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One Monday morning on October 7th in Las Dias, located within the largest cafeteria of the Las Dias castle which had hundreds and hundreds of Arrancars and Hollows populating the cafeteria while chatting with each other. On the fourth floor of the cafeteria, Zizzlorrn Jaccob Zzirrettrraxx was sitting all by himself on a booth table next to the large windows as he had a large, jumbo-sized coke next to his laptop.

Attire-wise, Zizzlorrn's outfit consists of a black-colored, long-sleeved, Eckounltd jacket, which has the picture of a pitch black-colored, spherical Hollow with four black eyes, along with two large, black, conical horns on either side of the Hollow's head, and two more large, black, conical horns on either lower side of the Hollow's head. The Hollow also has triangular-shaped, shark-like teeth, and it has odd white markings on its face, its back, as well as the rest of its body. The jacket itself is open and unzipped, which shows a white, long-sleeved, dress shirt underneath the jacket, which has an unbuttoned collar. And he wears a white t-shirt underneath. Zizzlorrn also wears a tie which is pitch black in color, and has pictures of the Creation Trio (Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina) on in it. He also wears deep sea blue, khaki pants. Along with white, and black-striped, dress shoes. His socks are also colored black. He also wears a dark blue and black-colored, messenger bag on his left side. And he wears a black-colored, formal hat on the top of his head.

“Nothing like a big cup of coke to start off a dull Monday morning.” Zizzlorrn said to himself as he sipped on his coke before he turned his attention back to his laptop. “I wonder what I should do today, maybe train with Zzaccharrionn for a bit, or by myself, either way I need to train and get stronger, because the last thing I want to become is a friggin weakling. Even though I am already strong in my own right, but still I’ll be damned if I become a weak -”

“Um Ziz, please don’t talk to yourself, I am right here beside you, okay?” A female voice called out in a jokingly, playful, song-songy tone, which snapped Zizzlorrn out of his thoughts.

“Is that who I think it is?” Zizzlorrn asked himself as he turned his head to the right to face the originator of the voice that spoke to him and saw that it was Eileen Cheila Talamantez standing in front of the booth table that he was sitting at, holding a drink with her right hand while her left hand was on her hip. Eileen also had a warm smile on her face, the same smile that she always wore whenever she saw Zizzlorrn, and which was a smile that Zizzlorrn loved.

Attire and appearance-wise, Eileen was wearing a sleeveless, white-colored, low-knee-length dress, which is adorned with numerous swirly patterns. The dress itself shows off 25% of her cleavage. And she wears a steel blue belt with a dark blue buckle forming an "E". And she wears steel blue, low-calf-length tights/leggings. Plus she also wears lavender-colored ballet flat shoes. Her hairstyle was in a shoulder-length, curly hairstyle.

Eileen gleefully and cheerfully smiled at the man whom she had a crush on as she then waved her left hand in a playful and cheerful manner. “Hiya Zizzliy, how are you this fine morning?” Eileen asked as her cherry smile/grin was plastered onto her face. “Has all been well with you my precious little Romeo?”

“Cheila my darling all has been well with me, trust me.” Zizzlorrn answered as he held out his hand in front of Eileen. “Come my dear Cheila, care to join me for breakfast, along with the rest of the day if possible?”

Eileen cocked her head like a dog before a sweet, tingly, butterfly-giving, gleeful smile had now adorned her face. “Why, of course Ziz, of course I shall join you today.” Eileen said as she walked over towards the table that Zizzlorrn invited her to join with and sat next to him, crossing her right leg over her left leg.

“Perfect, because to be honest Cheila I’ve wanted to hang out with you today, because I wasn’t able to hang out with you yesterday or Saturday, Y’know since both of us are off, and you aren’t so busy with your missions and other things.” Zizzlorrn said to Eileen as the female Arrancar gave him a sad smile.

“I know Ziz, and I am so sorry that we couldn’t hang out on Saturday, I was too busy training privately, and then I got severe chest pain afterwards, which I might caused me to stay in the ER all night.”

