimension she is in, and to the closest satellite such as the Moon. She can teleport mass equal to buildings.

Flight: Like all Deities, Ccattherrinee is also capable of flying.

Dimensional Portals: Like all Deities, Ccattherrinee has the ability to create portals that can take her from dimension to dimension, universe to universe with ease, and without any drawback or any other problems whatsoever.

Lifespan vision: Like all Deities, Ccattherrinee can see the exact lifespans of Humans and spiritual beings, such as Shinigami, Hollows, and Arrancars.

Immortality: Being a Goddess, Ccattherrinee is immortal, which means that she can live forever and never die. This means that she cannot die from natural or unnatural causes, nor can she die from aging/old age. She is also immune to diseases, toxins, poisons of any and all kinds, and sicknesses. A another huge testament to her immortality is that she can also breathe and survive without atmospheric air, enabling her to survive in space, and thanks to her Godly physiology, she can completely and absolutely withstand and survive in the vacuum of space, the harsh temperature, and the intense direct radiation of outer space that a mortal would receive from prolonged time in space. And she can also breathe underwater and survive within the titanic pressures of underwater. Ccattherrinee can even survive within Lava, and it wouldn't do ANY damage to either her or her clothing. Long story short, because Ccattherrinee is an immortal Deity, she can survive ANYWHERE.

Super Strength: As a Goddess, Ccattherrinee possesses formidable physical strength, and is much stronger than an average mortal person, or even an well-armored and trained Human. She can easily lift a person effortlessly, and defeat an ordinary Human (well-trained or not) with ease. And she is capable of breaking and caving in the ribs of a Human with a single punch or kick.

Shape shifting: Ccattherrinee is able to shapeshift and disguise herself into a Mortal version of herself, or shape-shift into either an Arrancar or a Shinigami version of herself. She can even change her size to make herself as large as a building or as small as either an ant or a gnat.

Unique Powers: Dimensional Manipuation: Just like her older sister Aavvrriill, Ccattherrinee can manipulate the personal dimensions of the other Gods, along with her own personal dimension, beginning with the physical 0-D, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D, 4-D, and so on, changing the designs of the dimensions to whatever and however she wishes. She can even send other people to what dimension she wishes to send them.

Personal Dimension: Like all other Gods and Goddesses, Ccattherrinee has a personal Dimension that she rules over and governs. The dimension. The inhabitants of her dimension are souls and spirits who are either in Humanoid form or in an eldritch abomination form, or an oddly mix of both.


Weapon: Ccattherrinee's weapons are in the form of twin katana. These swords  have silver-colored blades which have a blue outlining. And the sheaths are silver blue in color. The hilts of the swords are also steel blue in color, and the tsuba/guards of the swords are shaped like spiral galaxies. The swords can be combined into a dual-blade from the back of the hilt, or can extend to be lashed like a whip-like blade, both of which she can use to deliver out maximum damage to her opponents.

Reiatsu Color: Deep Jungle Green

Reiryoku Level: Immense Spiritual Energy: Being a Goddess, Ccattherrinee possesses Divine Reiryoku that is completely undetectable and unmountable to Mortals and other supernatural beings, such as Shinigami, Hollows, and Arrancars. Her God-Reiryoku can only be sensed by other Gods and Demigods, seeing as how the latter possess a mix of normal Reiryoku and Divine Reiryoku, which is a result of being an offspring of a God and a Human, or a God and a Soul Reaper, or a God and an Arrancar.


Dimensiva Profligo (Dimensional Shatter):

Personality: Unlike her older sister Aavvrriill who is serious and stoic, Ccattherrinee is casual, laid back, and easy-going Goddess who doesn't let stress, either from disrespectful people or from life get to her.

Seiyu (Japanese Voice Actress): Unknown

English Voice Actress: Felicia Day
Ccattherrinee Piietrrowwskki
Ccattherrinee Piietrrowwskki is the Latin Goddess of Dimensions.

Ccattherrinee Piietrrowwskki belongs to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen
Zanpakuto/Resurreccion Name: The name of Eileen's Zanpakuto is Reina Psíquico Vampiro (Psychic Vampire Queen).

Zanpakuto Description: Eileen's Zanpakuto Reina Psíquico Vampiro is in the form of a shield and a sword. The first shield half of her Zanpakuto is in the shape of a large, oval-shaped, shield that is about the same size as Eileen herself. It is a purely white-colored, and clean, like newly fallen snow, and it has a Lavender Gray outlining. Reina Psíquico Vampiro also has two forms that it can switch to on Eileen's will. Due to its size, Eileen wields her Zanpakuto through her telekinetic abilities/powers without Eileen herself holding onto it, as she can either use it to defend herself from her enemies or for offensive attack against them. Eileen's shield Zanpakuto, when not in battle, is usually carried behind Eileen's back in the manner of a backpack, and Eileen carries it behind her back like it NEVER weighs anything, and accordance to this it doesn't hinder her movements at all whenever she carries it behind her back.

Zanpakuto Defensa de Modo (Defense Mode): In Defensa de Modo form, Reina Psíquico Vampiro is in the shape of a large, oval-shaped, shield that is about the same size as Eileen herself. It is a purely white-colored, and clean, like newly fallen snow, and it has a Lavender Gray outlining. It also has a slit, narrow eye located on its center and its front that is always closed.

Zanpakuto Batalla de Modo (Battle Mode): The Mode de Batalla form for Reina Psíquico Vampiro always activates whenever Eileen pours her Reiatsu into her shield. The Modo de Batalla form for Eileen's Zanpakuto is when the slit, narrow eye located on the shield's center and its front, opens up. The eye has a lavender-colored sclera, along with a white iris, followed by a dark purple slit pupil. Five spikes also appear on the top of the shield. The top of the shield is now lined by four small spikes and a fifth, larger one in the middle.

The second half of Reina Psíquico Vampiro takes the form of a Jian. The blade is lavender gray in color and it is capable of cutting through almost anything, as Eileen can use it to slash, stab, and swiftly cut her opponents in half. Upon cutting through an enemy, the blade cauterizes the wound as to not only prevent bleeding, but in the case of Hollows and Arrancars, can also prevent Eileen's opponent from regenerating as well should they have access to High-Speed Regeneration. The cauterized wound can also begin to slowly and painfully crystallize an opponent, starting with their blood followed by the rest of their body, slowly killing them. The hilt itself is Periwinkle in color, and the guard is colored pink. The sword is carried around in a steel blue-colored scabbard with a lavender gray strap that goes across her chest.

Resurreccion Command: The release command for Eileen's Zanpakuto, Reina Psíquico Vampiro is Suck Thee Dry (Tani Dorai Wosuu).

Resurreccion Transformation: In order to transform from her base form into her released state, Eileen cuts both of her palms with the Jian half of Reina Psíquico Vampiro before the sword itself fades away into lavender gray sparkly dust that completely surrounds Eileen. Eileen will then lick all of the blood off of her bleeding hands, once after this is done, she will then sit down onto the ground in a meditation pose and go into a meditative state. Her shield-like Zanpakuto instantly appears in front of Eileen before it splits and divides itself into four copies of itself, with two surrounding Eileen on her left and right sides, and with the other two surrounding both her back and her front, perfectly shielding her from sight. The eyes of the four shields also glow a lavender gray sheen as they all erect an impenetrable Lavender Gray barrier, which will completely surround both Eileen and the four shields that are surrounding her. Not only does this action protect Eileen from an attempted attack either on her life and in general, but it also prevents the Resurreccion process from being interrupted. While inside of the barrier, Lavender Gray Reiatsu begins to envelop Eileen's entire body as she closes her eyes before she holds out both of her arms outstretched in front of her for five seconds before she spreads them out, motioning to the two shields on both her left and her right. Eileen will then say: "Suck Thee Dry" Before she clasps her hands together, taking in a deep breath before these next three words leave her lips as her eyes open, now glowing in a lavender gray color.

"Reina Psíquico Vampiro."

With the incantation now complete, the four shields that completely surround Eileen along with the barrier that envelops both Eileen and her four shields all quickly glow a lavender gray hue before they explode on and around Eileen in an atomic explosion and completely envelop and obscure her from sight and within the explosion, which is then surrounded in three pillars of psychic lavender gray winds and lavender gray flames that orbit the explosion, which emit lavender gray sparkles. Just then a huge beam of lavender gray light deseeds from the sky and completely envelops the transforming Eileen, the three flame pillars and flames while the sparkles itself spread across the vicinity. After 10 seconds, the large beam itself disperses in a mighty explosion as lavender gray smoke begins to blast across the vicinity. Eileen is at first shown in a silhouette from behind the smoke before she uses her psychic powers to completely disperse the smoke from around her, thus revealing Eileen in a new form, her Resurreccion form.

Resurreccion: Primera Etapa/Released Form: In her released form, Eileen now has long, dark blue hair, which has grown to become belly-button-length. Eileen’s eyes have also changed color, as they are now dark blue instead of the violet blue that they were in her base form. Eileen now has vampiric fangs, and she can change her mouth from a regular-shaped mouth into a horizontal-oriented shaped mouth with a row of cone-shaped, sharp teeth and back to her regular-shaped mouth with fanged teeth at will. On the base of her throat is a third, feminine-looking eye with big, eyelashes that is the same color as the eyes located on Eileen’s face. Eileen’s clothing has also changed, as she now wears a short-sleeved, dress shirt, which has a lavender gray-colored tie. And she wears a long, ankle-lengthed, black, dark green and white-striped non-pleated dress, along with black, pointy-toed, dress shoes. Plus she also wears a black-colored, witch hat. Also the weapons that she wields are very similar to her Zanpakuto back in her base form; expect that they have changed shape.

Attacks and Abilities in Resurreccion: Primera Etapa Form:

Greatly Enhanced Hierro: In her Resurreccion form, Eileen’s Hierro is greatly enhanced, to the point where she can take direct attacks from an opponent without any physical damage to herself whatsoever.

Enhanced Jaws: In her released state, Eileen can expand her mouth and throat to swallow and consume small animals’ whole, such as cats, dogs, and rats. She naturally does this to heal herself and restore her strength back to full health should she be wounded, or to increase her strength by 10&.

Sonidoportation: In her Primera Etapa form, Eileen’s Sonido has become vastly enhanced to the point where her Sonido has become teleportation itself. While teleportation is a rather redundant ability for an Arrancar, but House Talamantez, being psychics possess the ability to teleport alongside with Sonido, whether in their base forms, Resurreccion forms, etc. Eileen can instantly use her Sonidoportation to warp the distance between her and an opponent in a flash, thus catching them off guard and by surprise. And just like her Brillante Sonido (Shimmering Sound) technique from her base form, Eileen can even move rather SUPER quickly by sprinting while leaving behind afterimages of herself in her place, which quickly vanish in less than a second. Eileen can even Sonidoport so fast that she can even leave an afterimage behind for deceptive purposes whereas the real Eileen herself swiftly and mercilessly cuts down her opponent.

Enhanced Telekinesis: In her Primera Etapa form, Eileen’s telekinetic powers and abilities are greatly enhanced.
Eileen Cheila Talamantez Part 3. Resurreccion.
Part. 3 of Eileen Cheila Talamantez, which features her Zanpakuto, her released form/Primera Etapa form, and her Primera Cambio de Modo form.

Eileen Cheila Talamantez belongs to be A.K.A. :iconjorssen
Zanpakuto/Resurreccion Name: The name of Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto is called Rey Materia Diablo Oscuro (Dark Matter Devil King).

Zanpakuto Description: Rey Materia Diablo Oscuro is in the form of a giant black and dark gray-colored Bat'leth that resembles a crescent-shaped, two-ended scimitar, along with three handholds along the outside edge of the blade. Which he carries it around his back. The handholds themselves are leather, which makes it more comfortable for Zizzlorrn to hold his Zanpakuto. Rey de Materia Diablo Oscuro is about the same size as Zizzlorrn himself. And it's also very indestructible, and it will become unliftable if it were to be wielded by anyone but Zizzlorrn himself. Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto can also operate like a boomerang, for he can throw it at an enemy or multiple foes for that matter with the intent on bifurcating them or cutting them in half, before the Bat'leth returns back to Zizzlorrn in the same fashion as a returning boomerang does. He can also telekinetically control the Bat'leth-like Zanpakuto. This allows him to attack enemies from any direction and spin the blade like a saw.

Resurreccion Command: The release command for Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto, Rey de Materia Diablo Oscuro is Conquer and Devour (Kuiiru Uchikatsu Miru).  

Resurreccion: Primera Etapa Transformation: When about to initiate the transformation from his base form into his Resurreccion: Primera Etapa form, Zizzlorrn spins Rey de Materia Diablo Oscuro around a couple of times before he strikes it into the ground. Or if he is airborne, he will hold it out in front of him. Just as black and dark red Reiatsu envelops him in the form of a massive pillar, and as black and dark red electricity surrounds and envelops him, he then declares the release command followed by the name of his Zanpakuto.

"Conquer and Devour, Rey de Materia Diablo Oscuro".

With the incantation complete, both Zizzlorrn and his Zanpakuto will then be enveloped and surrounded by a black and dark red orb/sphere which is surrounded and crackling with black and dark red electricity, in which multiple black and dark red eyeballs will then surround and orbit the sphere as they fired black and dark red lasers on it. This lasts for 10 seconds before the orb itself explodes in a violent burst of black and dark red Reiatsu, which leaves behind a large amount of black and dark red smoke in its wake, once the smoke clears, Zizzlorrn's new Resurrección form will be revealed.

Resurreccion: Primera Etapa/Released Form: In his Primera Etapa form, Zizzlorrn now has a spherical body that is pitch black and streaked with dark gray. The Mask fragment that once covered his eyes are now completely gone, leaving his four red eyes perfectly exposed. In addition, Zizzlorrn gains another set of eyes which are located above his two upper eyes, and are the same color as giving him a total of six eyes, along with a large, narrow eye located on the forehead area, which is the same color as his other six eyes. The inside of Zizzlorrn's mouth is pitch black, and the mouth itself is now a jagged, toothy opening. And he has three thick black and dark gray tentacles sprouting out of his body, two on his top and one on his underside. The tips of the blades of weapons on the end of them that each resemble Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto in his base/unreleased form. On the top of his head there is a black and dark grey-colored sharp-clawed, ten-fingered hand, which has a face on its center. This face has four eyes that are the same color as his seven other eyes, along with a narrow mouth, which has, triangle, cone-shaped, sharp teeth.

Attacks and Abilities in Resurreccion: Primera Etapa Form: In his released form, Zizzlorrn gains an array of new and powerful Attacks and Abilities, alongside his old one, which are greatly enhanced by 60%.

Enhanced Sonido: In his Primera Etapa form, Zizzlorrn's Sonido

Enhanced Hierro: Coming Soon

Enhanced Pesquisa: Coming Soon

Demoníaco Cuerpo Reordenamiento (Demonic Body Rearrangement): Coming Soon.

Crujido Diabólica (Devilish Crunch): Coming Soon

Alfa Fantasma Slasher (Alpha Phantom Slasher): Coming Soon

Cero Materia Oscuras (Dark Matter Zero): Coming Soon

Oscura Materia Maldición (Dark Matter Curse): Coming Soon

Infección Materia Oscura (Dark Matter Infection): Zizzlorrn unleashes a black and dark red smoke-like miasma from his entire body, which quickly radiates all over and covers the entire vicinity in black/dark red smoke. The attack is completely undodgeable as the second Zizzlorrn unleashes it, it moves at a speed which is completely unavoidable, which makes dodging the attacks with teleportation-like abilities such as Sonido, Flash Steps, Hirenkyaku, and teleportation itself utterly useless.