Zizzlorrn: I know

“And as for yesterday Sunday… well I WAS on an assassination mission to assassinate the Los Diez Diablos (The Ten Devils) who as you know Ziz were a group of ten, Adjuchas-class Hollows, who while impressive by Numeros standards, but were very weak by Fraccion and Espada standards.” Eileen explained as she looked at Zizzlorrn straight in his four, dark red-covered eyes. “The Los Diez Diablos were also a wicked group of pirate Hollows that went around pillaging houses and killing innocent people just for fun, sport, and because some of them have had the misfortune of getting in their way.”

“And let me guess Cheila, you killed them all by eating them, am I correct?” Zizzlorrn guessed as he watched his best friend nod at the answer to the question that Zizzlorrn had asked her.

“Mm-hmm.” Eileen answered as she flashed and smiled a girly smile towards Zizzlorrn, who couldn’t help but feel a bit tingly by the trademark girly smile that Eileen had. “And let me tell you something about them Ziz, they were tasty.” Eileen mused as she licked her lips while still retraining that girly smile that she had.

“Glad to hear it Cheila.” Zizzlorrn said as he rubbed the top of Eileen’s head, which caused the female Arrancar to close her eyes pleasantly and smile girlishly. “I wish I had went on that mission with you.”

“I know Ziz.” Eileen said as she continued to smile girlishly at Zizzlorrn. “Because I am positive that you would have loved to kick the crap out of one of those Los Diez Diablos, especially that dumb leader of theirs, I know I did.”

“True.” Zizzlorrn agreed as he continued to eye his female companion. “And hey look at it this way Cheila, one less douchebags in Hueco Mundo to worry about, since you’ve killed and eaten them, and I am curious Cheila how were they, were they good?”

Eileen continued to girlishly smile at her longtime best friend and platonic best buddy as a giggle had emitted itself from her lips. She REALLY loved being around Zizzlorrn, his charmingly dark humor and the way on how he still found her attractive, even if she was covered in so much blood after from viciously killing/cannibalizing someone. And on how he was willing to accept her for who she is, just as she is willing to accept him for whom he is. Plus, both she and Zizzlorrn make a pretty good team, alongside Cassandra. Also she is Zizzlorrn’s older sister figure, due to the fact that she is older than him by three years.

“Oh Ziz.” Eileen giggled as she still retained her girlish smile as she eyed the male Arrancar with an amused look on her face. “They were tasty.” She said as she slowly licked her lips before her trademark smile came back onto her face. “And if I could go back in time and kill them all for all of their crimes, I would gladly do so.”

“Good to hear Cheila.” Zizzlorrn encouraged as he stroked Eileen on the back. Eileen then made a silly face as she squinted her left eye while keeping her right one normal and open as she loudly and slowly licked her lips, flirting with Zizzlorrn as she did this. Zizzlorrn looked at Eileen as she flirted with him as the female Arrancar made a silly face as she squinted her left eye while keeping her right one normal and open as she kept slowly and loudly licking her lips. He found her to be amusing and charming as she did this, and dare he say cute and adorable, then again Eileen always looked cute and adorable to him whenever she licked her lips, either just to flirt with him or otherwise, either way, she still looked cute and adorable to him when she licks her lips.

After her lip licking deed was done, Eileen girlishly grinned at Zizzlorrn as her braced teeth were showing, along with her missing upper left front tooth. Eileen then spoke again.

“So Ziz.” Eileen said as she drummed her fingers together, smiling at him. “What else do you want to talk about?”

“Whatever crosses our minds Cheila, whatever crosses our minds.” Zizzlorrn answered as he put his right hand under his chin, pondering their next topic of conversation.

Over the past hour Zizzlorrn and Eileen were sitting next to each other, they had already found another topic to converse about, this time, it was about Zizzlorrn’s time back when he was aligned with the Las Noches empire.

“So you actually spoke with Rajik about your viewpoints on Humanity?” Eileen asked as she sipped on her buttermilk milkshake.