Degradación de la Materia Oscura (Dark Matter Breakdown): Coming Soon

Materia Oscura Infierno (Dark Matter Hellfire): Coming Soon

Primera Cambio de Modo form command: N/A.

Primera Cambio de Modo form transformation: N/A.

Primera Cambio de Modo form: N/A

Primera Cambio de Modo abilities/attacks: N/A.
Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx Pt. 3 Resurreccion.
Part. 3 of Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx, which features his Zanpakuto, his released form/Primera Etapa form, and his Primera Cambio de Modo form.

Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx belongs to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen:
Element: Dark Matter.

Basic Arrancar Attacks and Abilities: Being an Arrancar, Zizzlorrn possesses the standard natural attacks and abilities of his race. But he is skilled in many of the Arrancar arts, such as Bala and Cero.

Bala Master: Zizzlorrn excels at the Arrancar attack known as Bala. His Balas are not only fast, but they have also been known to wield the deadly power of a Cero, which is quite unusual for a normal Bala. His Balas are able to either blow low-leveled opponents into pieces or blow large Holes into their bodies. Zizzlorrn's Balas can also cause fifth-degree burns to his opponents if it doesn't either blow holes into their bodies, or outright blow them into pieces.

Cero Master: Zizzlorrn is more than capable of firing one Cero from each hand/the palms of his own hands, or both Ceros at the same time from both of his hands. He can also do the same thing from his fists. Zizzlorrn can fire both Ceros from the palms of his hands or fists at point-blank range in order to increase their lethality, such as badly burning his opponents or completely vaporizing them into dust. He can also fire a Cero from his mouth. It takes Zizzlorrn less than one second to charge a Cero, and he can perfectly fire it with perfect accuracy. And he knows on how much power to add to the Ceros that he fires, which ranges from badly burning his opponents with fifth-degree burns to outright vaporizing them into dust/nothingness.

Sonido Expert: Zizzlorrn may not be one of the more gifted Sonido users within the Espada Inversa, but he is an expert in the art of Sonido however, despite the fact that his Sonido doesn't come close to the Espada Inversa members who are the true masters of the technique. But Zizzlorrn is okay with it, as he does not use his Sonido constantly to show off, and to get a direct angle on his opponent. Instead he prefers to use it mainly for surprise attacks, such as his Fantasma Slasher ability for example. He is also a Practitioner at the enhanced Sonido technique, Gemelos Sonido.

Descorrer: Like all Espada-leveled Arrancars, Zizzlorrn is capable if utilizing the enhanced version of Garganta, Descorrer, which unlike the standard Garganta utilized by Fraccion, Numeros, and regular-leveled Arrancars, which can only allow them to move between dimensions only, the Descorrer is capable of taking the user ANYWHERE they wish, which ranges from other dimensions, other places within those dimensions, to other places in other dimensions, etcetera, etcetera.

Enhanced Hierro: A GREAT portion of Zizzlorrn's Reiatsu is mainly focused into his Hierro, which is very formidable and strong. And because of this, Zizzlorrn's Hierro is the 3rd hardest of the Espada Inversa. He is perfectly capable of taking on Capitan and Espada-class foes with his own bare hands. And he can simply deflect released Zanpakutos' from Fraccion, Numeros, Lieutenant, and officer-seated level opponents simply with his bare hands, and surviving most attacks that they throw at him due to the enhanced defense that his Hierro gives him. However those who are of Capitan and Espada-level, and are stronger than him for that matter, are capable of piercing his skin without any effort whatsoever. Even faster opponents will have a difficult time harming him due to the formidable defense that his Hierro provides for him. Capitan’s and Espadas who are below and around his level are also capable of cutting him given the appropriate amount of strength and effort.

Pesquisa Master: Zizzlorrn's skill with Pesquisa is very impressive, as it allows him to detect opponents’ incoming and oncoming attacks with little effort whatsoever. He can also detect on how powerful his opponent is by simply pointing his finger at them. Zizzlorrn's complete mastery of Pesquisa has aided and served him very well in battle, as he has been able use it in order to detect opponents attacks and movements on time and either avoid them, dodge them, or block, dispel, and parry them before they can even have the chance to strike him with their attacks.

Hakuda Master: In addition to his powerful Hierro, Zizzlorrn excels in the hand-to-hand combat area known as Hakuda. His punches and kicks are more than capable of breaking ribs and busting certain internal organs, such as the heart, lungs, and the brain. Punctures of those vital organs are more than capable of causing death to his opponents should they not be strong enough to resist his deadly punches and kicks. A simple kick to the throat is more than capable of breaking an opponent's neck. Each of his punches and kicks feel like two large sledgehammers are being slammed into an opponent's body with full force, given his tough Hierro and enhanced strength.

Enhanced Strength: Like all Arrancars, Zizzlorrn has superhuman strength. He is able to easily punch through the body of an ordinary Human, low-level Soul Reaper, or low-leveled Arrancar. He can easily lift and hurl an ordinary Human about like a rag doll. And he can even easily punch a hole through a person's chest quite easily as if it were butter. And with only a few punches and kicks, Zizzlorrn is more than capable of breaking every bone in his victims body. But a single punch to the ribs is more than enough of breaking and shattering them completely.

Superhuman Endurance: Like other members of House Zzirrettrraxx, Zizzlorrn's life-force is EXTREMELY POWERFUL, as he has an above pain FIFTYSHOLD and can endure EXTREMELY PAINFUL torture methods, such as being stabbed multiple times, even in the heart. If Zizzlorrn were to be mortally/fatality wounded to the point of dying, it would take 60 minutes for him to still be alive, before he succumbs to his mortal injures and dies. As for a fatal injury, Zizzlorrn would only be alive for 30 minutes before he succumbs to his fatal injuries and dies. Long story short, Zizzlorrn is fully and perfectly capable of enduring mortal and fatal injuries that would kill an ordinary human or weak, low-tier Arrancars, as well as weak, low-tier Shinigami for about 30 and 20 minutes respectively. He is also able to walk through some of the most devastating onslaughts fearlessly, making his way to his target without tiring out or slowing down due to his extensive injuries.

Immense Durability: Coming Soon

Zanjutsu Master: Coming Soon

Reiatsu Color: Black and Dark Red

Cero and Bala color: Black and Dark Red

Reiryoku Level: Immense Spiritual Energy: As an Espada-leveled Arrancar, Zizzlorrn possess a great deal of spiritual energy, which makes him to be VERY powerful, and is beyond High High Sexta Espada tier, and is around mid-low Quinto Espada tier. His Reiryoku level is absolutely monstrous, and he is capable of fighting against two Espada/Capitan-leveled opponents in his base form for LONG periods of time and perfectly holding his own against them, even when they have already gone into their own Resurreccion/Cambio de Modo/Bankai forms. He has perfect control over his Reiatsu, and is capable of utilizing his Reiatsu as a shield for himself from powerful attacks. He can also use his Spiritual Energy to severely burn his opponents alive, to the point of nearly incinerating them.

Special Abilities/Attacks:

Dark Matter Manipulation: Zizzlorrn has absolute control over dark matter. He can create, shape, and manipulate Dark matter to its fullest degree. He can use Dark Matter to manipulate Gravity magnetism, and he can use dark matter in the same way as regular matter or antimatter. Zizzlorrn can draw the cosmic energies from the dark matter that he controls to achieve various feats, such as telekinesis, force-field projection, and energy production. He can even manipulate the laws of Physics to some extent, such as he can make an attack that hasn't landed on an opponent land. Another testament to Zizzlorrn's minor control over the laws of physics thanks to his manipulation over dark matter is that he can also make himself immune to some temporal-based attacks, such as being frozen in time or being aged into dust/being pre-aged into nothingness.

Esfera del Alma (Soul Sphere): An enhanced version of the standard Arrancar technique Gonzui. Zizzlorrn holds out either one hand in front of him, and as a result the souls of the beings in a large radius around him are drawn into and converted into a solid Soul sphere. Zizzlorrn can then consume this Soul-made sphere in order to empower himself (which he NEVER does because he chooses NOT to, only preferring to get stronger through intense training, not by eating and consuming Souls and other beings for that matter). Or he can give the Soul-made sphere to his allies for them to consume in order to increase their strengths (which is something that he ALWAYS does, he mainly gives these Soul Spheres to Eileen for her to consume, which is something that she greatly accepts and does).

Gemelos Sonido: Zizzlorrn is also able to utilize the Gemelos Sonido technique in order to create up to three life-like clones of himself. He can use these clones of his own to gang up on his opponents, or use them as distractions in order for him to prepare a powerful surprise attack against his enemies, or as escape methods, using them to distract his enemies in order to give him time to escape or infiltrate an enemy base. This is an ability that Skullak Tuma had taught him during his time in Aizen's army before his defection to El Ultima de Union Mascara. When training, Zizzlorrn usually spends his time perfecting this technique so that he will be able to create more lifelike clones of himself, and make these clones last much longer.

Fantasma Slasher (Phantom Slasher): One of Zizzlorrn's lethal and deadly moves. Should Zizzlorrn somehow manage to catch his opponent off guard, Zizzlorrn will then take advantage of his opponents temporarily distraction and become temporarily intangible as the blade of his Zanpakuto begins to glow with his Reiatsu before he quickly and swiftly slashes through his adversary, causing him/her to explode with blood, mortally or fatally wounding them depending on the opponents strength, or stunning his opponent should they be stronger than him. Zizzlorrn can also spin his Zanpakuto around in order to accentuate the damage by 20% percent. This is Zizzlorrn's favorite technique that he mainly enjoys utilizing in his base/Fuerza de Resurreccion forms. In fact, he loves this technique so much that he even created a stronger enhanced version of it in his Resurreccion form. Zizzlorrn usually catches the opponent off guard by firing multiple Balas at him or her.

However, if the opponent is able to quickly sense the attack in time before Zizzlorrn can strike him/her, and manage to block, parry, and dodge his incoming attack, then Zizzlorrn will turn tangible once again, and Fantasma Slasher will not work. Zizzlorrn learned this ability from his older brother Ziidrron Drakken Zzirrettrraxx.

Caótica Bala Muerte (Chaotic Death Bullet): By punching either his left or right fists through the chest/stomach of an opponent, Zizzlorrn can discharge one or multiple Balas within the opponent's body from one of his embodied fists. After he removes either one of his embodied hands from the target's stomach, he can either throw the opponent into the air should he and his foe be grounded, or let them drop to the ground should he and his target be airborne. Finally, Zizzlorrn then clenches either his left or right hands into a fist, causing the opponent to explode from the inside in a combination of blood and a deadly explosion. The attack power depends on if Zizzlorrn wants to kill the opponent or not. If he has been ordered to neutralize the target, then all he'll make the attack do is to greatly cripple the opponent.

Viga de Mala Cero (Wicked Zero Beam): Zizzlorrn can disperse his mask fragment from his face in the same manner Visoreds disperse their Hollow Masks from their faces, thus revealing his four red eyes uncovered and exposed. Zizzlorrn's eyes will then quickly glow both dark red (irises) and black (pupils and sclera) before he fires four dark red and black Cero beams from his four eyes at his opponent, which will either burn his adversary alive in black and dark red flames, either incinerating them into nothingness or burning them with 10-degree burns while keeping them alive. Or he can use this attack to melt his victims alive slowly and painfully by disintegrating them into nothing but a puddle of blood and melted guts.

Negro Fuego del Infierno (Black Hellfire): Zizzlorrn utilizes this attack by grabbing his enemy by the neck. He will then mentally channel his Spiritual Energy into the victim's body, which will then burn his victim alive from the inside and outside in black and dark red flames, with the outside and inside burns burning his victim SEVERELY with twenty-degree burns, which can kill any weak, low-level victim but leave the strongest opponents alive, but mortally to fatally wounded to the point of near-death. This attack can also burn Zizzlorrn's victims alive to the point of outright killing them by burning them into complete nothingness. Zizzlorrn himself is COMPLETELY immune to this ability of his, so should an opponent somehow managed to reflect this attack right back at him either through a reverse technique, illusionary technique or otherwise, it WOULD NOT work. Instead the fire from this technique would envelop him for ten seconds without harming either him or his clothing or his Zanpakuto for that matter before it disperses from him completely, leaving Zizzlorrn COMPELETLY unharmed.

Infectado Cuerpo de Materia Oscura (Infected Dark Matter Body): Zizzlorrn surrounds himself with his own Black and Dark Red-colored Reiatsu, which lasts for about 5 seconds before the black and dark red Reiatsu completely vanishes from Zizzlorrn's body. However, the IS an affect that took place just now. Should an enemy attack Zizzlorrn or even touch him, or if Zizzlorrn attacks/touches his enemy, he/she will become infected and poisoned with the dark matter that had been infused with the Reiatsu Zizzlorrn had enveloped himself with. Zizzlorrn can choose on which part of the body the dark matter poison should infect his opponent at, which ranges from the entire body to one or more body parts. And he can also make the pain in a certain body part of his enemy to be nigh-unbearable. As Zizzlorrn's opponent continues to keep battling him, in time the dark matter poison will tend to kick in and subject the victim to extreme unbearable pain and cause him/her to cough up blood in the process.
The dark matter poison can prevent Zizzlorrn's enemy from healing the part of the body that Zizzlorrn had infected with his dark matter. And he can also use the dark matter to weaken his opponent's Hierro should his enemy be another Arrancar. The wound and poison can only be healed if Zizzlorrn removes the poison from his opponent.

Materia Oscuro Ilusión (Dark Matter Illusion): An illusionary technique, Zizzlorrn spreads his arms out before a huge, invisible, odorless smoke explodes out from Zizzlorrn's arms and quickly begins to envelop and surround the entire area in less than 5 seconds with the odorless smoke that Zizzlorrn had unleashed from his widespread arms. Anyone who is weaker than Zizzlorrn that inhales this invisible breath will be subjected to an illusion that will make Zizzlorrn's enemy think that their ally is Zizzlorrn or any of Zizzlorrn's allies, which will trick the opponent into thinking that he or she is battling Zizzlorrn and his allies when in reality, they are actually battling their own allies. Once after the enemy has successfully been tricked into taking down their own allies, he or she will witness the sensation of being killed either by Zizzlorrn himself or his allies, and the dark matter from the smoke will paralyze Zizzlorrn's opponent momentarily, which will give Zizzlorrn an opportunity to finish the opponent off. This technique only works on opponents weaker than Zizzlorrn, but for foes who are either stronger than Zizzlorrn or equal to him in strength are completely immune to it. Zizzlorrn had learned this technique from his older brother Zzarrkkiionn.

Sonido Fantasma Slasher (Sound Phantom Slasher): An upgraded version of Zizzlorrn's Fantasma Slasher technique. After Zizzlorrn successfully manages to distract his opponent through whatever means he can, Zizzlorrn will then disappear through Sonido. 10 seconds later, Zizzlorrn comes out of Sonido and has now become temporarily intangible as the blade of his Zanpakuto is now glowing with his Reiatsu as he quickly and swiftly slashes through his adversary repeatedly from all directions while using Sonido to warp to those directions. He does this about 10 times to his enemy before he delivers one final devastating slash to them, which has the potential to cut his opponent into pieces, or just tear through their bodies like tissue paper and completely and utterly vaporize them in the process. The effects of being struck by this enhanced version of the Fantasma Slasher technique are now 10 times greater than the original weaker version of it, meaning that the opponent will have a 95% percent chance of being killed, because even if they could live through being slash repeatedly 10 times by Zizzlorrn, which the end result leaves them to be mortally to nigh-fatally wounded, the 11th slash will most certainly do them in and kill them by utterly obliterating them.