“Yes Cheila I did. “Zizzlorrn answered as he locked eyes with Eileen. “I spoke with Rajik because I thought that he would be understanding to my views on Humans and the kind of freedom they have, ad on how I tolerated them, but it turns out the bastard didn’t give a damn. I knew that by him completely blowing me off and ignoring me, so I walked away. Later that day I then overhead him conversing with Nelliel, telling her on how I “wasted” his time by talking to him about my “Naïve” viewpoint on Humans, and their freedom. He then dismissed my attempts to convince him about on how I tolerated Humans as “pitiful”, and told Nelliel on how he didn’t bother telling me on how “wrong” I am.”

“I see.” Eileen said, nodding her head in understanding. “If I may ask Ziz, is there any reason you tried to speak to Rajik about your views on Humanity?”

“I thought that he would understand my views on Humans, Humanity, and their freedom in general, and this was when I first met him; the keyword to this sentence is “when I FIRST met him.” But it turns out that he REALLY didn’t give a damn, and only dismissed me and my views on Humans as “pitiful” and Naïve”. Zizzlorrn said, scoffing as that last word left his mouth. “I could be wrong or right about what I am saying, I don’t really know, but I’ll be damned if I allow an asshole like Rajik to disrespect me, all because my views and beliefs, weren’t up to his standards, standards… which I might add are half-assed, asinine, and full of bias.”

“I see.” Eileen said, nodding her head in understanding before she spoke up again. “Ziz can I tell you something.”

Zizzlorrn looked at Eileen, his four, dark red eyes, which were all completely covered and obscured by his mask fragment locked eyes with Eileen’s two violet blue eyes, giving her his full attention. “Go ahead Cheila, speak away.”

Eileen smiled at Zizzlorrn a gleeful, girly smile, looking at him before she spoke to him. “Screw Rajik.”

Zizzlorrn raised a brow at Eileen, as she said those two words, his lips contorting onto a smile as he was trying to hold back a snicker at what Eileen said about the Cero Espada. “Screw Rajik?”

“Mm-hmm.” Eileen nodded as she slowly licked her lips before she spoke up again. “Ziz, let me tell you something, nobody cares on what Rajerk Fisher thinks. If you want to believe that Humans have freedom and that we Arrancars deserve that kind of freedom that Humans possess, then go for it and believe, okay? Don’t let that satanic prick tell you otherwise, as far as we’re concerned, Rajik was, more or less, speaking from his asshole when he said all of that nonsense about you, and called your opinions on Humans “pitiful”. His asshole, I might add, is his second mouth.”

Zizzlorrn laughed as Eileen insulted Rajik. “That is so true Cheila that is so true.”

Mm-hmm.” The female Arrancar nodded as she took her drink and sipped on it a bit more.

“Oh and trust me when I say this Cheila, Rajik’s second mouth, which is obviously his asshole, is the mouth that he ALWAYS speaks from.” Zizzlorrn joked.

“Mm-hmm.” Eileen nodded in agreement as she continued to sip on her drink, giggling like a little schoolgirl.

“The shithead ALWAYS thinks he knows better than everybody, always thinks he’s a friggin messiah, like he’s God’s gift to Hueco Mundo, but in reality, he’s just an arrogant, red-skinned pick with massive EGO the size of the friggin universe.” Zizzlorrn explained.

“Ziz, you also forgot to mention that he has a pair of elephant-sized balls, which is why he constantly brags about on how much he knows about everything and everyone, and on why he thinks that he is some kind of a messiah to Hueco Mundo, even though he constantly overlooks all of the bad things he does, such as ruthlessly subjecting innocent people to his crazy experiments, or him and his cronies butchering countless of innocents just because they were unfortunate enough to get in his way, I could go on and on about the depraved stuff that Rajik has done over the millennia, but the list is unlimited.” Eileen added as she sipped on her drink some more.

“Plus not to mention on how he views some of his comrades from the Las Noches empire, the same way that he used to feel about you, and sadly still does, it is REALLY sad.” Eileen commented on those last four words in an annoyed tone with a roll of her eyes.