However Sonido Fantasma Slasher shares the same drawbacks as the original Fantasma Slasher technique, because if the opponent is able to quickly sense the attack in time before Zizzlorrn can strike him/her for the first time, and manage to block, parry, and dodge his incoming attack, then Zizzlorrn will turn tangible once again, and Sonido Fantasma Slasher will not work. Zizzlorrn likes the Fantasma Slasher technique so much that he decided to create an enhanced version of it called Sonido Fantasma Slasher, which allows him to deal a great deal of damage to his enemies before killing them by slashing through them and obliterating them in the process.

Macabra del Infierno (Macabre From Hell): A deadly area-based move, in which Zizzlorrn creates a copy of his Zanpakuto out of his own Reiatsu, which he then places behind him. He then quickly Sonidoes in front of his opponent before attacking him/her rapidly and uncontrollably with his Zanpakuto in an attempt to catch his opponent off guard, he'll also fire a random Bala blasts out of nowhere in another attempt to catch his foe by surprise. If successful, the clone of his Zanpakuto will charge rapidly at the opponent in an unavoidable speed, and phase through Zizzlorrn should he be in the way the cloned Zanpakuto's projectile. It will then painfully stab the opponent in the chest or stomach and slam him/her to the ground. Zizzlorrn's Reiatsu will then overflow within the opponents body, thus pining him/her flat to the ground, and neutralizing all of their abilities, even basic movement. Zizzlorrn then impales his own Zanpakuto within the ground. Which then causes large, countless blades that resemble Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto to rise countlessly from underground and underneath the opponent, which will then indiscriminately and brutally murder the opponent by impaling, goring, and slice him/her into ribbons, and it will not stop until the opponent is absolutely dead. The blades can also be sent through the air at high speeds and rain down on the impaled foe in order to tear/rip him/her to shreds for good measure. Zizzlorrn himself is completely immune to this technique, as the blades can either go around him or completely phase through him in order to avoid striking him.

While a very lethal and powerful ability, Macabra del Infierno does have several downsides to it. For example, Zizzlorrn needs to be firmly and stilly on the ground with both of his feet on the ground, and both of his hands on his Zanpakuto while it is impaled in the ground in order for this move to properly work. Two, Zizzlorrn needs to at FULL strength in order to utilize this attack. If he were to be at half strength, or near his deathbed, the attack wouldn't work at all, plus, even if he did manage to use it at half-strength, the bladed impaling the opponent, along with the blades rising from underground would just fade away, and do zero damage to the opponent. Plus, like I said before, the clone of Zizzlorrn's Zanpakuto can only be out for a minute, and Zizzlorrn needs to catch the opponent completely off guard in order for the blade to successfully impale the opponent and for the technique to work, but should he be unsuccessful in catching the opponent off guard, before the minute is up, the cloned Zanpakuto will just fade away completely, and Zizzlorrn will have to wait either 6 hours or the next day before he can attempt to utilize this ability again. Or should he manage to catch the opponent completely off guard, but if the opponent however were to quickly regain his/her senses in time, and either block, dodge, or grab/deflect the attack and throw it somewhere else, where it would explode harmlessly. In order for this to happen, the opponent has to either be stronger than Zizzlorrn, or have VERY ENHANCED senses, like either a sixth or a seventh sense, COMPLETELY mastered and maxed out Pesquisa, or other powerful senses for that matter, such as highly mastered spiritual sense. Or if the opponent was completely immortal, such as Deities.
Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx Pt. 2 Base Powers.
Part 2. Of Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx, which features all of his base form's powers, attacks, and abilities, along with his Fureza de Resurreccion form.

Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx belongs to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen:

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Name: Zizzlorrn (Pronounced Ziz-Lorn)

Middle Name: Jaccob

Last Name: Zzirrettrraxx (Pronounced Zire-Trax).

Race: Arrancar

Type: Adjuchas

Gender: Male

Age: 517

Age Appearance: 33

Birthday: June 7

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Straight.

Height: 5.8

Weight: 140ibs

Blood Type: O-

Eye Color: Dark Red (His eyes are covered by his mask)

Skin Color: Black/Dark Skinned.

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Mid-neck-lengthed, curly medium men style.

Location and Description of Hollow Hole: Zizzlorrn's small Hollow Hole is located on the center of his left hand.

Hollow Mask remnants: Zizzlorrn's mask fragment is a bandit eye mask that covers all four of his eyes. In accordance to this, the mask fragment also has four, dark gray-colored, oval-shaped, eye-like marks on it. Zizzlorrn can easily disperse his mask fragment in the same manner as a Visored dispersing his/her Hollow Mask.

Estigma: Zizzlorrn's Estigma is in the shape of a black, lightning bolt going down the right side of his face.

Physical Appearance: Zizzlorrn is a dark-skinned, African-American Arrancar who has a rounded face, and who appears to be in his early to mid 30s. And he also has a large, blue, shuriken-shaped, marking located in the middle of his chest. He also has round-shaped, shark-like teeth. He also wears a dark blue ring on his left pinky. And he has a black-colored goatee. Zizzlorrn also wears a crescent moon-shaped necklace.

Underneath his mask fragment, Zizzlorrn has four eyes, his two lower eyes lack eyebrows, but his two upper ones on the other hand, do have eyebrows, and like his hair, they are colored black. The sclera of Zizzlorrn's eyes are pitch black, whereas the irises are dark red, and his pupils are pitch black.

Zizzlorrn suffers from Asperger's syndrome, which is a lifelong condition. There are various symptoms that he suffers from, examples being Lack of managing appropriate social conduct, controlling feelings such as depression, fear, and anxiety, lack of empathy, Inability to listen to others, and Inflexible thinking, along with a formal style of speaking that has been known to be advanced for younger children. For example, Zizzlorrn uses the word "beckon" instead of "call" or the word "return" instead of "come back" or the word "summon" instead of "come here." And he tends to avoid eye contact when somebody is talking to him, often looking away from said person, and either stare on the floor, or at other things that interest him, but this doesn't mean that he's ignoring that person.

Zizzlorrn also suffers from the terrifying La Plaga Del Diablo disease, which is an illusionary, life long, blood disease that puts the opponent through different kinds of EXTREMELY painful illusionary methods. His version of the La Plaga Del Diablo disease makes him experience the EXTREMELY painful illusionary sensation of him being impaled through various weapons, multiple fists and poles through chests, impaled through the head, and being stabbed multiple, multiple, multiple times. And it makes him experience the sensation of him being slowly and painfully blown up.

Affiliation: El Última de Unión Máscara.

Occupation: Espada Inversa.

Espada Inversa group: Cuatro Espada Inversa.

Rank in Cuatro Espada Inversa: Noveno Teniente.

Comandante Capitan: Lauren Trinity Coleman

Former Affiliation: Sosuke Aizen's army.

Former Occupation: Skullak Tuma's Privaron Espada corps/Godirdrith's mentor.

Former Rank: Privaron Espada 109#.