“I agree.” Zizzlorrn said, nodding his head in agreement. “Especially with on how the Satanic bastard dismissed my views as “Naïve” and “Pitiful” all because they either weren’t up to his standards, arrogant prick.” Zizzlorrn scoffed with a roll of his four eyes behind his Hollow mask.

Eileen looked at Zizzlorrn with sympathy as she took his right hand in her own two hands as she felt the need to make Zizzlorrn feel better about himself in some way.

“Ziz.” Eileen began as Zizzlorrn looked up at her and gave her his full attention, locking his four, dark crimson red eyes with her two violet blue eyes. “Shall I two in my two cents about your dilemma with Rajik not caring about your views on Humans and compare the difference between myself and Rajik?”

“By all means Cheila, I am all ears.”

“Okay.” Eileen said, gliding her tongue around her braced teeth before she slowly licked her lips before she spoke up again. “The difference between Rajik and I is that Rajik is NOT your friend.”

“True.” The male Arrancar replied as he nodded his head in agreement.

“And trust me when I say this Ziz, because Rajik isn’t your friend, he doesn’t care about your views, ideals, and your opinions about Humanity. And as for me Ziz as you already know, I am your best friend and big sister, and thus I will hear you out, and I will listen to you, Rajik on the other hand, he doesn’t care, simple as that, probably because he doesn’t have the time or the patience to care for people he deems to be “insolent wretches.”

Zizzlorrn: Like myself right?

Eileen instantly frowned when she heard that and quickly shook her head in complete disagreement. “No Ziz, you are NOT an “insolent wretch”, you are a damn great person, a VERY great person. And Rajik or anyone else for that matter who thinks and says otherwise to you has a MASSIVE stick shoved up their asses, and trust me, most of them DO have massive sticks shoved up their asses.” Eileen joked as she girlishly smiled as she then placed both of her hands onto Zizzlorrn’s shoulders and started rubbing and massaging them. Zizzlorrn himself started chuckling at Eileen’s joke as he then spoke.

“That is so true it hurts.” Zizzlorrn said, still chuckling as Eileen nodded at him with the same girlishly smile on her face.

“Mm-hmm.” Eileen said in agreement as she slowly licked her lips in amusement while she continued to massage Zizzlorrn’s shoulders with her own two hands while locking eyes with him.

“By the way Cheila, has anyone ever told you on how adorable you look in that outfit of yours, and with the way on how your hair is curled up? Because that outfit, REALLY matches and goes well with those violet blue orbs that you call eyes, which I might add are behind those marvelous glasses that you have on.”

Eileen blushed intensively as her girlish smile widened even more as she took her right hand off of Zizzlorrn’s shoulder and places it on her right hip and takes her left hand off of Zizzlorrn’s other shoulder and places said left hand on her left cheek. She then kept her right leg crossed over her left one. “Oh stop Ziz.”

“Even if you were covered in the blood and guts of your enemy, you would still look adorable.” Zizzlorrn complemented even more as he placed both of his hands on Eileen’s lap. He then looked up and saw that wonderful smile that she always wore whenever she saw him. “Heck, even if you were bald and obese, you would STILL be adorable, trust me.”

Eileen kept giggling in complete and utter flattery as she then loudly licked her lips repeatedly in a silly manner while playfully winking at Zizzlorrn. ‘This lovable man REALLY knows on how to make me happy.’ Eileen thought in amusement as she continued to loudly lick her lips in a gleeful silly manner as she continued to wink at Zizzlorrn. “Hoh Izz, who rrrr uch hay (Oh Ziz, you are such a) charmer.” Eileen complemented as she stopped licking her lips as she said the word “charmer”. She then felt the need to ask Zizzlorrn a random question. “Ziz, do I look ugly whenever I am covered in so much… you know… um… blood?”

“No.” Was the male Arrancar’s immediate response before he spoke up again. “Like I said before, you would still look adorable, even if you were covered in so much blood and guts, trust me.” Eileen laughed lightly at this.