Relatives: Ziidrron Drakken Zzirrettrraxx (Older/Eldest Brother), Zizzmerrvaa Doonnaa Zzirrettrraxx (Older/Eldest Sister), Zzentrroggionn Zzirrettrraxx (Older Brother), Zizzlleviiaann Zzirrettrraxx (Older Sister), Zzarrkkiionn Zzirrettrraxx (Older Brother), Zzarrthurraa Zzirrettrraxx (Older Sister), Zzelldonn Zzirrettrraxx (Older Brother), Zziizzrrennee Zzirrettrraxx (Older Sister), Ziiddallia Jiimmaa Zzirrettrraxx (Younger/Youngest Sister), Zentrroggio Drrakke Zzirrettrraxx (Father, Deceased), Zzyybiill Coleman Zzirrettrraxx (Mother, Unknown), Lauren Trinity Coleman (Maternal Aunt/Surrogate Mother), Robert Coleman (Maternal Uncle, Deceased), Zedderrick Veregre Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Cousin), Zoddorroo Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Cousin) Zizzravvieen Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Cousin, deceased), Ziizdrakken Veregre Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Uncle), Zizzlleviiaa Vaalgrra Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Aunt), Zzenappettuss Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Uncle), Zziizzrrennee Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Aunt), Zzenpperriionn Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Uncle), Zzizzttiiaa Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Aunt), Zzizzlorrnn Joccorbro Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Uncle/Surrogate Father) (Zizzlorrn considers him to be his REAL father despite being his Uncle, due to the fact that Zzizzlorrnn rather than his so-called "actual father" Zentrroggio), Arraaxxrroyy Ccorriiliinee Cchaarriissccollee Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Aunt/Surrogate Mother) (Zizzlorrn considers Arraaxxrroyy to be a secondary Mother figure for him despite being his Aunt, next to his actual mother Ssyybiill), Zizzorrvoonn Zzirrettrraxx (Paternal Grandfather), Ziizzmarrvvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Grandmother), Zzedderrickk Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Uncle), Ziimmarrllvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Aunt), Zentrroggion Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Uncle), Zzorrvoottrronn Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Grandfather), Zziizzmiinerrvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Parental Great-Grandmother), Zorrossioss Zzirrettrraxx (Brother in law), Ziimmarrvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Niece), Zzorrddrronn Zzirrettrraxx (Nephew), Zizzmerrvaa Zzirrettrraxx (Niece). (The ten children of Zentrroggio and Ssyybiill from oldest to youngest. The oldest is Ziidrron, followed by Zizzmerrvaa, followed by Zzentrroggionn, followed by Zizzlleviiaann, followed by Zzarrkkiionn, followed by Zzarrthurraa, followed by Zzelldonn, followed by Zziizzrrennee, followed by Zizzlorrn, then followed by Ziiddallia, who is the youngest child/sibling of Zentrroggio and Ssyybiill).

House/Clan/Family: Zizzlorrn is a member of House Zzirrettrraxx, which is a low-class House in Hueco Mundo which had both Arrancars and Hollows in it. Before House Zzirrettrraxx was nearly wiped out because of his father Zentrroggio's treachery and cowardice to an unknown enemy. And now, there are only 50 members of House Zzirrettrraxx left in ALL of Hueco Mundo, including Zizzlorrn.

Arrancar/EUDUM Uniform: Zizzlorrn's EUDUM uniform has an open, upturned collar with a small opening at his chest area. The coattail of his jacket is exactly like the coattail of Yylfordt Granz's jacket, except that the front of the coattail goes down to low-thigh-length. On the front of the jacket, there is a picture of a pitch black-colored, spherical Hollow with four black eyes, along with two large, black, conical horns on either side of the Hollow's head, and two more large, black, conical horns on either lower side of the Hollow's head. The Hollow also has triangular-shaped, shark-like teeth, and it has odd white markings on its face, its back, as well as the rest of its body. And the Espada Inversa badge is located and pinned on the top left, chest area of the jacket. The jacket also has long sleeves that cover 25% of his hands. The jacket is also outlined with black lines. And he wears a white, collared shirt underneath his jacket, the collared shirt is completely buttoned up all the way till the collar of the shirt, which is unbuttoned. He also wears the ordinary Arrancar hakama pants, which are also outlined with black lines. Along with the black-colored Arrancar socks, as well as the ordinary Arrancar shoes. And he wears white-colored gloves which have a black outlining, along with a blue and dark gray striped scarf around his neck.

Former Adjuchas Form: Zizzlorrn's former Adjuchas form had a pitch black spherical body streaked with dark red. And like his current Arrancar form, he also had four eyes, which is a common trait among ALL members of the near-extinct Zzirrettrraxx clan. The sclera of his eyes are pitch black, whereas the irises are dark red, and his pupils are pitch black. In this form, The inside of his mouth was pitch black, and he had three thick, black and dark red tentacles with frayed dark gray tips sprouting out of his body, two on his top, and one on his underside. Zizzlorrn was born as an Adjuchas-leveled Hollow, and when he looked to be around the age of 5, he evolved into an Arrancar when he and his family once traveled to the Cueva de Evolución (Cave of Evolution) cave, which is a cave located on the farthest continent in Hueco Mundo located on the El Eterno Crepúsculo side of Hueco Mundo when they were deemed worthy to evolve into Arrancars by  Evolucionista (Evolutionist) an ancient Arrancar Deity who has the power to transform a Hollow into an Arrancar in less than a couple of seconds (even though Gillian-class Arrancars will still have some deformed inhuman appearances, which is a side effect of evolving into an Arrancar at the Gillian-level.)  

Personality: Zizzlorrn is a man who is very dominant, confident, and assertive, and knows how to advocate and stand up for himself. He knows that being dominant is not being a loud-mouthed, obnoxious asshole. Rather, he knows that being dominant is about controlling the situation, and on getting a satisfactory result no matter how difficult the circumstances. He knows full-well on how to prevent others who try to dominate him from being able to, and how to keep his testosterone levels high and keep the winner effect on and fight rather than having his testosterone slashed and his will to win and confidence and assertiveness and risk taking broken by other people. He refuses to become a doormat, because to him, letting other people take advantage of him and becoming a doormat is like some form of damnation to him.

Zizzlorrn is also a very nice guy. He is very respectful, friendly, and loyal towards those who treat him with the same respect. He is very polite and considerate to his friends, and acquaintances that are very nice to him. He fully knows the difference between real friends and those who pretend to be his "friends" when they really aren't. When making friends, he always tries the direct approach. But should they not be interested in him in any way, shape, or form, then that's when he will just leave them alone and avoid them. However he is perfectly comfortable with only having a FEW or only ONE friend, and when he is not talking and hanging out with either his older brother Ziidrron, or his younger sister Ziiddallia or his best friends Cassandra and Eileen, then Zizzlorrn usually stays by himself and minds his own business until someone interacts with him either about work or otherwise.

He is very goal-oriented, and as such, he is completely dead serious on completing his goals and personally seeing to it that they are met, no matter how difficult they are to achieve. He never gives up on anything, even if the odds are against him, and he is NOT a coward, as he is willing to try and fail rather than not try at all. In accordance to this, Zizzlorrn is a very brave person, he is NOT afraid of anything, and is more than willing to face any and ALL fears that he has, and die a warrior's death and die with honor rather than to become a coward and die in disgrace like one. He finds cowardice to be the most stupidest emotion that anyone could ever invent, let alone experience and he absolutely detests it with an immense passion, as he is NOT above killing those who show cowardice in battle and in general, whether it ranges from allowing their allies to die while they themselves escape unharmed, to outright running away from battle should either the odds be stacked against them or just out of pure cowardice.

Zizzlorrn knows FULL WELL on how to treat women as people and meaningful pursuits rather than disposable toys, even though he currently isn't interested in being in a romantic intimate relationship with anybody. Because he ABSOLUETLY despises lust, and will do EVERYTHING in his power to expel the deadly sin away from him, which ranges from hours and hours and hours of constant meditation to constant hours of training, writing, and counseling. In accordance to this Zizzlorrn is NOT perverted AT ALL in any way, shape, or form, nor is he a crazy, lustful sexhound, because looking at porn, as well as ogling women by looking/gawking at either their breasts or their butt disgusts him, and is not something that he would EVER think about doing, because he knows full well that ogling women and looking up porn is very inappropriate, and flat-out retarded, in fact the very THOUGHT of doing such a thing DISGUSTS him. Acts like rape, serial rape, rape in any way, shape, or form, pedophilia, bestiality, and other inappropriate sexual acts, also DISGUST him GREATLY. And he is someone who prefers to think only with his brain over his manhood, and he knows FULL WELL on how to act appropriately around pretty, attractive women and women in general, and NOT give in to his manhood whenever he is around them, in battle, recon missions, training sessions, and in general, no matter HOW attractive AND pretty they are. He is someone who is NOT distracted by the sexy, nor does he let women who are his enemies try to seduce him and flirt with him, because he has developed some kind of an immunity to their seduction techniques and methods, which means that NONE of their seduction techniques will EVER work on him. He has also received constant aid in the past, (and still does) with this issue from his grandmother, Ziizzmarrvvaa whenever he visits her on the days that he has taken leave from his duties at El Ultima de Union Mascara.

However, Zizzlorrn is COMPLETELY fine with non-intimate, non-sexual, non-lustful platonic relationships. Hugs and kisses to the cheek are things that he is PERFECTLY okay with. So are being comforted and held in the arms of the women that are close to him, examples are his long deceased mother Sybiill from when he was a child, his aunt/surrogate mother Lauren, his long time best friends and big sister figures Cassandra and Eileen.

His long time childhood friend/best friend and big sister figure is Cassandra Ann Lafreniere. He and Cassandra mostly hang around each other, and tend to joke and play around with each other, as the two are not just best friends, but they also have a big sister/little brother-like relationship.

He also has that same relationship with his longtime second best friend/childhood friend and second big sister figure, Eileen Cheila Talamantez, whom he also has a big sister/little brother relationship with. He and Eileen also tend to hang around each other either with Cassandra or without her, and tend to joke and play around with each other, as the two also have a platonic, intimate, but non-sexual/non-lustful relationship with each other. He also tends to stroke and run his hands/fingers down her hair, along with her mask remnant, not out of any loving affection for her or out of lust, but because he enjoys doing it, which is something that she is completely fine with. In accordance to this, Zizzlorrn is perfectly okay with Eileen playing with his hair, and he also doesn't mind if she runs her fingers through his hair, or twirls several locks of his hair around her index fingers or plays with his hair. Sure he has a tendency to ignore her whenever she tries to talk to him (due to the Asperger's that sometimes kicks in), but he does end up speaking back to her as well. He also doesn't mind if she gives him a bear hug. And he is okay with dancing with her either through a regular dance or a slow dance, or through any other crazy dance. And he prefers to call Eileen by her middle name Cheila rather than by her first name, Eileen. Because Zizzlorrn likes the name Cheila better than Eileen.

Zizzlorrn, whenever he and Eileen hug, he usually has a habit of hugging her for about either 5 to 10 minutes, which is something that she does NOT mind at all, despite others possibly having a problem with it (not that Zizzlorrn cares mind you). Zizzlorrn does this is because he enjoys holding Eileen in his arms and cradling her just to make her feel comfortable, which is something that Eileen COMPLETELY enjoys and is happy that Zizzlorrn does this as another way to show that he cares about her, regardless of whether she needs it or not. And he will offer to carry her should she be in pain, if she needs that is, if not then he will accept it.

Zizzlorrn also thinks that Eileen looks cute and adorable whenever she licks her lips and glides her tongue around her teeth and licks and moves her tongue around the inside of her mouth. This is why he usually asks her to do it in front of him, which is something that she is more than happy to do because she enjoys doing this habit of hers’ especially in front of Zizzlorrn, because she knows that he thinks that she looks cute and adorable whenever she does it, and thus is perfectly okay with doing it in front of him, should he either ask her to do it, or should she offer to do it in front of him, which is something that he greatly doesn’t mind. She also licks her lips and glides her tongue around her teeth and licks and moves her tongue around the inside of her mouth just to flirt with Zizzlorrn as well, which is something that Zizzlorrn doesn’t mind. Neither Zizzlorrn nor Eileen care if others have a problem with Zizzlorrn asking Eileen to lick her lips and glide her tongue around her teeth and lick and move her tongue around the inside of her mouth.

He cares about Eileen the same way she cares about him. He really treasures the moments that he spends with her, and he really enjoys being around her. Zizzlorrn is glad to have someone like Eileen in his life, and believes that Eileen gives him joy and that

When in battle, should an opponent brutally attack Zizzlorrn out of the blue and in general, and beat him, humiliate him, or harm the very handful of people that he cares about. And if he were to recover from said attack and managed to track down the adversary that had harmed his allies, he will then retaliate against the opponent and viciously beat him/her with even greater measure or kill them. Because in his words "No one fucks with me and my friends, and gets away with it!" And he will make sure that those that brutally attack him and/or hurt/kill his friends will pay in equal measure with either their dignity or with their lives. And he does NOT show mercy to any opponent, especially if the opponent is a despicable, cowardly, depraved, immoral scumbag. To opponents like that, he will NOT hesitate to KILL and END them, and he will MURDER them in painful, ridiculous and embarrassing ways, and make sure that they die in disgrace and completely humiliate them and tarnish his/her name forever by granting them a very undignified, humiliating, and disgraceful death.

Zizzlorrn also suffers from Asperger syndrome, which has various symptoms that he suffers from, examples being Lack of managing appropriate social conduct, controlling feelings such as depression, fear, and anxiety, lack of empathy, Inability to listen to others, and Inflexible thinking. And he speaks with a formal style of speaking that has been known to be advanced for younger Human, Shinigami, Hollow, and Arrancar children. For example, Zizzlorrn uses the word "beckon" instead of "call" or the word "return" instead of "come back" or the word "summon" instead of "come here". And he also has a tendency to randomly scream out loud in public whenever he tends to imagine odd things. Other people who are very close to him, such as either Ziidrron, Cassandra, Eileen, Zzaccharrionn, etc will usually try to calm him down whenever he is around them.

Zizzlorrn FIRMLY and STRICTLY believes that the Arrancar race came first in the Human-like appearance, and that Humans resemble Arrancars in appearance and are Arrancarnoid/Arrancar-like/Arrancar-shaped in appearance, and have Arrancar/Arrancarnoid bodies. And that Humans copied off of Arrancars in the Human-shaped appearance by evolving from apes. If anyone tried to convince him otherwise, he would retort that Arrancar race has existed since the dawn of the dinosaurs, and before Humans were created. Zizzlorrn shares this philosophy of his with another fellow Espada Inversa member Stephani King of the Quinto Espada Inversa group.

In accordance to this, Zizzlorrn cares a great deal about his race and acknowledges that Arrancars are people and not Satanic unholy monsters that the Soul Reapers and Quincies peg them out to be. He despises those who judge all Hollows and Arrancars to be a race of demonic complete monsters. While he knows full well that the majority of his race can and have/had shown signs of unrepentant evil, but he knows that there can be honorable Hollows and Arrancars.

And while he does not despise Humans, but at the same token he is VERY envious of them. Zizzlorrn is jealous of Humanity because he feels that Humans have it a whole lot better than Arrancars and Hollows, because in his eyes, they get to live luxurious and prosperous lives, and they are not enslaved by a Shinigami tyrant, and get slaughtered and judged by Soul Reapers and Quincies like Arrancars and Hollows do. He also knows that Humans aren't the epitome of perfection that the Soul Reapers peg them out to be. He believes and knows that Humans, when it comes down to it, can be just as cruel and wicked, or not more than Arrancars and Hollows. He has also been known to talk about Humans in a negative manner should they do or commit something that pisses him off. And while he doesn't despise Humanity like I said before, but he is NOT a big fan of them either, because he feels that they get away with a LOT of bad things that they do, bad things that are MORE than enough to either warrant execution or an eternity in prison. And that non-Human entities get to suffer because Humans have a Karma Houdini status on them and let non-Human creatures/beings suffer in their place just because Humans are a cowardly, self-righteous race who refuse to own up to their mistakes. In fact, he finds them to be troublesome, and actually has a sour view on them. Another reason on why he is annoyed with Humanity and on why he hates Soul Reapers, is because the latter allow Humans to get away with things that normally, would grant them a death sentence, whereas at the same time, they constantly punish and murder Hollows and Arrancars for their crimes without a second thought, even if said Hollows and Arrancars were completely harmless and non-hostile, and NOT allied with Aizen. However he does NOT want Humans to die, because he DOES acknowledge the fact that there can be decent Humans, such as the ones who are a part of El Ultima de Union Mascara. He also has no problems with fellow Espada Inversa member Joseph Groenendyk, who is a Human and is the only Human member of the Espada Inversa and his father Richard.