“Oh I know Ziz, I just wanted to know if you would always think so.” Eileen said with a soft smile on her face when than her normally girlish smile. Eileen then took Zizzlorrn’s hands off of her lap as she held them in her own two hands. “You always know on how to make me smile, you know that Ziz?”

“Of course I do Cheila.” Zizzlorrn said as he nodded his head in agreement as he looked at Eileen, whose smile widened. “Of course I do, because it’s my job to make you smile, since you are my best friend, and my platonic best buddy, don’t forget that.”

Eileen giggled a playful giggle as she kept her girlishly smile. “Okay Zizzliy I won’t.” Eileen then winked with her left eye closed as she slowly and loudly licked her lips twice. Zizzlorrn scratched his bearded chin as he watched Eileen take a sip of her drink with her trademark gleeful smile once again plastered on her face.

“So Cheila can I ask you something?” Zizzlorrn asked as Eileen cocked her head like a dog as she stopped sipping on her drink, now contorting her gleeful smile turn into an ordinary smile. “Why, of course.” She said as she looked at Zizzlorrn, awaiting his question. Zizzlorrn pondered as Eileen looked at him, smiling as she patiently waited for his question. Finally after a while, Zizzlorrn answered Eileen as the older Arrancar kept her trademark girlish smile on her face. “Do you want to go the movies today with me?”

Eileen eagerly nodded as her girlish smile widened. “Sure I would Ziz!! What movie would you like to see? Because there are a lot of good movies out in theaters now, so which movie do you want us to go see? Any one will do.”

Zizzlorrn, hearing this had begun to ponder on what movie to watch as he scratched his chin thoughtfully. “You know Cheila I really don’t know to tell you the truth, I really don’t know.”

Eileen noticed Zizzlorrn as the younger Arrancar was pondering to himself and placed her left hand on his right shoulder. “Hmm… how about… (Snaps fingers) At World’s End, you have always talked about wanting to go see that movie since you were oh so fascinated with the trailers of the movie, what do you say?”

Zizzlorrn nodded in agreement with Eileen as he looked at the female Arrancar, who had that wonderful girlish smile on her gleeful face. “Of course, and besides I was going to suggest the same thing sooner or later once after I have remembered it.”

Eileen playfully smacked Zizzlorrn upside the right side of his head with her left hand before she had an evil look on her face as she smiled girlishly at Zizzlorrn. Zizzlorrn chuckled at this as he rubbed the area of his head where Eileen had smacked him on.

Eileen giggled as she watched Zizzlorrn rub the area of his head on where she had smacked him on as she looked at him with the very same evil look/girlish smile on her face.

“No you weren’t you dummy head.” Eileen jokingly said in a playful tone of voice as she winked at Zizzlorrn with her left eye closed as she slowly and loudly licked her lips over and over and over again. Zizzlorrn felt an odd sensation in his body as he watched Eileen repeatedly lick her lips over and over and over again, it made him feel oddly tingly inside.

Eileen stopped licking her lips as she girlishly smiled at Zizzlorrn, giggling at him. “I just love to tease you like this Ziz.” Eileen said as she had her girlish smile on her face as she then hugged Zizzlorrn and rested her head on his right shoulder and moaned softly as she closed her eyes with a soft smile on her face. “Mmm, me likey.” Eileen mused in complete joy as she nuzzled her head onto Zizzlorrn’s shoulder. Zizzlorrn the hugged Eileen right back as he wrapped both of his arms around her waist. Eileen giggled softly as she felt Zizzlorrn’s arms wrap around her waist.

“Oh Ziz, you REALLY know on how to spoil a girl.” Eileen softly said, moaning softly as she snuggled herself comfortably in Zizzlorrn’s arms as the male Arrancar continued to hold Eileen closer to him, as the female Arrancar moaned softly in Zizzlorrn’s arms. “I haven’t been held in a man’s arms for decades Ziz.”

“I know Cheila.”


“Oh, and Cheila another thing, you are my best friend and my best buddy, so it’s my job to make you happy in any way that I can. Sure you and I aren’t in a romantic relationship, and we are not boyfriend/girlfriend, but so what? Our relationship is just fine the way it is, a platonic Best Buddies relationship. And as for marriage… well… we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. What do you say Cheila, that we leave things just the way they are between you and I, and see on how things go before either of us decide to make the next move, what do you say?” Zizzlorrn said as he stroked Eileen’s hair, which made the female Arrancar moan softly.

“Oh Ziz, that suits me just fine.”

Zizzlorrn smiled as he held Eileen closer to him as she snuggled herself in Zizzlorrn’s arms, making herself more comfortable as her head was resting on his shoulder. “Glad to hear it Cheila, glad to hear it.”

Later that late afternoon, a while later after both Eileen and Zizzlorrn have gone to watch their movie, which was very great for both Eileen and Zizzlorrn. The two Arrancars left the cinema and both went to get something to eat at a taco restaurant. The two sat across each other at a booth table. As Eileen was eating her melted cheese vegetable mayo taco, she grinned at Zizzlorrn as he was munching on a beef and onion taco. She was very happy because she was having a good day so far, that and the fact that she is very happy to be able to hang with Zizzlorrn.

Eileen: (Munches on taco) So Ziz?

Zizzlorrn: (Sips coke) Yes Cheila?

Eileen: How are you enjoying yourself so far?

Zizzlorrn: I'm fine.

“That’s good to hear sweetie.” Eileen said as she sipped on her drink for a bit before she resumed her conversation with Zizzlorrn. “I’m glad I went to the movies with you today, and I am most certainly glad that I am hanging out with you today in general. A hangout is exactly what we both need, especially after the oh-so busy weekend that I had. Plus you and I didn’t exactly have a good time at that stupid meet and greet party that we went to last week.” A sad smile then formed onto the female Arrancar’s face as she placed her right hand on top of Zizzlorrn’s own hand and had begun to caress and rub the top of Zizzlorrn’s hand. “I really hope that our hangout can make up for the horrible party that you and I had gone to last week, which I might add, sucked.”

“I agree Cheila, the meet and greet party was just a shit-faced party hosted by a two-faced, talentless hack named Phayne Andjo, who is a useless little faggot with a fat ass Uncle who only cares about feasting, drinking, and fucking every single woman in Hueco friggin Mundo… all because he is a fat bastard who has a cock for a brain instead of an actual brain. Oh… and another thing, just because both Phayne and his family of losers were one of the most respected Houses in Hueco Mundo, doesn’t mean that anybody actually likes him or any of those imbeciles from that washed-up House of his.” Zizzlorrn scoffed as he took a sip of his drink. Eileen smiled softly as a giggle came out from her lips.

“I totally agree with you Ziz.” Eileen said as she kept giggling while sipping on her drink for a bit before she spoke up again, with an annoyed look on her face. “I’ll never understand on what most women see in that guy anyway, he may look handsome, but he is just a self-absorbed… hmm… what is the word I am looking for Ziz?”

“Dickwad, cocksucker, retarded-looking assclown of a shemale.” Zizzlorrn half answered/half joked with a grin on his face, which caused Eileen to smile once again and laugh at his joke about Phayne.

“Oh Ziz, why do you always know on how to make me laugh?” Eileen asked through several giggle fits. Zizzlorrn then Sonidoed from his side of the chair to Eileen’s side, just to sit next to her. Zizzlorrn then wrapped his right arm around Eileen’s waist as the female Arrancar turned to face him, girlishly smiling at him as she placed both her hands onto her lap.

“Cheila my dear, I don’t want to sound cheesy or anything but… making you laugh is also another job that I love to do.” Zizzlorrn complemented as Eileen sweetly smiled at him. Zizzlorrn sighed to himself as he locked eyes with Eileen, who still retained her girlishly smile. “I really DID sound cheesy didn’t I?”

Eileen shook her head at this question of Zizzlorrn’s as she still had her girlish smile on her face. “No Ziz no you didn’t, if anything you sounded- OWWW!!! DAMN IT!!!! I REALLY HATE THIS STUPID CHEST PAIN!!!” Eileen shouted in extreme pain as she clutched her chest with both of her hands.