This view of Humans has put Zizzlorrn on odds with fellow Espada Inversa member Laverne Franconia Vanderwood, who is usually bothered by the way that Zizzlorrn talks about Humanity so negatively whenever he is annoyed with them. In fact, she has been known to call him out on this whenever he talks about Humans in a negative manner. Laverne does this is because she doesn't want Zizzlorrn to make Joseph Groenendyk and his father Richard Groenendyk (the sole Human members in El Ultima de Union Mascara) uncomfortable about being in El Ultima de Union Mascara, much less Hueco Mundo. Even though Zizzlorrn NEVER talks to Laverne about his sour view on Humanity and the Human race in general, as he mainly talks to either Cassandra, Eileen, Stephani, Zzaccharrionn, his siblings, or any other friends that will normally understand on how Zizzlorrn feels about Humans, or just to himself. Whenever Laverne tries to lecture Zizzlorrn about this, he usually ignores her either by pretending that she isn't there, which usually works, or by simply walking away from her and Sonidoing away from her, which usually also works. Or sometimes Zizzlorrn will simply just tell Laverne (harshly or politely) to back off, and to leave him alone and to stop nagging him before he completely walks away from her and Sonidoes away from her, even if Laverne tries to get Zizzlorrn's attention, he will STILL try this method just to get her to stop bothering him, which normally works as Laverne decides to just give up on telling Zizzlorrn off and to just let it go and move on with the rest of her day.

Zizzlorrn also has an unknown personality disorder, which causes him to get EXTREMELY violent towards those around him. It has caused him to violently attack people by viciously beating them to either an inch of their life, or outright killing them by either by strangling them to death or beating them to death in either his base form, or his released form/Resurreccion form. Which leads his fellow Espada Inversa comrades, especially those who are far more powerful than him. This personality disorder attacks Zizzlorrn when he least's excepts it to, even though it attacks him VERY VERY rarely. Zizzlorrn is WELL AWARE if this personality disorder of his and outright despises it, because he has nearly killed his friends, and innocent people because of it. Because of this disorder of his, he has also accidentally killed a very close friend, and someone who saw him as a big brother figure, which is something that he regrets and is trying to atone for to the parents and family of that child that he had murdered, even though if said family had ALREADY long-forgiven him.

Another interesting thing about Zizzlorrn is that he DOESN'T CARE AT ALL about looks from a women, ONLY the personalities of them. He does NOT care if the woman that he is in a relationship with is BUTT-UGLY, has the appearance of a slug, or is an non-humanoid Eldritch Abomination. All he cares about is the kind and angelic personality of the woman, regardless if the woman he is in a relationship with is either VERY cute or extremely ugly. He doesn't want to be in a relationship with a woman with VERY good looks (such as big boobs, a nice firm ass, and pretty face) but a rotten personality, and is either a total bitch, or a complete slut, or a total combination of both. He wants to be in a relationship with a woman who is a complete and total angel personality-wise, as the looks of the angelic woman are COMPLETELY inconsequential to him. For all that truly matters to him is the personality of the women, and nothing more.

Zizzlorrn is extremely merciless and brutal against people who are complete assholes, rapists, murders, pedophiles, cowards, abusive husbands/wives, depraved criminals, heartless poachers and murders, and Complete Monsters in general. And he will NOT hesitate to kill and butcher them should they either harm the people he cares about or do other depraved shit that GREATLY disgusts him. In fact, he actually enjoys killing asshole victims. He also occasionally goes to the Human World, and absorbs the Souls of wicked Humans, criminals, rapists, drug dealers, and terrorists, and converts them into a Soul orb with his Esfera del Alma (Soul Sphere) ability. He never consumes the Soul Spheres himself, instead he prefers to give them to Eileen for her to consume.

Zizzlorrn enjoys fighting and is a very battle-eager man, which is why Salvatore or Lauren often send him on the missions that mainly involve hand-to-hand combat. He doesn't give a DAMN on how injured he is. You can stab him in the chest MULTIPLE times, cut his arm off, subject him to the worst body pain possible, etc; but he will still continue to fight as if he wasn't even wounded, nor bothered and pained by the injuries he has. He reason he enjoys fighting is because he enjoys beating the crap out of assholes and wicked people, and butchering unrepentant complete monsters. This battle-eager attitude of Zizzlorrn has also worried Eileen, because she fears that Zizzlorrn may over-exert himself on a mission and push himself too far. She has also worried about him going on a dangerous mission and never coming back, because losing him is one of the many things that she does NOT want to happen. Eileen has often warned Zizzlorrn to be extremely careful in battle many times, which is warning that Zizzlorrn takes to heart and often listens to, because he absolutely hates worrying her.

Likes: Coming Soon

Dislikes/Hates: Licking and drinking blood, and the taste of blood (he honestly thinks that licking and drinking blood is disgusting and wrong, but he doesn't care if his friends or vampires do it, because with the latter it is in their nature, and he understands that, and he hates the metallic taste of blood, and does not understand why some sadistic, non-vampiric, bloodthirsty people enjoy the taste of metal, but he doesn't say anything about it because he knows full well that he can't change them, (that and the fact that he doesn't want to waste his time doing so) Even if his Autism was in control, he would NEVER even THINK about consuming blood or licking it, because in if his Autism was out of control, he would still think that that is disgusting and wrong. Licking his lips and running his tongue around teeth, because it is not and NEVER will be his thing, period, but he doesn't mind nor care if other people do it, just as long as women or gay and bisexual men don't try to do it just to seduce him (but he likes it whenever Eileen does this to him just to flirt with him, because he thinks that she looks cute and adorable whenever she licks her lips, and her teeth, and licks/moves her tongue around her mouth). People who think they can act rudely towards him, disrespect him, control, boss, and tell him what to do and get away with it, which is something that he will NEVER allow to happen. Shinigami and High-Spec Humans mindlessly discriminating against all Hollows/Arrancars and judging them all to be evil, because he knows full well that not all Hollows and Arrancars are evil, and it pisses him off that the Shinigami and High-Spec Humans that know about the Arrancars judge them all to be evil, Satanic creatures. Arrogant, loudmouthed, complete assholes, and bossy, bitchy, and selfish, self-absorbed women, spoiled brats, and obnoxious children, and people who are judgmental/very judgmental of him, Cowardice in any way, shape, or form, especially dirty cowards.

Habit: Zizzlorrn has a habit of rocking back and forth whenever he's sitting in a chair. He also tends to spin around a LOT in empty hallways when nobody is around. He does not get dizzy from it, but it does annoy him when he either bumps into someone or something. When asked why he commits this habit constantly, Zizzlorrn usually responds that he does it either out of complete boredom, or just for the hell of it.

Trivia: Zizzlorrn enjoys dressing somewhat fancy, but in his own way, and he mostly wears long-sleeved shirts, mostly ones of the dress shirt variety. The same thing goes with black dress pants and black/dark navy blue khaki pants. He does not wear anything short-sleeved, the only times he will is when he is wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath, and when he chooses to wear one should it be too hot outside. And he also does not wear shorts. The reason on why he hates wearing shorts is because he absolutely HATES to expose his legs. The closest thing to shorts he'll wear are swimming trunks, but even so, those swimming trunks will be about low ankle-length. No matter on how much his friends convince him to wear shorts, it will ALWAYS be unsuccessful. And he finds crossing his legs when sitting on a chair to be VERY uncomfortable and inappropriate, as he only prefers to sit with both his feet firmly planted on the floor whenever sitting in a chair.

Seiyu (Japanese Voice Actor): Hochu Otsuka

English Voice Actor: James Woods
Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx Pt. 1 Profile.
Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx is an Arrancar in Salvatore's army, and El Ultima de Union Mascara, and a member of the Espada Inversa, the Cuatro Espada Inversa group no less.

Trivia: I got Zizzlorrn's name from the Irken Frylord Sizz-Lorr from Invader Zim.

Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx belongs to me A.K.A. :iconjorssen:


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