“Cheila, what's wrong? Are you alright?” Zizzlorrn asked in absolute concern as he rubbed Eileen's back as she was clutching her pained chest and rubbing it while quietly muttering “Ow!!” to herself over and over and over again. The other Arrancars within the restaurant, whether waiters, waitresses, other workers, or other customers eyed the Espada Inversa duo, mostly Eileen, either in concern, curiosity, idle curiosity, or a combination of all three.

"I'll be fine Ziz, (smiles assuringly and sweetly) don't worry." Eileen responded back as she rubbed her chest with her right hand while breathing heavily while placing her left hand on Zizzlorrn’s. "I'll be fine."

"Are you sure Eileen, because, whenever you experience this type of chest pain, it's usually the very serious kind, the one that lasts for two hours or less." Zizzlorrn said as he continued to rub Eileen's back.

"I know Ziz, I know." The female Arrancar replied as she was breathing heavily while clutching her chest. "Damn, it feels like I just got impaled and stabbed through the chest slowly and painfully with both a slide pole and a large butcher knife. Although it is very agonizing and very painful, luckily for me though, it'll only last for about an hour or two, but it usually takes an hour for this to go away."

"Don't worry Cheila, you'll be fine, you will be alright." Zizzlorrn assured, as he continued to rub Eileen's back. "Just relax, I'm here, you will recover from this Cheila, I know you will. So just relax, I am here, and I will comfort you in any way that I can.” And with that Zizzlorrn then wrapped Eileen into a hug as he wrapped his other arm around her stomach. Eileen then hugged Zizzlorrn right back as she wrapped her arms around his neck as the two Arrancars continued to gently rock each other back and forth, side to side, over and over, and over again. Zizzlorrn began to feel butterflies in his stomach as he rocked Eileen back and forth, but he embraced this sensation, as he wanted to comfort Eileen, who is temporarily in a LOT of pain. Eileen then closed her eyes as her cheeks turned a lightly shade of pink, which caused the female Arrancar to blush softly and moan softly as she rested her head on Zizzlorrn’s right shoulder.

“Aww, so sweet.” Eileen mused as Zizzlorrn still continued to rock her side to side. Eileen had felt her already agonizing chest pain spike up a bit more, but decided to completely ignore it, due to her being in the arms of the man that she loves as a little brother.

“Hey Ziz.”

“Yes Cheila?”

“Is it alright for you to rub my chest well, it would mean everything to me, and it would make me feel a lot better?” Eileen ased

Zizzlorrn: Of course.

Eileen then took Zizzlorrn's right hand in hers, and placed it on the center of her chest. The pain was even more intensified, but Eileen completely ignored it. Zizzlorrn continued to rub Eileen's chest, up and down, side-to-side, much to the female Arrancar's absolute delight.

“Aww, thank you Ziz that feels nice.” Eileen mused as she smiled sweetly at Zizzlorrn as he continued to rub Eileen’s chest over and over and over again with his left hand. He obviously didn’t do this just to touch and feel Eileen’s breasts, he only did this to comfort her, and to feel her heartbeat, which was beating strongly and oddly in Eileen’s chest due to the immense pain her heart/chest were causing her, and on how many times her heart keeps skipping beats.

“You’re welcome Cheila.” Zizzlorrn said as he telekinetically brought his own drink closer to him from his side of the table to the side of the table of both him and Eileen were sitting on. Zizzlorrn then held out his drink to Eileen, who eagerly and gleefully sipped on it. Zizzlorrn then rubbed Eileen’s chest as the female Arrancar continued to sip on his drink.

“Take it slow Cheila, because if you drink too fast, your chest pain will escalate, trust me I have been down that road, take it easy.” Zizzlorrn advised as he watched Eileen pause on sipping Zizzlorrn’s drink as she telekinetically placed it on the table. Both Zizzlorrn and Eileen then let go of each other and looked at each other face to face, eye to eye. Eileen then cocked her head like a dog before her trademark girlish smile came onto her face as she then winked at Zizzlorrn with her left eye closed. Her chest and heart were both still immensely hurting her, but she was still able to ignore it rather easily.

“Okey-dokey sweetie.” Eileen said in a gleeful sing songy tone as she slowly ran her tongue around her braced teeth. She then slowly licked her lips, before her girlish smile came back onto her face. Just then a loud gurgle was heard from Eileen’s stomach, which caused the female Arrancar to widen her eyes and blush and frown in embarrassment.

“Um Ziz.”

Zizzlorrn had heard this gurgle from Eileen’s stomach and looked at her in concern. “Yes Cheila are you okay?”

“Well Ziz I… um… I think that your soda is…” Eileen did not finish that sentence as a loud burp came out from Eileen’s mouth, which caused the female Arrancar to cover her mouth with her right hand in complete embarrassment and blush even more until her face was as red as a tomato. “Oh my God this is SO embarrassing.”

Zizzlorrn pulled Eileen into yet another hug as the male Arrancar rocked her from side to side and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Cheila its okay, I do it too, trust me.” Zizzlorrn assured as he let go of Eileen so that she could look at him eye to eye. “Heck, I’ve done it several times in the past, and at the movies today, in fact everybody does that, not just you, trust me.”

“I know Ziz.” Eileen said, a light smile adorning her features. “It’s just that I don’t want you think that I was gross or disgusting or that I wasn’t ladylike or…”

“Cheila.” Zizzlorrn interrupted as Eileen silenced herself just to give him a chance to explain himself. “You will ALWAYS be ladylike, and you burping or the other thing, or a combination of both will NEVER change that.”

A smile then came onto Eileen’s face as Zizzlorrn placed his left hand on her stomach. “You really think so Ziz?”

“I know so Cheila, trust me. And remember what I said about everybody doing the burping dance, again I do it too, for example.” Without another word Zizzlorrn then let out one of the loudest burps that he had ever done in his lifetime. Eileen watching this began to giggle as she watched the male Arrancar burp very loudly. “Oh Ziz.” Eileen said through several giggle fits as Zizzlorrn, after his burping session, turned to face Eileen, smiling at her.

“Like so.” Said Zizzlorrn as he turned his head to face Eileen once more, nodded his head in assurance to her, as the female Arrancar was still giggling girlishly. All the other Arrancars in the restaurant looked at Zizzlorrn with faces of complete disgust, but Zizzlorrn paid them no mind and completely ignored them, Eileen did the same as she kept her gaze on the male Arrancar, who smiled at her. “So remember Cheila, if you ever have this incident again, which you will, just remember that everybody does it, including yours truly.” Zizzlorrn then gave Eileen a thumbs up with his left hand as he nodded his head at her in complete assurance.

“Aww, thank you Ziz.”

“You are welcome Cheila, you are welcome.”

Eileen then girlishly smiled at the younger Arrancar as he placed his right hand on her left shoulder. “Ziz.”

“Yes Cheila?”

“Why are you so sweet to me?”
Una Amistad Extrana Pt. 3. Platonic Best Buddies.
The third part of the Una Amistad Extrana series, which is where Eileen and Zizzlorrn hang out with each other, going to the movies, and tango if possible. This is just me trying to get my writing groove back after being cursed with this goddamned writer's block, so that I can finally try to get back into writing my Bleach Los Espadas story that I have been planning for quite a while, so I've been working on this story, and editing/expanding it.

P.S. If you don't like this story, then don't read it. And don't bother telling me not to tell you what you can and can't read, nor bother telling me not to tell you what to do, because I don't want to hear it, PERIOD!! P.S.S. This is STRICTLY ONLY for people who take an immediate disliking to this story, not to EVERYBODY in general.

Arrancars, Hueco Mundo and everything Canon Bleach belong to :icontitekuboplz:

Eileen, Zizzlorrn, and everything Bleach Los Espadas, belong to :iconjorssen: A.K.A. me.


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